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Life Journey Blend – Strength In Transition

When you are facing a challenge in your life journey, often it takes strength and will power to continue on that journey when those challenges occur.

A blend of essential oils that will enhance, support, and allow you to retain the focus on your life journey, regardless of the challenges you are facing is:

Black Pepper (Piper nigrum)

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens)

Thyme (Thymus vulgaris, ct linalool)

Each of these oils has physical healing properties, as well as an emotional profile.  For this blend it was about the emotional profile.

Black Pepper

Physically this essential oil is well known for it’s warming properties, allowing for it’s use in the warming of muscles and joints to allow for more freedom of movement, it’s use in fevers (a homeopathic quality, like cures like) and for it’s ability to break up blockages and remove them, such as an expectorant, anticatarrhal and a digestive.

This ability to break up and remove blockages allows Black Pepper to stimulate the individual to see the blockages that are holding them back in their journey through life, to loosen those blockages and give you direction in your journey.  The warming properties also allow you to gather warm and confidence in yourself, and your ability to undertake the direction you have chosen on this journey.


Physically this essential oil is well known for it’s calming and anti-spasmodic effects, allowing for it’s use in areas of respiratory conditions and nervous conditions.

This calming and anti-spasmodic effect allows for the individual who is jumping from one idea to another, rapidly going through change, to make the transition from one state to another, or from one path to another, with more calmness and ease. The Cypress in this blend protects and supports you on the rapid change that is unfolding in your Life Journey, allowing you to transition into the next area with ease and without a draining of energy that comes with rapid change and jumping from idea to idea.


Physically this essential oil is well known for it’s anti-inflammatory effects, allowing for it’s use in many inflammatory conditions, including respiratory, urinary and skin related inflammations.

This anti-inflammatory aspect allows for the individual to remove the anger from their emotion, and dig into their own strength to follow their Life Journey.  Thyme encourages you to be balanced, courageous, calm and supportive while also ensuring there is focus and decisive action being undertaken.  This allows you to be strong in your decisions, to ensure you strengthen your will power to remain on your chosen path.

These essential oils combined allow you to transition into change, with ease, will power and strength, while remaining firmly focused on your chosen Life Journey.

Aromatherapy Blend

Strength In Transition

For more information on the use of essential oils, refer to my website, http://www.SandraVenables.com

International Yoga Day

This year a new recognition day was established and it was for Yoga.

There are many differing types of yoga as I have recently discovered when I started doing Kum Nye Tibetian Yoga.

In a recent email from Huffington Post, I found some of these less conventional types of yoga raised a smile in me, and wanted to share them with you too.  I loved the idea of eating and yoga, and taking along your pet dog with you, amongst the more quirky types of yoga.

There is also another good post that shows you 7 simple yoga poses, includes great videos of the technique too, to undertake throughout your day. So no need to go to a yoga class at all!  Go enjoy your yoga and set your body up for the day

Meditation, yoga

Anxiety Sucks – Too True

Anxiety Sucks!

There is a video of a young man, Casey Throwaway (possibly not his real name!), doing the rounds on YouTube. Casey posted his first video more than a week ago now, and it’s had over 600,000 views when I saw it, here it is below:

Casey talks about wanting the world to know that anxiety and panic attacks are a real thing, and that just saying “man up” doesn’t work.

There are many associated videos that come up when you watch it in YouTube too. Anxiety is real, and it affects so many different people. Your best friend may very well experience it, but you wouldn’t know, as they can often hide it well from so many people.  Take Casey here, he’s in what looks like his bathroom. But, he’s taken the first step to getting some help and more support. He’s decided to document what he’s experiencing to reduce the stigmatism that is associated with anxiety.  Great work Casey!

Casey is on a mission to spread the word on anxiety and mental health issues. Take the time to spread the word too.  It takes incredible courage to show your weaknesses in our society.

Enjoy his thank you and subscribe to watch his videos.

One of the things I do love about homeopathy, is that it was used a lot in the early years in regards to those patients deemed ‘unhelpable’ in the field of mental health. In the time of homeopathy’s early years, people such as Casey would have been put into an institution and left there, or treated poorly by those around them, as there was no  understanding of mental health and that people could be helped.

Within Homeopathy, we use symptoms to evaluate the overall person, and we take those symptoms and place them into ‘rubrics’. The rubric for anxiety is:

Mind, anxiety

It contains at least 690 different remedies. That implies to me there are at least 690 different ways to exhibit anxiety.

Some of those ways include:

Anxiety attacks at a certain time of the day:

  • on waking
  • in the morning
  • in the afternoon
  • in the evening
  • in the night

Or they can be about health, their family or even about other people

  • when alone
  • family, about his
  • future, about
  • health, about
  • others, for
  • salvation, about

Or they can be about events or situations or emotions

  • anticipation, from
  • business, about
  • conscience, anxiety of
  • fear, with
  • trifles, about

Or they can be accompanied by physical distress, or from physical discomfort

  • beside oneself from anxiety, being
  • pains, from
  • respiration, with impeded

And these situations, circumstances, emotions, or physcial symptoms are just a part of the anxiety that is felt.  There are so many different ways a person can exhibit anxiety, and as we are all individuals, no one drug will suit all people, all of the time.  So this is where homeopathy can play a role, supporting the individual for their individual presentation of anxiety, and hopefully allowing the person to move forward with a stronger outlook and less attacks, if not, no attacks of anxiety.

