A Sexy Body

A Sexy Body

What is a Sexy Body?  In terms of the media, it’s usually the body of a model, a swimsuit model generally, such as this

This is ultimately what a lot of us are told we desire, what we work so hard to maintain and why we stress over the size of our body.

However, if you do really want to start losing weight, then the mindset has to be right before you even begin.

I was listening to a podcast recently on setting goals and these are the steps that will get you on track for the beginning of your journey.  I know that these principles are what I’ve been following, though without knowing the structure or reasons behind it – but, hey, it works!!

Step 1: only ever set one willpower goal

By setting yourself only one willpower goal, you’re not overwhelming your whole mind.  Imagine if you set too many (as many people do at New Year), such as I will stop eating junk food, I will lose weight, I will exercise more, I will be a nicer person, I will……….   As you can see, you’re starting to ask a lot of your will power.
Willpower is extraordinary in so many ways, but if you overwhelm it with too many things to do, it will begin to crumble as it is scattered in what it’s trying to achieve for you.
By choosing only one willpower goal, that’s the only one you need to focus on, it’s the only one that has to be successful.  For example, focus on “I will exercise more”.
Now, if you exercise more (without worrying about any other willpower goals or thoughts), there will be a change in the other goals you were originally thinking about, as a consequence of your one willpower thought.
So, if the one willpower goal is to exercise more, make this the focus.  Make this your mindset.
How do you make it your one mindset willpower goal?

2. What Got You Here

Take a step back from your life as it is now.  How did you get to this point of no exercise? Did you ever exercise in the past?  If so, what did you do, how often did you do it and what made you stop doing it?  These are important questions to ask, as you’re now looking at why you are now at a place of no exercise and wanting to do more exercise.  You’re looking back at your history and seeing what obstacles you have put into your way to stop you exercising.  List them out on a piece of paper

3. Where Do You Want To Be?

Now you make a list of where you want to be.  For example, how often do you want to be exercising, what will you be doing, for how long will you exercise, when will you exercise?  All questions that will begin to make you focus on what you want to achieve with your willpower goal.

4. Why Do You Want To Do This?

This step will keep you focused on your willpower goal. It’s important to work this one out.  A good way to do it is to list 20 reasons that you want to do it, and 20 consequences of you not doing it.  Sometimes it helps to stand in front of a mirror when you’re doing this step.
Write out your reasons you want to do it in this format:
I must……………So That…………………
Look at different areas in your life, what will be the impact on those if you exercise more.  The areas of your life to look at include what can be called the “7 Al’s”
What will be the consequences of you exercising more in all of these areas – very soon you will find that 20 is easy to obtain!  List these down on a piece of paper or in a journal.
Next, write out the 20 statements that look at the consequences of you not doing the exercise.  Write these out in the format of:
I must…………….Or Else………………………………
Again, if you’re struggling to find 20, go to the 7 Al’s and work out some more.  List these in your journal too.
By doing this exercise, you begin to get to the core of why you really want to do this willpower goal, your true deep WHY
This step is not an easy step to do, but it will certainly focus you on your reasons WHY you are taking this step of setting a willpower goal.
It’s the WHY that will keep you on track when you feel yourself waivering, it’s the WHY that will motivate you to do the exercise when you’d rather hit the snooze button!

5. Repeat Step 4 FOUR More Times

Repeat step 4, writing out 20 positive and 20 negative outcomes FOUR more times.  This will result in a list of 100 positive and 100 negative outcomes.  Reinforcement of your WHY is the motivating factor to ensure you stay with your one willpower goal. Once you have a WHY that outshines the excuses, you will easily obtain your goal of exercising more.  This goal will change other areas of your life also.  When you begin to exercise more, you see the value of having food that supports your increased energy requirements, you take on board more water, you start to see a change in your body (muscle develops and fat is replaced) and your ‘feel happy hormones’ are released (endorphins).  What an amazing outcome from just one willpower goal being achieved!!
My willpower goal was set 6 months ago, to lose 18kg (40lb) of excess weight, I achieved that, and more within 6 months, my only goal was to lose weight, I make exercise or my eating patterns another willpower goal.  In the past I’ve overwhelmed my mind with too many of these, and it was just the one I needed to focus on, the rest fell into place once my focus was on the one thing – diet, exercise and health all changed as my progress continued!
I want to thank a couple of mentors of mine that helped me develop what I’ve done into a system, these include Paul O’Mahoney and David TS Wood
Let me know how you go with your willpower goal, what it is, and how you feel when you’ve achieved it!

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