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Aroma Blend – Turnaround Your Thinking

A continuation in my Aroma Blends series.

This blend is about assisting you in turning around your thoughts, taking them from the negative to the positive.


Turnaround the thoughts you are having, from I should to I will, from I wish to I do, in the process turning around the direction of your life. When you are making changes on your Life Journey, there are many times when you sit and think, I should or I wish. Take control of your life, leave the old thought patterns behind and move ahead by turning around these internal sayings to create positive energy that will support your journey ahead without the heavy energy of others pulling you back and down.  This blend is focusing on speaking up in a manner that will allow you to move forward in your truth, to speak that truth to yourself.


This blend contains three essential oils: Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), Spearmint (Mentha spicata) and German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)




Middle note, throat chakra


Cypress is used physically as an astringent and styptic, calming, antispasmodic, and a neurotonic. These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:


  • drying up the flow of negative thoughts
  • calming the mind
  • balancing the nervous system


When direction is needed, when the ability to stand up for yourself is lacking, the will-power is weak, Cypress plays an important role.  When an idea takes hold, Cypress is to firm up that idea, to take it and hold true to that idea.  It also allows you to transition to these new ideas, and to hold true to them once that has occurred, while allowing the past to be let go and left in the past. It can assure the ideas are given confidently, with an inner peace and wisdom that the path is true. Cypress assists in counteracting the weak willed, which comes with the indecisive words such as I should or I wish. It gives balance to the true path of I will and I do.


Cypress will allow the journey to move ahead, with confidence, strength and balance, ensuring the doing of the life journey occurs, without being blocked by indecision.  Interestingly, while writing about Cypress, the negative attributes of being blocked came into being, until the positive attributes were brought forth, then the flow occurred with strength and determination.




Top note, throat chakra


Spearmint is used physically as an anti-catarrhal, cicatrizant and digestive. These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:


  • releasing internal anger that focuses on your guilt at what you should have done
  • healing the scars of the old, and allowing the new thoughts to move ahead
  • breaking down the fear that is associated with moving ahead, with turning the thoughts around to a new direction


Spearmint allows you to release any guilt that has been holding you back, and empowering the weakening words of I should or I wish. It releases any anger from the past that is driving the indecision that is holding you back.


Spearmint will bring communication of the stronger words of I will and I do, with clarity, energy and invigoration, ensuring that the words have been digested and are communicated with an uplifted and carefree spirit, away from any guilt and internal anger.


The use of spearmint will allow the choice of the words to flow strongly, with consistency and reliability. The words will remain true to the purpose of I will and I do.



German Chamomile

Middle note, throat chakra

German Chamomile is used physically as an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and decongestant.  These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:

  • soothing the frustration of the negative thoughts
  • releasing the negative thoughts that are cramping the movement forward
  • stimulating the apathy that these thoughts will create

German Chamomile will allow for the organization of the thoughts to occur, to sift out the negative thoughts holding you back, and allow the clear communication of the positive thoughts that are required in your current life journey.

The ability to clearly break the pattern of the negative thoughts is the benefit of German Chamomile in this blend.  It will allow you to stop criticizing yourself and let the negative, weak words go from your vocabulary and allow the positive, strong words to come forward without the apathy that has been holding you back.

Crystals to use with the Turnaround blend

Sodalite: recognize and articulate the true doing words from within you, to move forward in your life journey with clarity and truth

Aqua aura: to release the blockages in communication

Aquamarine: assimilate knowledge about yourself, allowing for clear communication, relieving the stress that is put upon you by yourself

Lepidolite: the niggling negative thoughts that allow you to fail, no longer exist, clearing blockages

Kyanite: allows will and intent to become one

Pyrite: increases positivity when you are feeling inadequate


Daily tasks to use with the Turnaround blend

Write in your journal the positive doing words you will use today

Speak from your heart with clear intention

When you find yourself using less empowering words, stop, consider what is empowering, or doing, and change the internal language

Stand in front of a mirror and speak out loud your empowering daily words five times in the morning, and repeat them in the evening.


Turnaround your thinking

Turnaround your thinking


WHY? A good question to ask

Yesterday, when I was at the gym, there was a news story that was discussing Michael Schumacher’s recent accident.  The story was about confirming that it wasn’t speed, faulty signage or even excessive speed that caused the accident.

