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Wanting To Rid Yourself Of HPV?

We are often told today that Cervical Human Papilloma Virus is present in epidemic proportions, and that once you have it, you will increase your risk of getting Cervical Cancer.  That our only protection is vaccination and watch and wait.

Are there other thoughts on this issue?

Well, there is an interesing study that was undertaken in 2013, and published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, concerning a treatment regime for cervical HPV.  I found it most intriguing and wished to share the study outcomes and my thoughts here.

The study followed 287 women over a period of 30 days of treatment.  Of these women, there were four treatment arms.

  1. a cream containing extracts of curcurmin, amla (Emblica officinalis), saponins from Reetha, aloe vera and rose water
  2. a placebo cream
  3. a soft gel vaginal capsule containing curcurmin
  4. a soft gel vaginal capsule containing placebo.

Each of the women were tested to confirm presence of HPV and specifically the strains of 16 and 18.

While the differences in the clearance rate between the treatment arms and the placebo arms were not considered statistically significant, the treatment arm with the cream had a clearance rate of 87%, while the clearance rate of the combined placebo arms was 73%.  There were some adverse effects in the realm of burning and itching of the vagina in both treatment and placebo groups.

What I was intrigued about though, was the clearance rate of the placebo arm, and the discussion on the body’s ability to clear this virus, as it does the other viruses we come into contact with in our daily life.  And even the authors go further to discuss the clearance rate of CIN1 and CIN2 without medical intervention.

We truly do have amazing machines at our disposal that can unmake what it makes, with ease.

The use of the extract from Turmeric is not surprising given the amount of newsworthiness lately of the health benefits of turmeric and it’s effects on cancerous cells.

I would like to see more of this style of research being undertaken in natural medicine, as it does show benefits as well as highlight the ability of our body to heal.

The full article can be found here