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….all had an increase in risk of adverse events, still safe to use combination vaccines…

I was reading through a newly published research article and read with disbelief the statement that resulted in my interpretation given above.  The actual statement was:

“……had an increased incidence of sepsis evaluations and increased respiratory support and intubation after routine immunization. Our findings provide no evidence to suggest that physicians should not use combination vaccines ….”

The research was recently published in the JAMA Pediatrics and was a study of  Extremely Low Birth Weight infants (or ELBW infants, I sometimes think shortening the words to just letters allows the reader to forget that this is a human being), and the affect routine immunisation had on various health issues for these infants.

The study itself was evaluating single vaccinations versus combination vaccinations, but it did surprise me when the study showed that these infants had a higher risk of an adverse event for either type of vaccination, then they stated that it was still safe to give the combination vaccines to them, as it was no different between single shot or combination vaccines.  An interesting conclusion to arrive at.

Thankfully they also conclude that further studies are needed to be undertaken on the timing of immunisations and the spacing of them on this vulnerable group.

Note that these infants were all generally born at 23 – 28 weeks gestation, and were generally immunised after at least 53 days postpartum.

The editorial in the same journal also discusses the study, to critique it, however mainly in the area of the measurement of the adverse events, e.g., how was the incidence of sepsis evaluated, were these children actually less at risk of adverse events because of the timing of the immunisation.  Ultimately, it was advocating that these children in the study were potentially stronger and more healthy than other children not included in the study.  I sometimes struggle to see the logic of the reasoning, I suppose more reading of research is needed!

While checking out these articles, I also found another article on the risk of administering measles containing vaccines in relation to febrile seizures (measles, mumps, rubella and varicella vaccines, MMRV, or as separate shots, MMR and V, these live ).  It was deemed that administering the MMRV or the MMR+/- V vaccines in a timely manner, i.e. when the children are 12 – 15 months of age, reduces the risk of increased febrile seizures.  While waiting until the second year of life actually increases the risk (16 – 23 months).  These febrile seizures were those measured in the 7 – 10 day period post immunisation, compared to the control interval.

What I find interesting, and worth thinking through more, is that the delay of immunisation creates a higher risk of fever and seizures (febrile seizures), would this be associated with the developing immune system? This was suggested by the authors also that it may be because of the stronger immune response in the older child.

I remember from my training, that the first two years of a child’s life, their immune system is continuing to develop.  Would the increased risk between 16 – 23 months merely be an indicator that the child’s immune system is fighting the introduced vaccine harder than when they are 12 – 15 months of age?

By looking through the references for this article, it is easy to see that the research into febrile seizures and the administration of a vaccine containing measles has been ongoing for over 20 years now (1991) and into febrile seizures for longer (1969), showing that they appeared to reach a peak in the second year of life.

The conclusions will always be difficult to arrive at, as we are treating individuals who respond to external stimulation in an individual manner. Why homeopathy excels in helping those who are individuals.

Malaria Studies, With Homeopathy

Malaria, homeopathic treatment

Image courtesy of Moomsabuy at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Australia has been certified free from endemic malaria by WHO since 1981. However, the incidence of malaria is considered to be on the rise within Australia, according to the Victorian Govt Health site

Worldwide there are over 311 million new infections of malaria and over 900,000 deaths every year. These are large numbers to be considered.  How is malaria to be treated with so many affected?  Yes, there certainly are medications available, these need to be chosen based on the specific infection and the health of the person with malaria. However, it has been noted that these medications are becoming less and less effective.

Imagine a new approach!  There has been a paper released recently that highlights the benefits of utilising homeopathy in the role of treatment. This paper discusses a prospective study that has been undertaken in Kenya, across 3 clinics, where 86 patients were assessed and 69 completed their followups. Of those that were followed up, only one presented with the malaria parasite (all but one tested negative for the parasite on followup). Not all followed up, but it appears, understandably, that logistics were the issue with not returning for followup.

This year, a comparative study is also being undertaken between the effectiveness of homeopathy compared to the standard medication (Coartem). To date, 50 cases, from both groups, have tested negative. Truly an exciting development. Later this year, the paper is due to be published in peer reviewed journals.  I’m very excited about seeing what an inexpensive, non-patented treatment can do for the poor who suffer from malaria worldwide.  Imagine being able to reduce significantly, the impact of Malaria in today’s world!


Heat Rash and Homeopathy

As I’ve been watching the temperatures rise in the UK over the last couple of days a few of my friends have been commenting about their burns and their heat rashes.

Homeopathy can give relief where none can be felt in these situations.  Taking homeopathy is a gentle way of taking responsibility for your health and watching a gentle healing occur.

I’ve found a wonderful article on using homeopathy with heat rash, looking at using remedies such as Arsencium album, Apis mellifica, Belladonna and Urtica urens.