This got me thinking.  WHY, as a society, do we need to find a reason for an accident. WHY could it not just be that it was an accident, why do we need to blame something or someone for the outcome??

From here, my thinking lead me to the interview I was going to be undertaking today.  In my preparation for being interviewed, I was asked what I thought was so good about natural therapies.

My thoughts on the answer to this question is that those people who use natural therapies are generally taking responsibility for themselves, for their health and wellbeing, for what is happening for them in their life.  That is, they’re not blaming someone else for their health, or their wellbeing.  They realise that it is their own actions that results in their own outcomes.

I am always amazed at how often in the news society is looking for someone to blame, rather than saying “yep, I make an error in judgement and this is the outcome, now I need to change!”

By taking a chance, and making a change, we change our outcomes.  I’m a great believer in the old saying that if you continue to do the same things, you will continue to achieve the same outcomes – if those outcomes are painful, then why do you want to keep doing the same thing?



If you’re wanting to make changes in your life, then contact me so we can begin the journey of you taking responsibility for your health, wealth and wellbeing!!

Life Journey Continues

I can hardly believe it’s now been 13 weeks since I began my new life journey. It’s been so exciting and I’ve got so much to be grateful for within this journey.

During this journey I’ve discovered many different things – here’s a selection of them for you to enjoy

1. Life begins today

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life, often spoken, never truly understood.

Recently I was at a seminar where we did a simple exercise, it’s as follows:

Take a blank piece of paper

Draw 9 vertical columns

Now draw 10 horizontal lines across those columns – this gives you 100 squares (if you count the columns to the left of the first vertical line, and to the right of the last vertical line – I’m a perfectionist!!)

Go to the bottom right hand square. If you are a female, going from right to left, and then up a line, cross off 17 squares – women have a life expectancy of approximately 83 yr.  If you’re a male, then cross off 22 squares, a life expectancy of approximately 78yr.

Now, go to the top left hand square, and cross off one square for every year you have lived already.

WOW – how many squares do you have left, to live the rest of your life how you wish?? For me, it was 36 squares.

OKAY, Today is the beginning of my life!!

2. Gratitude

Within every single day, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Even if it’s just the fact that you hear a bird sing – be grateful that you have your hearing and can hear that bird.

It can be something bigger, such as being able to spend an extra half hour in bed before you begin your day, being grateful that my lifestyle allows this wonderful pleasure as I work for myself.

It can be something financial, such as being able to buy a flight home to visit family, because they asked, being grateful there is sufficient funds in the bank account to cover the airfare.

It can be something of beauty, such as seeing the colours of the flowers surrounding you while out walking, being grateful that I live in such a beautiful spot, where there always seems to be some plants flowering, that I have the sight to see this beauty before me.

A Gratitude Diary Has Begun

3. Giving is Caring

When we give freely, without expectation of a return, it is returned freely

How often do we walk past a homeless person in the street, without thinking of how they may have arrived at this stage in their life, without judegement.  Often the judgement is there, though we do not truly know the circumstances that led this person to lose so much in their life, to arrive at the only possible place of survival, on the streets.  I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the homeless, as I feel we do not look after them well enough in our current society.  I have participated in events such as Homeless Connect, bought food for someone who asks, or even just a cup of coffee.  The Facebook page for Suspended Coffee has been inspiring to see that society does in fact care, without question, it’s really given me a faith in our society again.

Giving Without Expectations

4. Loving My Life

Be in a position to see your life for the lovely place it actually is

Reflection occurs in our lives.  Sometimes this is missed.  When we begin to reflect on the beauty within our lives, we begin to appreciate the amazing aspects of it that can be exciting, fun, loving, caring and sharing.  Without this reflection, often we see the sad, the dull, the boring and humdrum and this leads to many negative thoughts.  By taking the time to reflect, whether it’s through meditation, walking in nature, or just sitting quietly over a gratitude diary, we can see the positive in any situation.  Then, the positive energy will envigorate the cells of our body and eminate out to encompass those around us, giving without expectations.  I love true circles in life, and I love my life!

Loving Without Conditions

That about sums up my feelings of my life journey to date.  I’m seeing life differently, I’m asking less of others and of life in general, and I’m feeling more love and support as a result.

My weight loss journey is also moving forward – I have now lost 9kg over this time. While never feeling hungry, always having energy (okay, except for some Monday mornings!!) and increased motivation and an amazing amount of support from family and friends.

