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Stepping Into 2015 – Strongly!

Most of the emails over the last day have been about setting New Year’s Resolutions, or not.  Inspiring quotes to start your year strong. How to detox efficiently in 3 days.  Stop smoking easily. And the list continues.

Did you know that the most common New Year’s Resolutions are to get healthier, quit smoking/drinking/overeating and to lose weight.  All of these relate to looking after our bodies, to creating a cleaner, healthier and stronger you.

Did you know that most New Year’s Resolutions are broken within days if not weeks?

Interesting thoughts to contemplate aren’t they?

This year, my New Year’s Resolution is not about me.  It’s about helping others achieve what they desire.  Go figure, 2014 was a changing year for me, so now the focus is upon others and not me anymore.  How exhilarating, how inspiring, how wonderful to know that this is my focus for the next 52 weeks!!

My resolution is actually part of my lifestyle. It is a part of my daily routines that have been established over the last year, so I know that they will be fulfilled as they are not a distant goal, but something that I aspire to include in my daily life, so it becomes a lifestyle, and not a goal.

How do I do this? I would lie to you if I said that this was easy to achieve, if it happened overnight.  As I mentioned, it’s been developing over the last year and it will continue to develop.  Some of the first steps I have undertaken to ensure this is happening within my lifestyle are:

  • at the end of every day, writing out 10 things I’m grateful for, in my Gratitude diary. This includes my learning experiences!
  • on waking every day, I run through my morning six – my dream, how it will feel when it’s achieved, who I’m going to help along the way, what I’m doing when it’s achieved, the one fun thing I’m going to do when I achieve it, and the one thing I’m going to do today that will take me one step closer to that dream
  • on waking I also consider the short term goals that I’m aiming for along the way to achieving my dream above
  • I look for butterflies every day – it was part of my E-squared experiment and it’s stayed with me. This allows me to know that I can manifest the changes in my life that I desire

These steps, undertaken daily, have become my lifestyle. These steps assist me in achieving my goals, lifestyle and resolutions.

Focus New Years Resolutions

Focus On Each Step

S.M.A.R.T or D.U.M.B Goals

I often write about your Life Journey and how you take those steps forward each time.  A lot of where we get our drive and passion from for our Life Journey is from our goals.  Where we see ourselves in the future, what we’re striving for.


Typically when goals are mentioned, the acronym S.M.A.R.T comes to mind.

S.M.A.R.T. goals are what our society has been driven by for quite some time now.  And were spoken about by a great mentor I’ve tapped into, Zig Ziglar.  What do they mean?

S = specific

M= measureable

A = actionable

R = realistic

T = timely

The Secret and the discussions about the Law of Attraction guide us to setting these goals, we need to know what it is we want and when we want it by, remembering all along that the Universe is Abundant and will provide to you what you ask for.

While we understand the core message from The Secret, about the Law of Attraction, part of that message is to actually feel  like you have already achieved this goal!  Listen to the passion in the following video from Brendon Burchard, it is very inspiring and will help you feelthe passion of having achieved your goals!

Enjoy this video and think about what your goals are to you – exciting, or dull??

Easy steps to breaking habits

I know that it is difficult to get into good habits, but how easy is it to break those habits?  I remember reading somewhere, once, long ago, that it takes 3 weeks to create a ‘good’ habit, and 2 days to break it!


Well, for the last month, my routines have gone out the window.  However, in my mind I have been

  • blogging daily,
  • writing out my gratitudes daily,
  • writing up my daily intentions,
  • exercising daily,
  • maintaining my healthy eating routines,
  • working on my business
  • and generally doing all my routines!


Does this work for you? Did it work for me?  Well, the answer to this is yes, and no.


I did keep up with running every second or third day.

I did mentally, and electronically, ‘write out’ my gratitudes, intentions and blogging ideas.

All this occurred while I was on holiday in New Zealand.


The ‘trouble’ was when I came home!!  How crazy is that? I immediately stopped my writing, I did keep up some exercise and generally healthy living options.

Though, to put it into perspective, when I came home, it was a short work week, I took the Thursday off as it was my birthday (perks of ‘knowing’ the boss!!), then it was Easter and now we’re coming up to Anzac Day weekend.  All up, many more days off my routine than my mindset had prepared for.


So, at home, the routines had gone out of the window, as I had prepared for the change of scenery while I was away (even when my plans changed dramatically), but not for the change of daily routine when I was back.