These remedies differ in their presentation, but this article shows the use of Belladonna, a remedy that has the keynotes of:

  • dry, red, hot, burning skin
  • sudden onset
  • pale skin on areas not affected

allowed the recovery of this child within a 24 hour time frame.  I would also assume an increase in liquids to avoid dehydration along with some cooling measures, such as limit clothing, cool bathing aided this child.  Whenever there are concerns about the temperature of a child, don’t hestitate to obtain a medical opinion.

One of the other concerns that occurs when there is a heat wave, is that of sunburn and burns in general.  What to do when you have received a little too much of the sun’s love?

I would suggest looking at the following homeopathic remedies initially:

Aconite – where there is great pain and shock

Belladonna – where skin is hot, red, shiny and throbbing, worse for touch; face is flushed and the head is pounding

Cantharis – simple scalds, burns and sunburn; rawness and smarting; better for cold applications; large painful blisters with clear or bloody fluid

Glonoine – accompanied by violent, pulsating pains; can’t stand the heat; severe heat headaches, comes in waves, bursting; pale face with fixed eyes

Hypericum – sunburn with shooting pains.

Sunburn, homeopathy treatment

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Anxiety Sucks – Too True

Anxiety Sucks!

There is a video of a young man, Casey Throwaway (possibly not his real name!), doing the rounds on YouTube. Casey posted his first video more than a week ago now, and it’s had over 600,000 views when I saw it, here it is below:

Casey talks about wanting the world to know that anxiety and panic attacks are a real thing, and that just saying “man up” doesn’t work.

There are many associated videos that come up when you watch it in YouTube too. Anxiety is real, and it affects so many different people. Your best friend may very well experience it, but you wouldn’t know, as they can often hide it well from so many people.  Take Casey here, he’s in what looks like his bathroom. But, he’s taken the first step to getting some help and more support. He’s decided to document what he’s experiencing to reduce the stigmatism that is associated with anxiety.  Great work Casey!

Casey is on a mission to spread the word on anxiety and mental health issues. Take the time to spread the word too.  It takes incredible courage to show your weaknesses in our society.

Enjoy his thank you and subscribe to watch his videos.

One of the things I do love about homeopathy, is that it was used a lot in the early years in regards to those patients deemed ‘unhelpable’ in the field of mental health. In the time of homeopathy’s early years, people such as Casey would have been put into an institution and left there, or treated poorly by those around them, as there was no  understanding of mental health and that people could be helped.

Within Homeopathy, we use symptoms to evaluate the overall person, and we take those symptoms and place them into ‘rubrics’. The rubric for anxiety is:

Mind, anxiety

It contains at least 690 different remedies. That implies to me there are at least 690 different ways to exhibit anxiety.

Some of those ways include:

Anxiety attacks at a certain time of the day:

  • on waking
  • in the morning
  • in the afternoon
  • in the evening
  • in the night

Or they can be about health, their family or even about other people

  • when alone
  • family, about his
  • future, about
  • health, about
  • others, for
  • salvation, about

Or they can be about events or situations or emotions

  • anticipation, from
  • business, about
  • conscience, anxiety of
  • fear, with
  • trifles, about

Or they can be accompanied by physical distress, or from physical discomfort

  • beside oneself from anxiety, being
  • pains, from
  • respiration, with impeded

And these situations, circumstances, emotions, or physcial symptoms are just a part of the anxiety that is felt.  There are so many different ways a person can exhibit anxiety, and as we are all individuals, no one drug will suit all people, all of the time.  So this is where homeopathy can play a role, supporting the individual for their individual presentation of anxiety, and hopefully allowing the person to move forward with a stronger outlook and less attacks, if not, no attacks of anxiety.

That, to me, is the joy of homeopathy. Being able to support a person into a fuller, more beautiful life, without the stress of wondering when the next anxiety attack will  occur.  To find out more about anxiety and how homeopathy can be beneficial to you, contact me today.

Joint Discomfort And Relief

Arthritis is a very generalized term for severe joint pain. It has many names including gout, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. If you suffer from joint pain you are the only one who can describe it in great detail and the only one who truly understands how limiting the pain can be in your daily life.

Homœopathy looks at reducing the symptoms that you experience with the particular arthritis that you have and enables you to reduce the limitations that you experience within your daily life. In addressing your particular form of arthritis I am looking at what makes your expression of the pain different from others, it is in the specifics that I find your true simillimum! I will show you some of the specifics that occur in arthritis and you may recognize some of them, but not all (this is what makes you an individual!)


Occur when           weather changes, on becoming cold, on becoming warm, in damp weather, in spring, in winter, in summer

Are worse             during a thunderstorm, in a warm room, in the warmth of bed, when touched, after eating, after wine

Are better             when walking, in the warmth of bed, when pressed, when massaged, when drinking coffee

This is just an example of the different ways that the pain of arthritis can be expressed. Homœopathy looks at your specific pains and finds a remedy that may alleviate the symptoms to a degree that the limitations the arthritis places on your life are reduced.