Enjoy your path on your life journey – let me know if there are any revelations you’ve had on your journey – I’d love to hear them!

I’d like to leave you with a photo of a beautiful rose, Joyfulness, given to me by a wonderful friend, to remind me of joy in times of sadness – and it’s definitely done this for me!


Let joy fill your heart

Do you clean your teeth daily?

If so, why don’t you clean your body daily?  That is such an important question, especially in this day of increased toxins in our environment.

I recently read a very interesting blog by Dr Michael Colgan, I’m reproducing parts of it below.  When you read this blog, think about how you cleanse your external body on a regular basis – we clean our teeth, we shower, we wash our hair, we use cleansers to remove the ‘grime’ from our skin (including makeup),we even are happy to soak our poor aching/filthy feet


do we ever clean our internal cells????


generally, no!!

Why should we I hear you ask??

Well, a lot of the environmental toxins are what we call lipophilic, this means that they mix with fat easily.

The impact for us? This means that products such as: pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals from building products, household products, furniture, carpets, and industrial waste, are all being held lovingly in our fat cells (Jandacek, 2001).

A great example of toxins building up in fat cells, is the level of particular toxins present in human breast milk (remember, babies thrive on human breast milk as it has a high level of good fats in it for their satiety and growth).

This can be shown in flame retardants, polybrominated biphenyls (PBDs) (remember, these are put into materials that cover our furniture in our homes) where the levels have been measured in breast milk, and found to be higher in the breast milk of women in the USA than the legal limit in any other type of milk!!! (Marchitti 2013, Giordano 2012)

I find this very worrying. The reason this is of concern, is that the effect of these building up in our fat cells is measurable.  It has been demonstrated that high blood PBD levels in mothers at the 35th week of pregnancy correlated with defective motor function, defective cognition, and disordered behavior of the child measured up until age six (Roze 2009). This is only one of a variety of studies, on one particular toxin that is lipophilic.

How many other lipohilic toxins are we regularly ingesting, and not supporting our body to cleanse these out?

If you want to know more about cleansing the lipophilic toxins, contact me to discuss further.

Jandacek et al. Factors affecting the storage and excretion of toxic lipophilic xenobiotics. Lipids. 2001;36(12):1289-1305

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Roze, et al. Prenatal exposure to organohalogens, including brominated flame retardants, influences motor, cognitive, and behavioral performance at school age. Environmental Health Perspectives. 2009;117(12):1953–1958.

Wellness journey, tough day

It’s bound to happen occassionally when  you are on a journey. Nothing I’ve ever heard of has been plain sailing the whole time.

So, today has been a tough day.

What caused it?

Maybe it’s because I’m due to go away for a week for work?

Maybe it’s because I’m doing a cleanse day today and that means I couldn’t sneak off for a cup of delicious coffee?

Maybe it’s because……

Whatever the reason, it’s been a flat day, which makes it a tough day in my books.  I have been doing a lot of things to keep it bouncing along though.

Step out of your problem to see clarity

Step out of your problem to see clarity

Now for me to step out of feeling this way is to write about it here.

First, off to the gym early this morning. Even though it was a cleanse day, it was time to push myself a little further again. Managed to set the incline level a little higher on my Arc trainer this morning. Finished it without collapsing, so that’s a positive!!  As it is a cleanse day too, I decided to leave the weight training out today. Wanted to focus on pumping my blood around the body. Managed that too!!! Went on both the Arc Trainer and the Treadmill, managed to work up a sweat (know you were all waiting to hear about that!!) and finished off after 45 minutes. Pretty pleased with how that worked out.  I wanted to check out if my fat % had changed at all over the last 3 weeks of going to the gym. Sadly, the scales read the same, now that was disappointing!! However, on the bright side, they did read 3kg lighter than 3 weeks ago, and I feel within myself that the muscle is developing, so I’m planning on ignoring the fat % reading today!

The drive home (yes, I’ve not got into the routine of biking to the gym yet, it will come at some stage!) was beautifully uneventful, thankfully, as it’s only 5 minutes away!!

Next was to organise the internet connection to the clinic. Would you believe it took 20 minutes to sort out? Well, when I reflect on that, it was a remarkably short time for troubleshooting IT/telecommunications 🙂

The day itself has been fairly uneventful. Though I’ve felt tired physically.  I believe it must be working out on a cleanse day.

This evening was to be a visit to the movies, that has changed, in favour of rest, relaxation and some gentle nurturing.

