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Aromatherapy Blend to Breakthrough Barriers

What do you want to break through in life? Is it in your studies, your business, your personal life, or something as simple as wanting to try a different hobby?

Whatever it is that you wish to break through, I’ve been looking at an aromatherapy blend that will assist you in doing this on the mental and emotional level.

The emotional barriers that will be addressed include:

1. Combat mental fatigue

This will ensure that you can keep going and focused on the task ahead, without giving up due to mental fatigue

2. Combat disappointment

Remember the old saying, if at first you do not succed, try, try and try again? We don’t always succed initially, so we face disappointment, when this happens we need something that is going to allow us to push through that disappointment.

3. Breaking down rigidity

When we’re trying to push through a barrier, it’s usually because we are outside our comfort zone. In these instances, we need to break our old comfort patterns that we rigidly hold onto. We need something that is going to allow us to break down that rigid pattern and allow a new one to grow

4. Breaking the conformist pattern

Often we are perceived to be certain people and to react or behave in a defined manner. In order to break through barriers, we need to change those patterns, to look within to see who we truly are, to stand in our own truth and believe in ourselves. Ultimately we know what needs to be done to break the pattern, we just need to do it


Citrus aurantium var. amara

Trust the Knowing

5. Getting on with it

Breaking through barriers and we need to just get on with it, perserverance is required, an ability to move on regardless. To do this we need to ensure we’re not operating in extremes, we need to be steady and balanced

6. Boost self-esteem

Our self-esteem is to be strong when we are breaking through barriers and forging ahead outside of our typical comfort zone. In order to change patterns, to break through barriers, we need an inherent self-belief that we’re doing what’s right for us, only a strong self-esteem can support this type of break through

7.  Enjoyment

Breaking through barriers can be hard work, can take many different hours in your work day and can ensure that  you become focused solely on your purpose, forgoing all other fun! We must ensure we have balance to break these patterns, make sure we do so and come out the other side in a healthy and happy state of mind!


Pelargonium graveolens


8. Self-Doubt

How quickly does self-doubt undermine us when we are trying to break through barriers, it’s very easy to return to the old comfortable position, to second guess that what we are doing is right. We need to ensure that doubt is replaced by self-confidence

9. Stress

Stress builds up to create tension when we are working very hard at achieving a goal and breaking through a barrier. We need to ensure that calmness and peace reign strong

10. Emotional guilt

How often do you work all hours and feel so guilty about neglecting those you love, merely because you’re trying to achieve an outcome that suits your purpose? We need to put the guilt aside and wrap it up in love, allowing love for those around us to be sublime and encompassing, remove the guilt and replace it with love for all, this will allow you to push forward with confidence and support.

Ylang ylang

Cananga odorata


What are you going to breakthrough?

What are you going to breakthrough?

Enjoy the Breakthrough blend of Petitgrain, Geranium and Ylang ylang