This made me start to think this week about how important my organised routines were in my daily maintainence of my healthy living journey and my mindset around them also.


I’ve now implemented my routines again, so I’m back on track!  The daily writing is occurring again, the healthy living routines are all occurring again and being more organised is definitely returning.  Life journey back on track!


How important are your routines to you? What happens when they are disrupted?


Where are your routines taking you?

Where are your routines taking you?

Life Journey Update

I’ve been following a life journey over the last 7 months.  It’s involved a changing body shape and interestingly enough a changing mental shape too.

I wanted to give you an update on where I’m at with my physical body – today I weighed in at 100g under my personal goal.  I set this goal when I first began back on 23 July 2013. The last time I was this weight (60kg) was in 1999 and I think I maintained it for all of a month before slowly following the typical rebound scenario, up and up and up and oh yes, up again!!! Until finally arriving at a never before reached peak of 82kg.  Isn’t this the typical scenario for so many people?

Avoid Yo-yo Dieting

Avoid Yo-yo Dieting

This is called Yo-yo dieting in the media today.  It’s also a heartbreaking situation.  For those of you who, like me have been through all of the different types of diets recommended, pushed, tantalisingly held in front of us over the last 30 years, you will know that I’m at a point of ‘how long will this last”.  Physically though, I now know about nutritional rebalancing as a lifestyle, I’m confident this won’t occur because my insides have had a shower!

However, interestingly, things have also changed for me mentally this time.  Usually I think great, and I slow down everything I’ve been doing, hence the yo-yo scenario begins.  BUT, what I’ve learnt over my last 6 months journey (by the way, this was 18 months faster than the last time I reached this goal) is that it’s not about reaching the goal, it’s about maintaining the lifestyle you have created.

About a month ago, my gym membership ran out.  At that time I was stil 3 kg away from my goal weight.  I had to make a DECISION.  The decision was about whether or not I would maintain my exercise regime, was it important enough for me to maintain it without the incentive of a gym to attend?

My DECISION was that it mattered to me for my health and for my well being and sense of joy in life to have the purpose in my morning routine to still get out of bed and attend my gym sessions.  Yes, I’m fortunate enough to have a treadmill and weights station conveniently located on my back patio!

My DECISION was also that it was about more than just the weight, it was about me showing and mentoring others into believing there was another way, that yo-yo dieting does not have to remain in your life.

Over the last 7 months, my personal development journey has been along the lines of self-belief and also about understanding WHY I’m here, what is my role in my life journey.

My WHY came in for me with a bang on Tuesday!  Here it is: 
I believe that everyone deserves to be nurtured to step into their Greatness,
with love, integrity, strength, passion and fun
I’m here to do that for others.  I’ve always understood that my role in life is one of servitude, that I’m here to serve mankind, but to truly discover what it is that I’m to do in that servitude has given me a bounce, a joy and a passion that is beyond description.

In my mind this blog today was to be an update on my weight loss journey, so I’ll also give you those details now, not just my passion about my WHY!!I began my journey at 82kg, I’m now 60kg, a loss of 22kg (or 48.5lb).

My waist has gone from 95cm (37.5inches) to 75cm (29.5inches)

My chest has gone from 105.5cm (41.5inches) to 92cm (36inches)

My buttocks have gone from 110cm (43inches) to 92cm (36inches)

My abdomen has gone from 107.5cm (42inches) to 85cm (33.5inches)

I’m feeling AWESOME!!!

Here are some before and after shots as well


26 July 2013


7 Sep 2013



10 Dec 2013


5 Feb 2014


5 March 2014


Thank you universe and followers for making my journey so enjoyable.  

This journey will be continuing as it’s only just begun – my mission now is to help others achieve their greatness – come along for the ride, it’s going to be filled with passion, love and fun!!

Contact me today! Places are filling fast!

Contact me today! Places are filling fast!

Change Your Life In 90 Days

I’m undertaking a heartfelt project where I am transforming 10 people from tired, overworked battlers into funloving, vibrant, healthy and financially free people living the life they desire within 90 days. Who do you know that would be interested in this project?

Enjoy this video from Eric Worre, he’s an amazing motivator and I use him in my business daily!


What motivates you?

I recently read the following on a blog from Keith Abraham:

“Motivation + Perspiration + Perseverance = Congratulations.

