Breathing – The Benefits!

I feel very privileged as a mentor to watch the development of my ex-students in their life within the field of natural therapies.

This article on Breathing Your Way To Better Health is beautifully written and researched by an ex-student of mine (and many other lecturers too).

I feel very grateful to know an individual who gives and shares in this way – enjoy reading about how you breathe can influence your health and your way of living.

Curcumin(turmeric) kills breast cancer cells.

I am always happy to provide evidence where nature supports our body. This study referenced in this blog, highlights some benefits of regular turmeric ingestion.  I do ensure that I also regularly take turmeric as it is appearing to be a great antioxidant that the body can easily utilise. Enjoy the read

Source: Curcumin(turmeric) kills breast cancer cells.

Three things I learned from my mentor, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr Wayne Dyer has influenced millions of lives, we all think differently once exposed to his style of thinking and writing. May you too get to experience the joys of his writings, and the wonderful results of opening up your mind to the wonders of the Universe. Enjoy

Pam Grout

“Have you lived 75 years? Or have you lived one year 75 times?”—Wayne Dyer

I will be forever grateful that I got to meet Wayne Dyer last April at the I Can Do It conference in Denver where we both were speaking. He has been my mentor since I was in college and meeting him was like meeting God.

In fact, had he not written about trying the experiments from E-Squared, I might not be where I am today. Dr. Dyer, I love you, and I am so grateful for everything you have given the world. Your light will continue to shine forever in our hearts and, as my friend Elizabeth said, we are all so lucky that we now have another teammate on the other side.

In honor of this remarkable man who has meant so much to so many of us, I’m re-running this post from a few…

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Balancing Act

In life balance is so very important, without the bad, you never realise how good the good truly is – take care to have a balanced day today

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Image by Dave Dugdale Image by Dave Dugdale

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”
~ Rumi, The Essential Rumi

Occasionally things happen which give my world a good shake up. Sometimes it’s a gut punch. Sometimes it’s the most incredible blessing that I never saw coming.

I’ve learned to appreciate these paradoxical moments. I now see that one is less without the other. You need both, in order to have the contrast which makes each experience more meaningful. More honest. More real.

Both grow you.

Both help define you.

It’s a balancing act.

Image from Andy Groleau Image from Andy Groleau

No point giving in to the pain. No point surrendering to the beauty.

There’s a balancing point somewhere in the middle.

When you find…

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When Should I Stretch?

When I was training for my half marathon, I was having pains from tight muscles. Joy reminded me then about stretching out, and it changed my issues immensely. I believe, like Joy, that the muscles need to be stretched out, to ease them into the exercise you are doing, and I also think it’s worth taking the time to stretch out after your exercise too. My new yoga practice is also about stretching out the muscles, I couldn’t believe how tight they had become recently! Now they are more relaxed by far. Enjoy your stretching.

Joy, Fitness, & Style


Even though some experts believe that stretching is a waste of time and might increase your risk of injury, I personally feel it does the complete opposite – promotes self body awareness, prevents injuries, and increases mental relaxation and centering. There is a ton of research out there that supports both sides of these claims, so really, it is up to you to decide what’s best for you.

A general consensus is that a workout should look something like this:


  1. Warm up:  A warm up of 5-15 minutes of similar activity that you will be doing in your workout that day.  It should be at a lower intensity than your actual workout.
  2. Stretches:  These stretches should be dynamic in nature and can be blended into your warm up.  Dynamic flexibility is the ability to move a limb through its full range of motion.  You can see examples of this here and here.

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Agility Training: A-Hop Drill

Looking to add to your Agility? Check this simple exercise out, it looks fun and one that I will be trying in my next workout routine – yep, read here, tomorrow morning!! Will be interesting to see how agile I really am, losing weight, gaining fitness is one thing, agility is another. Thank you Joy for this simple technique to build up our agility

Joy, Fitness, & Style

Agility is the ability change direction without losing speed. This type of training will make you agile for any physical activity that you do and at every age. Whether you are into sports or something everyday, like gardening, agility training will help you reduce your risk of injuries. The key is to stay light on your feet with your abs in and knees soft.

A-Hop Drill

*Try this A-Hop Agility Drill:

  • Set up a piece of tape on the floor or use a resistance band.
  • Stand on your left foot, below the left side of the tape (first photo above).
  • Hop on your right foot, in the middle above the tape (second photo above).
  • Switch to your left foot, still positioned above the tape (third photo above).
  • Hop behind the tape on the right side, landing on your right foot.

Start slow and build on your speed.  Perform 15 -30 seconds at a time and you can repeat this exercise…

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Random acts of forgiveness: a new movement starting today

Love, love, love! Forgiving is so important, though always remember to forgive yourself, without that, the ability to forgive others will just not happen!

Pam Grout

“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.”—Mae West

I had a different post planned for today. But I woke up this morning to some news that simply MUST. BE. SHARED.

Last week, a woman from Derbyshire, England asked her followers to retweet the idea that “we’re seeing more and more good news. That we’re finally starting to “get” the idea about “loving your enemy.” Maybe she added my twitter handle because that’s one of my goals—-to change the dominant paradigm, to encourage people to start recognizing all the good that’s happening, to take the focus OFF “what’s wrong” and place it back where it belongs. On blessings and miracles.

Well, this morning she tweeted “And so it begins…” with a story about a former radical anti-Muslim who went to a Mosque to apologize.

As he says, “I’ve been an unwitting twat and let my beliefs be manipulated to…

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Boldly claim your good. The universe is never reluctant to give.

What are you claiming from the Universe today – may it bring you the joy you are seeking (usually found internally though!), may it be all that you wish it to be. Genuinely give out happy thoughts to receive happy energies back – something we all need to understand on a regular basis – truly the Universe listens!

Pam Grout

Chris Michaels, a handsome and very wise Science of Mind minister, told a great story a few weeks ago.

He explained that when you make an intention (or pray or send out a ‘rocket of desire,’ as LOA students might call it), you must act with authority. You must KNOW that your words and consciousness are powerful.

Remember that bit in the Lord’s Prayer where we say, “Give us this day our daily bread?”

“Our daily bread,” say Chris, “is everything we need to live well and be happy. How bold. How absolutely courageous!!”

Notice that Jesus taught us to command.

He didn’t beg. He didn’t plead. He didn’t even ask. Or say, “Please, pretty, pretty please, God, send me a loaf of pumpernickel.”

Jesus knew his word had power. He knew that when he spoke, his word was activated by a law of energy that only knows how to…

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Easy Date, Ginger and Walnut Cake Recipe

Why is it when you’re cleansing, that all you read about is food?? Enjoy this delicious sounding, and looking cake. The ginger in it makes it special to me, ginger being a beautiful healing food from nature.

Ginger has been used in healing in Asia since the earliest of times, it brings great relief in times of nausea and is also very important in regards to the circulatory system. It’s also great for warming up the system when you have a cold.

Enjoy the cake

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

2014-10-23 12.25.31-2

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavour.”
~ William Cowper

What am I doing this morning? Well, as soon as this blog is done I’ll be making a nice cup of tea, cutting myself a slice of this cake and sitting down with my journal for an hour or so. Today is a powerful time for dreaming, planning, birthing and manifesting our heart’s desires into the world, riding on the back of this incredible new moon and solar eclipse energy. If you can find some time today, I highly encourage you to take a little time too to envision your dream life, and what you most want to be, do and create in the world over the coming years.

But I digress. Back to cake!

This cake is a firm favourite in our household. It’s easy to whip up, using just one saucepan and a wooden…

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