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Aromatherapy Blends – Clarity

Today’s blend I want to share with you is about clarity, being able to see the wood in the trees, rather than being overwhelmed by all the little things happening around you.  To assist you in your heartfelt journey, seeing it clearly and with joy, understanding and peace.


Letting go of the struggles in life allows you to move forward without the past baggage, without the old habits and limitations, moving forward you see clearly your true path of happiness, through understanding of yourself and others, with true joy in your heart.

This blend contains three essential oils, Mandarin (Citrus reticulata), Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)


Top note, heart chakra

Mandarin is utilised physically as an antispasmodic, antifungal, antiviral, digestive, sedative and relaxing essential oil.  These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:

  • relaxing the mind
  • relieving the emotional cramping within, that occurs due to holding onto past baggage
  • allowing for relaxation and joy, resulting in an uplifted feeling
  • alleviating the internal attack of emotions on your better self

Mandarin is an overall message of happiness and speaks especially to the inner child that everyone has within them, and allows you to welcome the inner child into your existence.  Mandarin has a sense of joy that allows you to embrace and enjoy life in the here and now, allowing the emotional baggage of times past to be released and let go.

When you require Mandarin in your life, you are usually experiencing a compulsiveness, especially about small things, examples of which are housework, dwelling on past experiences, tasks that take you away from stepping back and looking at the overall picture, what it is that you are striving for.  The clarity that Mandarin brings into your life is to allow you to let go of the small things in life, the past baggage, and to see the future clearly, with the inspiration and joy of your inner child that accompanies the clarity of your journey.

Mandarin allows you to have the clarity of your heartfelt journey, without allowing issues to detract you from that journey. It allows you to stop being self-pitying, and to move forward with joy in your heart, to experience the fun of your inner child, to enjoy self acceptance while relating to others compassionately and unconditionally with love and joy.

Mandarin removes the fear of betrayal and allows you to take a lighter approach to the clear heartfelt journey you see before you.


Top note, third eye chakra

Teatree is utilised physically as an immunostimulant, anticatarrhal, analgesic, antifungal and antiviral essential oil.  These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:

  • release of the struggle within
  • get the emotions off the chest
  • release the emotional pain directed towards self
  • release the attack on the better self

Teatree provides an overall message of understanding, releasing old ways, old events and old emotions.  This understanding of the role of these old ways, events and/or emotions in your life allows you to move forward with an intuitive knowing of the path ahead, with clarity.

Teatree will allow you to see intuitively what you have always known and understood to be true, but have never acted upon.  Teatree gives you the permission to follow your intuition.  It gives you the light to see clearly the knowledge you have always had within you, so you can answer your questions yourself.

Teatree gives you the knowledge of success in your future, with clarity and a knowing that it is there for you. It gives you the ability to see the truth within and the ability to act upon it with clear knowledge and trust that it is true.  The answers have always been within you, now you can access them with clarity.

German Chamomile

Middle note, throat chakra

German Chamomile is utilised physically as a digestive, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, cicatrizant, decongestant and hormone-like essential oil.  These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:

  • balancing to the emotions
  • healing the emotional scars within
  • clearing the foggy mind
  • calming to anger
  • reducing the cramping of the internal emotions

German Chamomile provides an overall message of calmness, peace, healing and soothing delivered with understanding and empathy.  It is especially useful for removing the irritation, resentment, bitterness or deep emotional baggage that is associated with old habits, self criticism and criticism of others.

German Chamomile is a great communicator, allowing for personal expression with active listening, giving great understanding to those around you in a soothing and calming manner. It allows you to clearly see and hear what is happening to those around you, so that criticism of either yourself or them does not occur.  The support German Chamomile gives is empathetic, relaxed and patient in nature.

German Chamomile allows you to clearly see your journey, and to communicate this to others with clarity and purpose. The truth of you walking your talk shines through in your ability to communicate clearly.

Crystals to use with the Clarity blend

Rose quartz: this allows you to become receptive to the joys of all forms of creative endeavours

Aventurine quartz: uplifting, encouraging lightness and enthusiasm for life

Purple fluorite: allows false illusions to be removed, increases your ability to concentrate

Azurite: helps support you to act on your intuitive information, to transfer your inner wisdom and knowledge to normal thoughts

Turquoise: helps to link your intuitive inspiration with all your self expression, to find your true path in life by attuning with your Higher Self, enables you to articulate your emotional issues clearly

Aquamarine: allows you to assimilate knowledge to the world, and to yourself, in a calming and soothing way

Daily tasks to use with the Clarity blend

Smile at everyone you meet every day

Rejoice in balance, good and bad, pain and joy throughout your day

Spend time in silence, to hear your intuition

See what is around you in nature, what colour is it, what shape is it? These details will enhance your ability to see with clarity what is around you

Begin a journal expressing your feelings, such as what you are grateful for daily, what your past emotions have been and how they feel to you today




What motivates you?

I recently read the following on a blog from Keith Abraham:

“Motivation + Perspiration + Perseverance = Congratulations.