What do you do in order to nurture yourself at the end of the day when you’re feeling flat?  For me, a relaxing massage, or a soothing bath with some wonderful essential oils.  I think a pick me up blend will work well.  For this I will look at the following oils:

Pick Me Up Joyfully


Protection from whatever is draining your energy


To light up your night and bring joy while feeling refreshed

May Chang

Put that spark back into your step

Relax and enjoy

Veratrum album & Cedarwood

Veratrum album


Liliaceae family. Also known as White Hellebore, usually grown in the mountains in Central and Southern Europe.


The Veratrum type is often described as being dogmatic in their views, being over-mentalised and not connected to those around them, that they have a drive in their daily work to achieve.  Initially this can be seen to be similar to the Cedarwood personality type in that they too can be dogmatic in their views, selfish and dominating.  However, for the Veratrum’s this drive is due to an underlying fear about their position in society/work/family.  They can, and often do, lie or cheat in order to maintain this position, due to the fear of losing it. It’s not due to an underlying lack of courage or self-esteem, Veratrum’s have plenty of that.

The outward personality symptoms of Veratrum appear to be relevant to Cedarwood, however, the underlying reasons for those personality symptoms do not correlate well with Cedarwood and the underlying need for strength and courage.  Veratrum’s are more concerned with maintaining their current position, no matter what.

The need to lie to maintain their position

Physically Veratrum album has an affinity with the nerves, specifically those in the abdominal region, though also heart and blood vessels.  There is also an affinity for blood, respiratory and digestive systems.  We can see a correlation between Veratrum and Cedarwood in the area of respiratory and circulation, however, like Lycopodium, there is an affinity for the digestive system that is not reflected in Cedarwood.

Overall, I would not be as confident using Cedarwood in conjunction with a Veratrum remedy as the underlying nature of the personality type does not fit, and as such, the essential oil and the remedy would be working on different aspects, not supporting the underlying causation, though an external personality is similar.  Hahnemann discusses how we are to strengthen the vital force to ensure the secondary action of the body occurs, the movement in the direction of healing. In order to undertake this, both the essential oil and the remedy need to be supporting the vital force.  I’m sure there is another oil that will benefit the Veratrum types.

More small steps in my wellbeing journey

Had a mini meltdown today, but it was more about my confidence than anything.  One meeting with my hubby and another with my mentor, and I’m back on top of the world.  Realising that I am a giver, part of being a healer I think, means that sometimes I leave little in the tank for me.  I’m beginning to understand that already, remembering to allocate some for me too.  The sun is shining also, I’m sure that always helps!

I’m still following my regime, and trying out the different snacks available to me, they are tasty (just like chocolate, oh yes, that’s right it is chocolate!!!) and do reduce any cravings I’ve been having this afternoon.  I love the green-tea infused dark chocolate – it’s stunning and actually has nutritional components in it.

Yesterday I made the mistake of not quite screwing the lid onto my blender – oops, but that’s okay, it’s drying out now 🙂

Some minor aches in my head today as well, drinking more water has reduced this significantly (been treating them as my reminder to drink water), and they’re not a full on headache. I’m also drinking Lemon and Ginger tea and Peppermint tea – thankfully I love my herbal teas.  The thing about undertaking any form of change to your dietary habits, your body needs some time to adjust, especially when you are inputting such great nutritional stuff, the body needs to eliminate the not so great stuff!

On my facebook page, natures healing mt tamborine, there’s a link to an article about using exercise when your diet is right to help you lower your weight, it basically states that no amount of exercise will help if the input into your body is not great in the first place!  Exercise is on my list for next week – can’t rush into these things all at once or you get overwhelmed too easily.

If you want to know more about what I’m doing, do contact me

Cedarwood and Lycopodium

Which Homeopathic Remedy Relates to Cedarwood?

Homeopathically several remedies came to my mind when studying the personality and emotional states of Cedarwood. After analysis of the main personality symptoms of Cedarwood, the remedies that I differentiated are:

Lycopodium, Veratrum, Thuja, Sabina

Of this list two were solely based on the personality type (Lycopodium, Veratrum), and two were from the same botanical family as Cedarwood (Thuja, Sabina) – Cupressaceae

It has been stated that Lycopodium was once a great tree in the forest, over millennia, it has diminished to it’s current moss state, as you can see from the photo (Haynold, 2007), it does have the appearance of a conifer

Lycopodium_clavatum Haynold Bernd

And Veratrum is a lily, from the Liliaceae family (Tigerente, 2004).


