Aromatherapy Blends

I’ve realised it’s been a while since I’ve written about one of my passions in life – aromatherapy, and the blends I make with these amazing products of nature.

Essential oils have more properties than just the physical ones that the scientists may rave over in randomised controlled trials (well, they actually are more inclined to rave over the physical properties of the individual chemical constituents than the oil itself, we do live in a reductionist society after all, where we need to break everything down to the smallest particle to ‘understand’ it!)

As many of you know, I’ve been on a journey this last few months, and within that journey, I’ve been turning to my essential oils to boost my mental and emotional wellbeing at the same time.

The question may be, how do I know what essential oils to use, and when?

The thing I love about essential oils is that they have the ability to work on more than just the physical level. There are different ways of using the oils, spiritually, emotionally and physically. They are even spoken about working on the aura.  No, we cannot document this, and we cannot show it scientifically in the current paradigm. One day, I believe there will be techniques available for measuring these changes – now that will be a WOW factor for me!

In the meantime, we operate on these levels based on feedback from the users of the oils for these particular purposes. We also evaluate what the properties are that relate to the physical symptoms that the oils are beneficial for, and then correlate them to emotions.

This can be shown in things such as

  • anti inflammatory = anti inflammatory for the emotions, e.g., reduce anger
  • analgesic (pain reliever) = suffering from pain of guilt, or pain of grief
  • litholytic (ability to break down stones in the body) = break down hardness, e.g., when one hardens due to a pain, and they do not forgive easily, so to soften a hardened person
  • carminative (gas-releasing) = someone with trapped emotions, that need to be released
  • cicatrizant (healing) = healing of emotional situations, e.g., where there are emotional scars remaining

As you can see, it becomes easier to relate the essential oils to emotional issues, when you delve further into the physical properties the essential oils are known to be effective on.

I now want to begin a journey of essential oil blends for you to share with me.  Over time, these will fill the pages of a beautiful book, but in the meantime, I’m happy to share them here for  you.



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