So where do you start … motivation will be your WHY, perspiration will come from your ACTION and perseverance will be your FOCUS, which leads to your RESULTS.

However, it all starts with your WHY. Whenever you lose focus and you feel like it is tough, it is because you are not focused on your WHY and you are focused on what is not right or not working.”

I love this concept, it keeps everything simple.

However, keeping that focus on the WHY can be very tough.

What helps us do this?

I’ve built myself a couple of vision boards – oh yes, I hear you say, they’re great but never work!!  Well, why don’t they work?

Quite often it’s because we write them out, get all enthusiastic over them, then put them aside and forget about them.  The key to a vision board is that it has be to in your face on a daily basis!!

I’ve actually got up to five vision boards going at once!!

FIVE!!!!  I can hear you now, why five??

Well, I have one that is a weekly one, splits my vision out into days

Then I have a 3 monthly one, splits my vision out over the next three months

Then I have a one yearly one, this takes me to the overall general picture of where I want to be by the end of 2014.

Then I have a five yearly one, this takes me to the bigger overall general picture of where I want to be by the end of 2018.

Finally, I have some small picture boards on my office noticeboard, right beside my desk – these include pictures of my travels, where I see myself – not truly vision boards I suppose, but they keep reminding me of my purpose!  Oh, by the way, I nearly forgot, one of those places I’m wanting to travel to, is set as wallpaper on my iPad, that is a great place!! In fact, here it is!!

Beautiful Paris

Beautiful Paris

Now, where do I keep all of these.  My weekly one sits on my desk, so I check it every morning and evening.

My 3 monthly one is one my fridge, as it my yearly one – they are something I see and read every day at breakfast, or dinner, or when I’m just getting some water.

My five yearly vision is currently sitting on my dining table, to the left of my seat, so I get to have a quick look at it every evening when sitting down for a meal, get to comment on it to my husband as well – certainly cements it all in there.!!

These Keep My Focus on My ‘WHY’, ‘ACTION’, & ‘RESULTS’

Keep your focus on your why – spell it out, keep it in a place that will remind you daily and within every day


Addicted to avoidance?

I was recently sent through a blog post from Keith Abraham and it discussed the greatest addiction society has today.  It resonated with me incredibly.

That addiction is to AVOIDANCE.

How many times in your life have you avoided making a decision? Whether the decision is to go ‘YES’, or whether it’s to  go ‘NO’, we avoid it.  What about your family and friends, do they avoid making decisions? How often do you hear, ‘oh, you choose, I don’t mind’ when you ask your partner about where to stop for dinner? How often do you hear that in the workplace, at home, at sports clubs? It is definitely a common answer I believe!!

The question for me then is: Why are we undertaking avoidance?

  • what if we get it wrong?
  • what if something better comes along tomorrow, or next week, or next year?
  • what if we don’t believe we can do it?
  • what if our self-confidence levels mean we will fail?

How do we change this? Remember the blend for Focus on the Future? Inhale deeply, look through the trees and see what the future holds for you with clarity, and make the decision, take the option you were avoiding.

Look to the future with clarity

Look to the future with clarity

What do you have to lose? If we don’t try, we never know if we will succeed or fail. If we fail, it’s merely another stepping stone in the learning path of life. Learn from our lessons and we will continue to grow and succeed.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” ― Winston Churchill

Step out of your problem

I recently found this wonderful quote when I was looking through different things on the internet. It makes for sound advice. Use in conjunction with the Focus on the Future blend I’ve suggested, and see with clarity what needs to be changed for your future to change and embrace your learnings. Aromatic blessings to you all.


Step out of your problem to see clarity

Step out of your problem to see clarity

Aromatherapy Blend Focus on the Future

Sometimes we get stuck in day to day routines and we can’t see clearly where we’re heading. This is a time we need to focus on the future so that the steps become clear where we are to head to achieve that future.


1. To give clarity when the future is obscured, allowing you to step back from what is holding you back.

2. To allow spiritual growth within, ensuring that the future is what we are going to achieve with inner strength, to be all that you want to be.

3. Visualisation, the future cannot be clear to us if we don’t visualise it regularly. Visualise it and it will manifest. Ask and you will obtain all you need for your future.


Lavendula angustifolia

All that you want to be

4. Emotional clarity, release the irrational thoughts that are holding you back. Obtain clarity of your thoughts, allowing you to focus on what needs to be done, without self-doubt

5. Get positive results for moving ahead, get direction on where you are going with clarity.

6. Release resentment that may be holding you in your current place, release it with joy in your heart, allowing you to focus on the future with that same joy.


Citrus limonum

Positive clarity and joy

7. Come out of your shell with passion and energy to achieve your goals

8. Unleash the woman/man within with a passion to be who you want to be, with inner strength.

9. Move forward in your own strength, with practical focused steps to lead you to your future.


Cinnamonum zeylanicum

Passion with practical strength

Enjoy the combination of these essential oils to allow you to focus on what you need to do in order to achieve the future you know is there waiting for you, with inner strength and confidence, and a practical, clear and focused plan!

Lavender looking towards the future, with clarity and focus

Lavender looking towards the future, with clarity and focus