Exercise to Summer

Here in Australia Spring has Sprung, and with it, the warm sunny weather.
If you’re looking for ways to exercise, without having to spend your time slaving away in a stuffy, indoor gym, read on.

Here are some tips from Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Figure Sculptor, Andy Forbes, for getting fit in the sunshine.

Sign Up for a Race
Whether you’re up for a 5km walk, marathon run, open water swim, or triathlon, races are a great way to get outdoors. Check the Internet to find a race near you. Sign up, mark your calendar and start training! Running outside is a different physical challenge and more mentally stimulating than pounding it out on the treadmill. Having goal in place will help you stick to your training schedule.

Two-Wheel It
Summer is the perfect time to get those bicycles out of the garage. Check out local paths or trails or meet up with a group to try mountain biking. If you live nearby and your community is bike-friendly, try cycling to work. It’s a good way to go green and stay fit at the same time.
Get on ya bike
Make Waves
If you live near a pool or beach, swimming is a great way to burn calories while you soak up the sun. Swim laps, tread water, or put on a flotation belt and water-jog for a great low impact workout.

Walking along the shore line

Walking along the shore line

Go Team
Getting fit doesn’t have to be about working out. Remember when you were a kid, and playing outside came naturally? Summer is a great time to try out a new team sport, like softball, soccer or ultimate frisbee. You’ll burn calories, build muscle, and best of all, it won’t feel like hard work.

The Great Outdoors
If team sports aren’t your style, consider getting outside and enjoying nature. Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing are fun and exciting ways to use your muscles this summer.

Beauty is everywhere in nature

Beauty is everywhere in nature

Most local governments also endorse the ‘Active Australia’ scheme, providing free or low cost outdoor group exercise sessions – search the internet and government websites for your local hosts.  Find your local park that has some exercise equipment in it, go for a walk there, and try some out, then walk home.  Also remember to walk up the stairs, rather than taking the lift, when you are at work, inside exercise, but it’s there so take the opportunity.

This summer, ditch the boring treadmill and the stinky locker room. You can get fit and enjoy the sunshine outdoors with any of these or other ways to get fit without the gym. Get moving– the options are limited only by your imagination.

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