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Advertising my business

Lately I’ve been finding a few new avenues to advertise my business and I wanted to share these with you.

My business is located in a smaller community, not too far from some larger communities, and I love supporting my local community. Advertising to me is an opportunity to give back to my community in a win-win type of situation.

So here are some local examples that you may enjoy seeing:

On the internet, there is a new website called GoTambo, giving lots of venue for articles and adverts (there’s a couple of minor errors, but they’re due to me – thought they were fixed before publication, but they weren’t!), see my article here

Another way to advertise was presented to me a few months ago, advertising in the local school’s homework books, here is a photo showing my advert, and the certificate of appreciation that came through the mail this week – that was so wonderful!!


Advert in the school books


Beautiful Certificate of Appreciation

Homework books

Homework books


Finally, the third new way that has opened up to me to advertise, is on a fridge magnet, it’s due to come out the to local community in a couple of weeks, here is the proof of the advert

Fridge magnet advert

Fridge magnet advert

This is in addition to my usual advertising in the local paper, Tamborine Times

And my online advertising through social media, obviously this blog, my Facebook page, Natures Healing Mt Tamborine my website, and my nutritional balancing website – hoping to keep my activity high!


I’m always looking for ways to improve how I connect with you, so if you wish to give me some feedback, please feel free!