An example of a specific remedy is:  Rhus-tox

Occurs in damp, wet weather; or when you first start moving the joint after a period of rest.

Are worse during the damp, wet weather, after you’ve been wet, in cloudy or overcast weather, or first thing in the morning, on rising from bed.

Are better for a heat sack, or similar, from a warm bath, from moving the joint (after the initial pain has subsided)

If you wish to discuss this with me, please call me at the clinic and we can arrange a homœopathic consultation

Homeopathy Gold Coast, Arthritis, Joint Pain

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Secrets To Removing Cysts

I’ve been doing some research this week on a particular remedy and I came across the following story. It was too good not to share:

An elderly man was seeking help for the early stages of an abscess at the base of his thumb.  As an aside, he was also scheduled for surgery for a cyst of long standing on his back.  The surgeon wished to postpone his surgery until his abscess was resolved, merely as a precautionary measure.

In order to hasten the abscess along on it’s healing path, the elderly man was prescribed a remedy fondly as the ‘homeopathic surgeon’.  He took this remedy three times, once at the homeopath’s office and once that evening.

The next morning, as he was leaning over the bathroom sink to clean his teeth, he heard an explosive sound behind him. Turning around, he saw a large quantity of blood and pus discharged against the bathroom wall!!

The homeopathic remedy had indeed ripened the cyst as well as his abscess and his body ejected it without further ado!

Homeopathy, cysts, abscess

Homeopathic Surgeon, image courtesy of Iosphere FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Story adapted from Portraits of Homoeopathic Medicines, Catherine Coulter

Wellbeing journey 6 weeks on

I can hardly believe where the time has gone since I started this journey of wellbing.  The days seem to move forward in every increasing regularlity – who would think??

Since I started my journey there have been some real differences to how I’m living my life now, and it’s all very exciting!

I’ve been able to ‘drag’ myself out of bed on regular occasions and actually make it out walking or going to the gym – who would’ve thought this possible 6 weeks ago?? I know I certainly didn’t!!!

Yes, I signed up for the gym 3 weeks ago now, and I’ve been a regular visitor to Main Fitness since then.  One of the most surprisng outcomes of going to the gym has been my ability to quickly get back into doing weights, working on a cross trainer and bike, without walking like a cripple for days and days afterwards. My energy hasn’t been dipping at all either – this is truly a journey to wellness and lifestyle changes that have not been in my life for some time now.

As a scary thought, and an aside, my taste for wine is changing – now for those of you who know me well, this is indeed a scary thought!! I’ve been dis-interested in a glass of wine that has been poured for me – even really nice wine, not just the cheap and cheerful type. So amazing. This has to be the result of removing toxins from my body so that I am no longer craving these.  This is what I’ve not been missing 🙂

A wonderful wine that I'm happy to only have one glass of, instead of repeat offending!!

A wonderful wine that I’m happy to only have one glass of, instead of repeat offending!!


And, instead, I’ve been getting to see some beautiful sites around the mountain when I’ve been out walking – including jasmine, camelias, rhododendrons and magnolias (gosh, will I check my spelling, or leave it to chance??)

Local magnolia tree in full bloom, how old must it be?

Local magnolia tree in full bloom, how old must it be?

Well, over the last week I’ve been looking at my physical progress and have been beautifully surprised – though I must admit, people are now beginning to notice the change to my face and overall appearance. I took to the scales earlier this week and I was very excited to see that they have dropped 5 kg (about 10lb) over the last 6 weeks (yes, I have been having a cheeky wine throughout this time), and my actual measurements around my chest and waist have both dropped 6cm (just over 2 inches). I’m so very excited and totally motivated to keep this lifestyle change as my routine.  It is truly amazing!!

I’ve always considered that I was holding onto toxins.  My reasons for this? Well, about 5 years ago, I broke a tooth, yes it had a mercury filling in it. At the time, it didn’t cause any pain, and I didn’t bother with getting it fixed straight away (oh, okay, so it took me a year and finally some pain to get motivated to get it sorted!!).  Since that time I’ve ‘developed’ hayfever type symptoms. Initially they were sporadic, but over the last year they had become continual and life disrupting.  Now they are back to sporadic, with the combination of this nutritional cleansing I’m undertaking and a course of homeopathic treatment before starting this. My belief is that this will continue to improve.

In homeopathy, Hahnemann (the founder)

Samuel Hahnemann, considered to be the father ...

states that first we must make sure that the patient is truly ill before we treat.  This means we must first make sure that the lifestyle and diet are not really contributing to the illness before we decide if it’s necessary to treat. I am doing this by changing my diet and lifestyle at the same time as having some treatment – and my results are truly impressive to me!


I will keep you posted on how the journey continues as we head into Summer and towards Christmas.

Contact me NOW via the form below if you want to know more about starting your own unique journey.