Go Take A Breather!

This is fantastic advice – it’s also why meditation is so beneficial for us – deep breathing, clearing the body of negative aspects – clears out so many different things, including the toxins spoken of here. Enjoy the read, and the deep breathing that you will instinctively do while reading the blog!!

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Shallow breathing contributes to high anxiety and stress. Breathing deeply and slowly allows for greater circulation with less work on your heart and cardiovascular system. It also helps clear toxins from your body to keep you healthy and energized.

Here is today’s practice:


Go outside and simply focus on your breath. Take yourself away from the distractions and just breathe.

Inhale deeply and exhale without forcing. Just let go and exhale completely. Pause for a moment at the bottom of the exhale; repeat for one minute.

Now…don’t you feel better?

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