How to live well this winter

Some great tips to winter living

I especially appreciate the ideas on keeping your furnace going, there are many different tips to try out – click on the links for seasonal foods, moisturising and eating well

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Winter arrived right on cue this year in Brisbane. As I left the college I lecture at this afternoon the chilly air went straight through me. Note to self: I need to refresh my winter wardrobe.Winter leunig

But what about winter and your health? Winter has a bad reputation for ‘catching a cold’ and cops the flack for setting the scene for ‘flu season’.

Let’s think about winter. And here’s a classic to put you in the mood:

If you have time to notice that we have seasons you will have discovered recently that the days are getting shorter and the temperature is cooler. And if you don’t have time, make some.

In keeping with my other seasonal living guides (summer and autumn), here is your guide to living well in winter.

Winter is all about the Water element (in which we find the Kidneys and Bladder). It is when the Yang…

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