So where do you start … motivation will be your WHY, perspiration will come from your ACTION and perseverance will be your FOCUS, which leads to your RESULTS.

However, it all starts with your WHY. Whenever you lose focus and you feel like it is tough, it is because you are not focused on your WHY and you are focused on what is not right or not working.”

I love this concept, it keeps everything simple.

However, keeping that focus on the WHY can be very tough.

What helps us do this?

I’ve built myself a couple of vision boards – oh yes, I hear you say, they’re great but never work!!  Well, why don’t they work?

Quite often it’s because we write them out, get all enthusiastic over them, then put them aside and forget about them.  The key to a vision board is that it has be to in your face on a daily basis!!

I’ve actually got up to five vision boards going at once!!

FIVE!!!!  I can hear you now, why five??

Well, I have one that is a weekly one, splits my vision out into days

Then I have a 3 monthly one, splits my vision out over the next three months

Then I have a one yearly one, this takes me to the overall general picture of where I want to be by the end of 2014.

Then I have a five yearly one, this takes me to the bigger overall general picture of where I want to be by the end of 2018.

Finally, I have some small picture boards on my office noticeboard, right beside my desk – these include pictures of my travels, where I see myself – not truly vision boards I suppose, but they keep reminding me of my purpose!  Oh, by the way, I nearly forgot, one of those places I’m wanting to travel to, is set as wallpaper on my iPad, that is a great place!! In fact, here it is!!

Beautiful Paris

Beautiful Paris

Now, where do I keep all of these.  My weekly one sits on my desk, so I check it every morning and evening.

My 3 monthly one is one my fridge, as it my yearly one – they are something I see and read every day at breakfast, or dinner, or when I’m just getting some water.

My five yearly vision is currently sitting on my dining table, to the left of my seat, so I get to have a quick look at it every evening when sitting down for a meal, get to comment on it to my husband as well – certainly cements it all in there.!!

These Keep My Focus on My ‘WHY’, ‘ACTION’, & ‘RESULTS’

Keep your focus on your why – spell it out, keep it in a place that will remind you daily and within every day


Keeping on Track

For the last week, routine has been thrown out of the window.  The question becomes, how to keep on track when routines are changed due to travel?

To set the scene, I’ve been away at an aromatherapy conference in Perth – this is about a 6 hour flight away from home and clinic.  Arriving late on Thursday night, or really very early Friday morning, made me wonder if I’d get up with as much enthusiasm to go walking.  Woke up after 5 hours sleep with an amazing amount of energy, so decided to go out for a walk in the early hours of the morning. I was staying close to the river, so it was the obvious choice!

Swan River In The Early Morning

Early morning on the river

Early morning walking along the river

Cormorants on the Swan

Cormorants on the Swan


The walk was a good way to blow the cobwebs of flying away from the head. Setting the day up for some work.

Before I left for the trip, I worked out how many lunches I would be needing, nutritious bars, and breakfasts, nutritiously balanced shakes (many small bags came with me on my flight!). So, it was routine again for lunch. So far, so good, the day has followed routines.

In the afternoon, it was time to do a bit of sightseeing, so it was off to the jetty to catch a ferry.  There are some shots below that will give you some ideas of where I’ve been.

Perth City – Freemantle

Perth from the Swan River, with some sunshine

Perth from the Swan River, with some sunshine


2013-09-13 16.35.34

Saying goodbye to Perth City centre

2013-09-13 18.11.00

The banks along the river, with some boats too, many boats all along the river

2013-09-13 18.17.23

Sand bar in the river, we obviously went around it

2013-09-13 17.26.42

Arrival at Freemantle, with a view of the Maritime Museum

On the trip down, I was with a friend and we decided to relax with a glass of wine – not part of the routine, but relaxing all the same!!  Just one didn’t bring any guilt with it, I’d been walking in the morning 🙂

Arriving back to Perth showed us it wasn’t going to be a dry weekend!!!

Perth City looking a bit wet!

Perth City looking a bit wet!


New day, new start to the day, time to continue with the routines, even though it’s still incredibly wet!! I was very surprised that I still went out walking, even though it was so obviously wet. I can only relate it to a sense of wellbeing, a lot of motivation, and a desire to keep to my routines as much as possible.



