Keeping on Track

For the last week, routine has been thrown out of the window.  The question becomes, how to keep on track when routines are changed due to travel?

To set the scene, I’ve been away at an aromatherapy conference in Perth – this is about a 6 hour flight away from home and clinic.  Arriving late on Thursday night, or really very early Friday morning, made me wonder if I’d get up with as much enthusiasm to go walking.  Woke up after 5 hours sleep with an amazing amount of energy, so decided to go out for a walk in the early hours of the morning. I was staying close to the river, so it was the obvious choice!

Swan River In The Early Morning

Early morning on the river

Early morning walking along the river

Cormorants on the Swan

Cormorants on the Swan


The walk was a good way to blow the cobwebs of flying away from the head. Setting the day up for some work.

Before I left for the trip, I worked out how many lunches I would be needing, nutritious bars, and breakfasts, nutritiously balanced shakes (many small bags came with me on my flight!). So, it was routine again for lunch. So far, so good, the day has followed routines.

In the afternoon, it was time to do a bit of sightseeing, so it was off to the jetty to catch a ferry.  There are some shots below that will give you some ideas of where I’ve been.

Perth City – Freemantle

Perth from the Swan River, with some sunshine

Perth from the Swan River, with some sunshine


2013-09-13 16.35.34

Saying goodbye to Perth City centre

2013-09-13 18.11.00

The banks along the river, with some boats too, many boats all along the river

2013-09-13 18.17.23

Sand bar in the river, we obviously went around it

2013-09-13 17.26.42

Arrival at Freemantle, with a view of the Maritime Museum

On the trip down, I was with a friend and we decided to relax with a glass of wine – not part of the routine, but relaxing all the same!!  Just one didn’t bring any guilt with it, I’d been walking in the morning 🙂

Arriving back to Perth showed us it wasn’t going to be a dry weekend!!!

Perth City looking a bit wet!

Perth City looking a bit wet!


New day, new start to the day, time to continue with the routines, even though it’s still incredibly wet!! I was very surprised that I still went out walking, even though it was so obviously wet. I can only relate it to a sense of wellbeing, a lot of motivation, and a desire to keep to my routines as much as possible.



Early morning wet walk along the river

Early morning wet walk along the river


The next two days included some routines, such as walking, even in the rain, and my usual breakfasts. However, when you’re at a conference that is catered, it’s just as easy to have some lunch there. The question becomes what do you choose?

Well, I decided to think positively about the balance of nutrients I’m currently taking in and look at emulating that. My choices were meat, without sauces, and vegetable salads, again without sauces, and a small amount of couscous salad, followed by fruit. Fairly balanced, and sustaining, not short energy sources such as the cakes and breads, nor high in calorie sources such as creamy or oily sauces.  All easy to achieve, so I was happy with that.

Dinner became a meal out where again, it was about choices to ensure balance without short release carbohydrates and high calorie sauces – though a cheeky glass of wine was included ‘to be social’!

One of the fun highlights was the dinner speaker on Saturday night – the topic was JOY

Can you imagine having a dance and a song between courses?? It was the most fun I’ve had at a conference dinner ever!!!

Check out the song we all danced and sang!

Imagine having this running through your mind first thing in the morning - would you smile?? I did!

Imagine having this running through your mind first thing in the morning – would you smile?? I did!


The walking continued for the remainder of my time away, including a last walk and a good look at a black Swan – an icon in this city.

Local celebrity

Local celebrity


Remember, if you wish to stick to your routines of healthy living while you’re away, it ultimately comes down to planning. I packed my walking outfits, my nutritional snacks and meals and ensured I bought my water as soon as I arrived (rather than drinking tap water!!). Getting up half an hour earlier allows the walk for a minimum of 20 – 30 minutes, nutritional snacks avoids the cravings for stimulants, whether coffee, alcohol or sugar!

Habits take 3 weeks to set in, once they are there, it’s easier to retain your routines.



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