A Form Of Snake Oil

A recent article I have read about the value of vaccines in our modern world has given rise to suggestions that the current flu vaccinations are as effective as snake oil.

I’m an advocate of a person’s personal right to choose what they wish to put into their own body, and agree that this should be done after considerable research so that the individual can make an informed decision.

I was horrified to read how the CDC in America publishs incorrect figures, or suppresses information, when it comes to the flu vaccine.

That the efficacy of the 2014 – 2015 flu vaccine is as low as 23%, according to the CDC.  There was even information showing that the flu vaccine for those over 65years, last year was as ineffective as snake oil, with only a 27% efficacy in this age group.

Very interestingly, one of the reports highlighted that the nations with the highest outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases, namely measles, mumps, pertussin, rubella and polio, were the nations with the highest number of mandatory vaccines, including US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Indeed, an interesting concept!

In my field, we hear a lot about why vaccinations are so important, I just want to see truthful reporting of the scientific studies that show efficacy and safety and the precautions that need to be taken for those at risk populations.

To read the full article and garner your own opinion, check it out here

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