According to Sankaran (2002), the group containing Cupressaceae, is that of conifers.  This group also covers the firs and yews. I wanted to just look at the cypresses for this exercise, though will keep the information in my mind.

Although, in understanding that the Junipers are also of the Cupressaceae family, it has made me look at the essential oil Juniper, though more on that another day!

Interestingly, the compensation Sankaran (2002) discusses for the conifers is: “strength: you become strong and protective of others who are brittle and fragile”. I can see how this relates to the Cedarwood, as they are strong and protective of their immediate family. I’m sure we all look at our family as fragile in many differing circumstances.  The active reaction is “hard:rigid” this too, we can see in Cedarwood, where their behaviour can be dogmatic. The passive reaction is “indolence:fearful:weak” this too, can be seen in Cedarwood, where there are fears for facing the next obstacle.


So, my first thoughts went to Lycopodium.  Mainly because of the courage and strength issue.

The Lycopodium type is often described as a coward, of having a lack of confidence or an inferiority that they are constantly trying to overcome.  They are also considered a bully and domineering, again due to their inferiority.

They wish to recover the power, strength and dignity that they have lost, however their lack of confidence in their own self stops this happening.  Usually they are intelligent, however with an element of stubbornness!

In order to grow, one must believe, have confidence

Now I can really see how Lycopodium and Cedarwood are shaping up to create the same outcome, one of a person that grows in their own self belief to have the strength and courage to face the next obstacles that come their way.  I would definitely consider using Cedarwood in support when I am treating someone with Lycopodium

As we can see, the mental symptoms appear to be correlating well, especially in the area of:

Problems with self-esteem and low confidence

Bullying, domineering, arrogant behaviour to family and those with less authority

Now, what about the physical symptoms of Lycopodium, and how do they relate to Cedarwood?

With Lycopodium, nearly always there is a urinary or digestive disturbance. Often there are catarrhal tendencies too. On the surface this appears to compare favourably with the indications for Cedarwood, which include antiseptic for urinary tract infections, mucolytic for catarrh in bronchitis, and a lymph tonic acting as a diuretic.  The Lycopodium cough can appear to be rattling with much mucous.

However, the digestive symptoms relevant to Lycopodium do not appear to be relevant to Cedarwood.  Cedarwood is not indicated for digestive disorders, more for circulatory disorders.  This may be an area that needs to be investigated further for Cedarwood?  Do we know if the ketones in Cedarwood are digestive, as some ketones can be.

Overall, Lycopodium and Cedarwood do appear to be working in the same direction for the client, predominately on the mental/emotional level, but also at some aspects on the physical level, so I would be happy to utilise Cedarwood in conjunction with Lycopodium.

Next time, I will look at ……. Veratrum album

Benefits of Meditation


I recently went to a seminar where we discussed the methods of meditation and how to meditate.  I’ve always wanted to meditate and have wondered on the how often. We stepped through some techniques that I will share with you at the end of this blog.

This idea of meditation in my daily life lead me to investigate further on the benefits of meditation.  Often within the media we are now being told that meditation is beneficial to mind and body. As I believe in the power of the body to ‘unmake what it has already made’, and I also believe in the power of ‘nature to promote self healing’ I wanted to be able to provide evidence of this beneficial technique as it supports the body helping itself.

I have found many studies that are emerging which highlight the benefits of meditation and I wish to share two of them with you as well as guide you in some understanding of how to meditate.

In 2011 a study was published that showed meditation reducing the unpleasantness of pain by 57% and pain intensity by 40% (compared to morphine that reduces pain intensity by 25%), Zeidan et al (2011).  In this study the participants were trained in the art of mindfulness meditation (Shamatha or focused attention) over a period of 4 days.  I enjoyed reading in the study that one volunteer was dismissed from the study for falling asleep during meditation – this happens!! By the way, don’t think you are alone if you’re meditating and fall asleep, meditation is indeed a skill and one that needs to be practiced regularly.  The study went on to discover that through meditation areas of the brain that self-regulated pain were activated. This supports my motto that it’s your body that does the healing, not an artificial medium.  Interestingly, for this study, the volunteers were only trained for 20 minutes per day, over 4 days, and the training was specific to the clinical setting (i.e., they were required to listen to the noise of a MRI scanner during their training). This indicates that you don’t have to have been practicing meditation for a long period of time before you can benefit from the skill. Obviously, the more you practice, the more you develop the skill, and probably the more effectively you can utilize meditation in your self-healing regime.