That, to me, is the joy of homeopathy. Being able to support a person into a fuller, more beautiful life, without the stress of wondering when the next anxiety attack will  occur.  To find out more about anxiety and how homeopathy can be beneficial to you, contact me today.

Vitamin C – Positive Studies

Vitamin C

Getting Your Vitamin C

As we head into winter, some of the advice usually given by therapists, is to increase your Vitamin C intake.  I agree with this advice at this time of the year, also to ensure you have a course of Echinacea and homeopathically, taking a course of Anas barb (prophylatic for influenza).

I have come to notice some other information about Vitamin C also.  Over the years I have been told by other natural therapists of the benefits of intravenous Vitamin C on the body, especially when the immune system is being ravaged.

There is a study that was undertaken last year, at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  This study looked at the effect of Vitamin C on cells in the laboratory, in animals and in human research subjects. What’s of interest to me is the effect of the Vitamin C on ovarian cancer cells.

The researchers found that a combination of infused vitamin C and the conventional chemotherapy drugs carboplatin and paclitaxel stopped ovarian cancer in the laboratory, and reduced chemotherapy-associated toxicity in patients with ovarian cancer. The results of their study have been published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

The consequences of this study, in the research world, would be to undertake more studies. This would be because there were only 27 humans in the study, far too many to come to a conclusion.  However, it is of interest, and something that we should be looking towards in treatments.

Interestingly, it’s reported that in the 1970s, ascorbate, or vitamin C, was an unorthodox therapy for cancer. It was considered safe, and there were anecdotal reports of its clinical effectiveness when given intravenously. But after oral doses proved ineffective in two cancer clinical trials, conventional oncologists abandoned the idea.

What this study set out to do, was to look at the difference between intravenous and oral applications. It appears that the body is better able to utilise the Vitamin C when it is taken intravenously, as opposed to quickly excreting it when taken orally.

There have been several reports of this study over the internet over the last year, and some of these do highlight the sad reality that because Vitamin C is not patentable, there will be little chance of further studies in this field.  That is indeed very sad.

Our Natural State

Our Naturally Healthy State

In our current society, it can be difficult to realise that our natural state is one of health.

Why is it difficult to realise this? Because we are constantly being told through the media that there is something wrong with us, and we need a variety of medications to get better.  Rather than looking to the world of nature.

I recently discovered this amazing video on the inner workings of a cell, bear in mind when you watch it that there are trillions of these working just like this in your body, every day!

Can you imagine what foreign substances that are not of benefit to your body will do to this fine balance of workings that occur in your body every day?

Recently the following came to my attention:

Once – measles, mumps and chickenpox

were considered ‘normal’

Now – we have a new normal

autism, type-1 diabetes, cancer, allergies

asthma, eczema, ADD, ADHD

learning difficulties…………

Does it have to be this way?  I don’t believe so.

By removing the impurities within our own body, we are allowing the body to function in the way it’s developed to do, build immunity, extract energy from our foods, allow development of healthy bones, organs and the brain.

More and more, aspects of our environment are impacting on the health of ourselves, our family and our friends.

A study that was published in 2008 shows that there is potentially a higher risk of Parkinson’s Disease, when the LDL cholesterol levels are lowered.  The LDL cholesterol is the ‘good’ cholesterol we need to maintain many of our bodily functions, including protecting the brain.  There is more ongoing work into this aspect, but it is an indicator that the widespread use of statins to lower cholesterol may have an ongoing long term effect that is yet to be determined.

All food for thought I would suggest.  How are you treating your body? Take action now and learn about how you can reduce your impurities in your body! Call me today, 5545 0939, or email me sandra@sandravenables.com for more information!

Joint Discomfort And Relief

Arthritis is a very generalized term for severe joint pain. It has many names including gout, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. If you suffer from joint pain you are the only one who can describe it in great detail and the only one who truly understands how limiting the pain can be in your daily life.

Homœopathy looks at reducing the symptoms that you experience with the particular arthritis that you have and enables you to reduce the limitations that you experience within your daily life. In addressing your particular form of arthritis I am looking at what makes your expression of the pain different from others, it is in the specifics that I find your true simillimum! I will show you some of the specifics that occur in arthritis and you may recognize some of them, but not all (this is what makes you an individual!)


Occur when           weather changes, on becoming cold, on becoming warm, in damp weather, in spring, in winter, in summer

Are worse             during a thunderstorm, in a warm room, in the warmth of bed, when touched, after eating, after wine

Are better             when walking, in the warmth of bed, when pressed, when massaged, when drinking coffee

This is just an example of the different ways that the pain of arthritis can be expressed. Homœopathy looks at your specific pains and finds a remedy that may alleviate the symptoms to a degree that the limitations the arthritis places on your life are reduced.