Early morning wet walk along the river

Early morning wet walk along the river


The next two days included some routines, such as walking, even in the rain, and my usual breakfasts. However, when you’re at a conference that is catered, it’s just as easy to have some lunch there. The question becomes what do you choose?

Well, I decided to think positively about the balance of nutrients I’m currently taking in and look at emulating that. My choices were meat, without sauces, and vegetable salads, again without sauces, and a small amount of couscous salad, followed by fruit. Fairly balanced, and sustaining, not short energy sources such as the cakes and breads, nor high in calorie sources such as creamy or oily sauces.  All easy to achieve, so I was happy with that.

Dinner became a meal out where again, it was about choices to ensure balance without short release carbohydrates and high calorie sauces – though a cheeky glass of wine was included ‘to be social’!

One of the fun highlights was the dinner speaker on Saturday night – the topic was JOY

Can you imagine having a dance and a song between courses?? It was the most fun I’ve had at a conference dinner ever!!!

Check out the song we all danced and sang!

Imagine having this running through your mind first thing in the morning - would you smile?? I did!

Imagine having this running through your mind first thing in the morning – would you smile?? I did!


The walking continued for the remainder of my time away, including a last walk and a good look at a black Swan – an icon in this city.

Local celebrity

Local celebrity


Remember, if you wish to stick to your routines of healthy living while you’re away, it ultimately comes down to planning. I packed my walking outfits, my nutritional snacks and meals and ensured I bought my water as soon as I arrived (rather than drinking tap water!!). Getting up half an hour earlier allows the walk for a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes, nutritional snacks avoids the cravings for stimulants, whether coffee, alcohol or sugar!

Habits take 3 weeks to set in, once they are there, it’s easier to retain your routines.



Proof of progress

I’ve had some people asking for photos to show that I am definitely still on track and also to add a touch of authenticity to my accountability logs!

So, now that it’s been asked for, here are the photos.

This photo was taken when I first started my nutritional cleansing program, it was before I started at the gym but it was when my motivation was beginning to increase. It was taken after one week. I was very nervous about getting my photo taken, as I’ve not done that type of thing before, I’ve always just got on with it so to speak.

1 August 2013

1 August 2013


This morning, I decided it was time to take another photo.  There  is an inbetween photo, but it’s still at the gym, from when I signed up with them, it will no doubt appear later on, once I’ve finished my official 10 week blitz with them!!

I’ve used similar clothes, though I believe the trousers are the same! The photo was taken from a slightly different place, but I’ll get better at remembering where the photographer is to stand as the progress moves forward!

Sat 7 Sep 2013

Sat 7 Sep 2013


Well, that’s me all accounted for now!  Will keep you posted on the remainder of the journey.



The walking and exercise part of the journey

Today was another beautiful day, so it was quickly out of bed and into the walk.

Before I went walking though, I discussed an exercise plan. The local gym is doing a 10 week summer blitz and I’ve made the decision to join it – accountability and motivation are the main reasons.  I used to go to a gym regularly and then found the reasons, such as too busy, to put it off. This will give me a 3 month membership and the kick up the bum that I need to keep on track, especially if I am having to be accountable to a stranger (and that is also you guys who are following this journey with me!!).

The motivation is a funny thing, since I’ve been having better nutrition, the lack of motivation has disappeared, okay, so I’m not shouting from the rooftops or anything yet, but the desire to get out and do has become higher on my list of priorities, and with the support around me, it’s been happening. So great to be in that space at last.

Well, on my walk this morning, as I was walking down the 20% gradient hill, I decided to vary my walk and see how I went. Usually I walk down, then around the base of the hill to the Botanical gardens, get such joy from the flowers that are all out, and the beautiful peaceful sanctuary that it is, then walk back up the 20% gradient. Today a different path was taken.

Today, i walked down, then up the other side, then round the corner and up into a cul-de-sac – so far more ups!! That did mean some downs on the way back thankfully.  Again, I didn’t stop when walking up the 20% gradient – true it was harder today and Puffing Billy was with me, and I noticed that I only had to think about Trevor once, near the end!!

I noticed when walking that there is a lot of beautiful jasmine out now, so wonderful to smell – I was going to take a photo, but didn’t want to stop my climb, so I didn’t, however when I was writing this up, I had a friend come and visit (well, two of them actually, and they were very busy hunting and laughing), enjoy his photo 🙂


Magnificent visitors to keep me company

Magnificent visitors to keep me company