What motivates you?

I recently read the following on a blog from Keith Abraham:

“Motivation + Perspiration + Perseverance = Congratulations.

So where do you start … motivation will be your WHY, perspiration will come from your ACTION and perseverance will be your FOCUS, which leads to your RESULTS.

However, it all starts with your WHY. Whenever you lose focus and you feel like it is tough, it is because you are not focused on your WHY and you are focused on what is not right or not working.”

I love this concept, it keeps everything simple.

However, keeping that focus on the WHY can be very tough.

What helps us do this?

I’ve built myself a couple of vision boards – oh yes, I hear you say, they’re great but never work!!  Well, why don’t they work?

Quite often it’s because we write them out, get all enthusiastic over them, then put them aside and forget about them.  The key to a vision board is that it has be to in your face on a daily basis!!

I’ve actually got up to five vision boards going at once!!

FIVE!!!!  I can hear you now, why five??

Well, I have one that is a weekly one, splits my vision out into days

Then I have a 3 monthly one, splits my vision out over the next three months

Then I have a one yearly one, this takes me to the overall general picture of where I want to be by the end of 2014.

Then I have a five yearly one, this takes me to the bigger overall general picture of where I want to be by the end of 2018.

Finally, I have some small picture boards on my office noticeboard, right beside my desk – these include pictures of my travels, where I see myself – not truly vision boards I suppose, but they keep reminding me of my purpose!  Oh, by the way, I nearly forgot, one of those places I’m wanting to travel to, is set as wallpaper on my iPad, that is a great place!! In fact, here it is!!

Beautiful Paris

Beautiful Paris

Now, where do I keep all of these.  My weekly one sits on my desk, so I check it every morning and evening.

My 3 monthly one is one my fridge, as it my yearly one – they are something I see and read every day at breakfast, or dinner, or when I’m just getting some water.

My five yearly vision is currently sitting on my dining table, to the left of my seat, so I get to have a quick look at it every evening when sitting down for a meal, get to comment on it to my husband as well – certainly cements it all in there.!!

These Keep My Focus on My ‘WHY’, ‘ACTION’, & ‘RESULTS’

Keep your focus on your why – spell it out, keep it in a place that will remind you daily and within every day


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