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Joint Discomfort And Relief

Arthritis is a very generalized term for severe joint pain. It has many names including gout, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. If you suffer from joint pain you are the only one who can describe it in great detail and the only one who truly understands how limiting the pain can be in your daily life.

Homœopathy looks at reducing the symptoms that you experience with the particular arthritis that you have and enables you to reduce the limitations that you experience within your daily life. In addressing your particular form of arthritis I am looking at what makes your expression of the pain different from others, it is in the specifics that I find your true simillimum! I will show you some of the specifics that occur in arthritis and you may recognize some of them, but not all (this is what makes you an individual!)


Occur when           weather changes, on becoming cold, on becoming warm, in damp weather, in spring, in winter, in summer

Are worse             during a thunderstorm, in a warm room, in the warmth of bed, when touched, after eating, after wine

Are better             when walking, in the warmth of bed, when pressed, when massaged, when drinking coffee

This is just an example of the different ways that the pain of arthritis can be expressed. Homœopathy looks at your specific pains and finds a remedy that may alleviate the symptoms to a degree that the limitations the arthritis places on your life are reduced.

An example of a specific remedy is:  Rhus-tox

Occurs in damp, wet weather; or when you first start moving the joint after a period of rest.

Are worse during the damp, wet weather, after you’ve been wet, in cloudy or overcast weather, or first thing in the morning, on rising from bed.

Are better for a heat sack, or similar, from a warm bath, from moving the joint (after the initial pain has subsided)

If you wish to discuss this with me, please call me at the clinic and we can arrange a homœopathic consultation

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