An example of a specific remedy is:  Rhus-tox

Occurs in damp, wet weather; or when you first start moving the joint after a period of rest.

Are worse during the damp, wet weather, after you’ve been wet, in cloudy or overcast weather, or first thing in the morning, on rising from bed.

Are better for a heat sack, or similar, from a warm bath, from moving the joint (after the initial pain has subsided)

If you wish to discuss this with me, please call me at the clinic and we can arrange a homœopathic consultation

Homeopathy Gold Coast, Arthritis, Joint Pain

Image courtesy of ScottChan at Free Digital Photos.net

Secrets To Removing Cysts

I’ve been doing some research this week on a particular remedy and I came across the following story. It was too good not to share:

An elderly man was seeking help for the early stages of an abscess at the base of his thumb.  As an aside, he was also scheduled for surgery for a cyst of long standing on his back.  The surgeon wished to postpone his surgery until his abscess was resolved, merely as a precautionary measure.

In order to hasten the abscess along on it’s healing path, the elderly man was prescribed a remedy fondly as the ‘homeopathic surgeon’.  He took this remedy three times, once at the homeopath’s office and once that evening.

The next morning, as he was leaning over the bathroom sink to clean his teeth, he heard an explosive sound behind him. Turning around, he saw a large quantity of blood and pus discharged against the bathroom wall!!

The homeopathic remedy had indeed ripened the cyst as well as his abscess and his body ejected it without further ado!

Homeopathy, cysts, abscess

Homeopathic Surgeon, image courtesy of Iosphere FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Story adapted from Portraits of Homoeopathic Medicines, Catherine Coulter

A Form Of Snake Oil

A recent article I have read about the value of vaccines in our modern world has given rise to suggestions that the current flu vaccinations are as effective as snake oil.

I’m an advocate of a person’s personal right to choose what they wish to put into their own body, and agree that this should be done after considerable research so that the individual can make an informed decision.

I was horrified to read how the CDC in America publishs incorrect figures, or suppresses information, when it comes to the flu vaccine.

That the efficacy of the 2014 – 2015 flu vaccine is as low as 23%, according to the CDC.  There was even information showing that the flu vaccine for those over 65years, last year was as ineffective as snake oil, with only a 27% efficacy in this age group.

Very interestingly, one of the reports highlighted that the nations with the highest outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases, namely measles, mumps, pertussin, rubella and polio, were the nations with the highest number of mandatory vaccines, including US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Indeed, an interesting concept!

In my field, we hear a lot about why vaccinations are so important, I just want to see truthful reporting of the scientific studies that show efficacy and safety and the precautions that need to be taken for those at risk populations.

To read the full article and garner your own opinion, check it out here

Secrets To Wonderment

Do you live with a sense of wonderment?

Do you see the beauty that surrounds you every day?

Are you aware and in the moment so that you can see the beauty?

I visited the South Bank Parklands over the weekend. I had to stop several times and take a photo of the beauty I was seeing.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did!

Essential Oils, herbs, wellbeing

Herb Garden


A fun painting








Deep pink Frangipani

The secrets to seeing the world through the eyes of wonderment, are to stop and see what is around you in the moment. Always look out for the beauty in any situation.

A good question to ask yourself is, how would you respond to the following situation?

You return home by car on a beautiful autumn evening. The sun is setting in a kaleidoscope of extraordinary colours.

Do you

a) anxiously lower the sun shield so as not to be dazzled

b) stop by the side of the road and take a few moments to absorb the wonderful spectacle

c) hope you’ll get home before it’s dark

If you answered B, then you are already undertsanding the secrets to wonderment in your life.

If you answered A or C, next time this happens, try out B and see how you feel afterwards!

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did

Need To Be Productive Today?

We all manage to have days where the productivity level is low.  How do you change that?

Well, for some people I know, they put on loud music and dance out the sluggishness and replace it with a vibrancy.  Others go for a walk in nature. Yet others take a 10 minute meditation break.

For me, when I know there is an amount of work to be achieved in a day, and the motivation levels are low, I turn to my trusty oil burner and essential oils.  I choose a blend that will assist my Productivity.

Productivity Blend:

  • Clary Sage
  • Basil
  • Clove

Clary Sage will allow clarity when mental confusion or emotions are ruling the day, which can normally result in you feeling weepy or burnt out. You will become clear about what you want and how to get it, removing events or distractions from your path.

Basil will allow you to express yourself and speak from your heart while acting with integrity. You will perform the required tasks with truth and positivity.

Clove allows you to release any attachments that are holding you back from your path of productivity.  Allowing you to change your lack of motivation and move forward with your tasks.

Using a blend of Clary Sage, Basil and Clove will allow you to see the tasks required to be undertaken, the Clary sage allowing you to intuit what needs to be done, the Basil allowing you to perform the task with integrity and the Clove ensuring you release past issues that are holding you back from your task.

Essential Oils, herbs, wellbeing

Herb Garden

For more practical blends and ideas, look out for my upcoming workshop on using Aromatherapy & Homeopathy around the home