What I’ve also found is an explanation for why meditation works so well in assisting our body in self-healing. The example I’ll tell you about highlights the benefits of utilizing meditation in conjunction with attempting to lower blood pressure and how well this can occur when utilized regularly.  Essentially, when the relaxation response occurs within meditation, the body produces a substance called nitric oxide, the basic outcome of this is the dilation, or relaxation, of the blood vessel walls, allowing more space for the blood to flow, result = lower blood pressure!  To find out more about the relaxation response, ABC (2008), and it’s multitude of benefits due to the release of nitric oxide, read the article by Kantor (2005)

If you are going to venture into the realm of daily meditation, I would suggest the following as skills and techniques to develop:

  1. Focus – can use a candle, an aroma, or a thought to bring in focus
  2. Breathing – control your breathing, take 7 deep breaths, in and out, focus on the breath going inspiring and expiring, it’s coming from your spirit, follow your breath through your body, keeping still
  3. Bliss – keeping perfectly still for 20 minutes (no, don’t have a timer on!), close your eyes, feel your senses withdraw from yourself, keep in silence, keeping so still you may feel numb, with the numbness you will be withdrawn from your senses enabling you to hold this position
  4. Light – the state you arrive at after this time
  5. Breathing – focus on your breathing again to come back to the current time

For your position, initially you can lie on the floor, or sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor and your palms on your thighs. Find a position that will be comfortable for you and that you feel you can sustain perfectly still for 20 minutes.

So many people appear to believe that meditation can be achieved in a 5 minute power down time. That’s not my aim, I’m looking at 20 minutes a day to enhance my wellbeing.

Enjoy your meditation routines.

ABC News, (2008), Easy Ways to Take the Edge Off, http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=7392433 viewed 26 March 2013

Kantor, M, (2005), Nitric Oxide: The New Hero of Human Biology, Psychology Today, http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200502/nitric-oxide-the-new-hero-human-biology, viewed 26 March 2013

Zeidan, F, Martucci, K, Kraft, R, Gordon, N, et al, (2011), Brain Mechanisms Supporting the Modulation of Pain by Mindfulness Meditation, Journal of Neuroscience, 31:14, 5540-5548, http://www.jneurosci.org/content/31/14/5540.short, viewed 26 March 2013

Wellness – what does it indicate?


Looking for an increase in your Wellness? How do you go about it? And what does it mean when your level of Wellness is not at it’s peak?

In life we too often ‘suffer’ with minor complaints and do nothing about these. Small things like fatigue, acne, bad breath, bloating, PMS, general aches and pains, annoy us, but not sufficiently that we do something about them.  Where do all these little things, or feathers as I call them, lead to?

All these little indications that our body is not operating at peak capacity will eventually lead to chronic ill-health. The little things are merely reminders from our body that all is not 100%.  When we don’t listen to these ‘feathers’, eventually the body starts to throw bricks at us to make us listen – that’s when we might start going to a medical or health care professional for help.

Sadly, a lot of the time, when we experience the bricks being thrown at us, we suppress our symptoms. How often are we told to take ‘pain killers’, or tablets to allow us to ‘soldier on’?

When we don’t listen to our body and the messages it is giving to us, we continue to push the symptoms deeper into our body, this becomes the bricks, and eventually the ‘trucks’ that stop us in our tracks.

How do we avoid this happening? Firstly, we listen to our body more, what are the messages we are getting. How do we interpret these? How do you figure out that it’s a particular food or ingredient that is causing these feathers?  We can take the guess work out of this 🙂

Over the weekend I delved further into the world of wellness by discovering how we can determine whether or not the foods we are eating are doing us harm or supporting us in our journey to wellness.

This journey begins with a test of your hair, from this test it can be determine which foods are hindering the journey to wellness.  On completion of the Wellness Programme that I deliver, you can expect an increase in your health and wellbeing.

How long does this initial journey take? Well, on average it is a 6 month programme, with 4 consultations, a pre-journey test and a post-journey test.

Contact me, homeopath.sandra@gmail.com if you wish to find out more about the Wellness Programme I run, and how address the feathers in our lives before they become bricks and trucks!