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Change – Paleo Diet

Health & Happiness Collective

The Health & Happiness Collective Blog Hop has been hopping along quite well – I’ve been really enjoying the variety of ideas so far on Change and what it means to my fellow bloggers – truly inspiring.

Today, Sarah, from The Wellness Ninja, takes a look at the concepts of a Paleo Diet.  I’ve been reading a lot lately about this particular diet as many people are now aware of it, it’s also listed on best seller lists, so it’s definitley popular.  What I have been noticing though is that there are many different interpretations of what is a Paleo Diet.

I really enjoyed Sarah’s take on what constitutes living like a Paleolithic man.  It is so incredibly accurate – I loved it!!

Scotts Gap Farm

Farm life

I suppose a lot of the reason that I like Sarah’s blog so much, is that it reinforces exactly the style of diet I have been maintaining for a lot of my adult life.  Growing up on a farm, the majority of our food came from the paddocks (or fields for those of you who grew up in a different country to me!).

If we didn’t grow it, or harvest it from within a 2 hour drive from home, we didn’t get to eat it.  Yes, we preserved fruits when they were harvested in season near home, and yes, we froze meat once our nice friendly animal was raised and ready to harvest (apologies for the vegetarians out there, but it was our protein source, free range, grass fed, hormone free, kept on the best pasture as the animal was to be our food, never moved with the use of dogs barking at them, always allowed to have a peaceful lifestyle).

Enjoy reading Sarah’s blog, pop over and have a great big smile at the video at the end of her blog – that was an awesome find – love it!!

Inside Flower Essences

“By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower”

This quote by Rabindranath Tagore highlights exactly the thoughts behind flower essences!

The beauty of the flower is far deeper than merely the visual sight of the petals, it runs into the wholistic view of the flower,

  • the spiritual energy,
  • the roots under the ground,
  • the leaves that surround the stem,
  • the strength of the stem,
  • the flower is part of the crowing glory,
  • and the fragance is another part of the crowning glory

The flower is not the sum total of the whole, merely a part to be viewed.

Flower essences take into account the wholistic view of the  flower and have been used for many years in the field of natural therapies.

This week I have had a Blue Ginger plant flowering outside my clinic – it’s been a joy to view, so I’ve done some investigating into the wholistic view of this beautiful flower.

My Blue Ginger

My Blue Ginger


According to Grail Haven, who make the Blue Ginger Flower Essence, this flower is the “gateway to higher consciousness”.

The Devic message from the plant itself is:

“I am the Burning Ring of Fire. I am for those who cannot find a way out of their inherent patterning. I burn into the third eye and create revelations of Truth”


This conjures up a lot of ideas for me.  It’s about supporting the following changes in our lives:

  1. change in how we interpret our world
  2. seeing our true path, our internal WHY
  3. beginning to listen to our own truths
  4. start believing in your intuition
  5. moving ahead in your true path, KNOWING you are on the right path for you
  6. building trust in your inner knowledge, your intution

By not listening to our intuition and what we inherently know to be the right path for us, we see often that obstacles come into our paths, struggle occurs and anger builds at the injustice of nothing happening in the right way for us.

This beautiful flower essence will certainly allow you to change what you hear, to begin to develop your intuition further, to trust that what you are feeling, hearing, seeing and believing is meant to be for you and your journey.

The Blue Ginger is ruled by the element of FIRE, so you will see passion coming through this too, passion in your truth!

This weekend, take some time to visit the Grail Haven site, and have a shuffle of the Oracle Cards, see which flower is right for you (they cards to shuffle are at the bottom of the page, so scroll down to have a play)

Let me know what card you came up with – are you seeing that flower around you often?


A Sexy Body

A Sexy Body

What is a Sexy Body?  In terms of the media, it’s usually the body of a model, a swimsuit model generally, such as this

This is ultimately what a lot of us are told we desire, what we work so hard to maintain and why we stress over the size of our body.

However, if you do really want to start losing weight, then the mindset has to be right before you even begin.

I was listening to a podcast recently on setting goals and these are the steps that will get you on track for the beginning of your journey.  I know that these principles are what I’ve been following, though without knowing the structure or reasons behind it – but, hey, it works!!

Step 1: only ever set one willpower goal

By setting yourself only one willpower goal, you’re not overwhelming your whole mind.  Imagine if you set too many (as many people do at New Year), such as I will stop eating junk food, I will lose weight, I will exercise more, I will be a nicer person, I will……….   As you can see, you’re starting to ask a lot of your will power.
Willpower is extraordinary in so many ways, but if you overwhelm it with too many things to do, it will begin to crumble as it is scattered in what it’s trying to achieve for you.
By choosing only one willpower goal, that’s the only one you need to focus on, it’s the only one that has to be successful.  For example, focus on “I will exercise more”.
Now, if you exercise more (without worrying about any other willpower goals or thoughts), there will be a change in the other goals you were originally thinking about, as a consequence of your one willpower thought.
So, if the one willpower goal is to exercise more, make this the focus.  Make this your mindset.
How do you make it your one mindset willpower goal?

2. What Got You Here

Take a step back from your life as it is now.  How did you get to this point of no exercise? Did you ever exercise in the past?  If so, what did you do, how often did you do it and what made you stop doing it?  These are important questions to ask, as you’re now looking at why you are now at a place of no exercise and wanting to do more exercise.  You’re looking back at your history and seeing what obstacles you have put into your way to stop you exercising.  List them out on a piece of paper

3. Where Do You Want To Be?

Now you make a list of where you want to be.  For example, how often do you want to be exercising, what will you be doing, for how long will you exercise, when will you exercise?  All questions that will begin to make you focus on what you want to achieve with your willpower goal.

4. Why Do You Want To Do This?

This step will keep you focused on your willpower goal. It’s important to work this one out.  A good way to do it is to list 20 reasons that you want to do it, and 20 consequences of you not doing it.  Sometimes it helps to stand in front of a mirror when you’re doing this step.
Write out your reasons you want to do it in this format:
I must……………So That…………………
Look at different areas in your life, what will be the impact on those if you exercise more.  The areas of your life to look at include what can be called the “7 Al’s”
What will be the consequences of you exercising more in all of these areas – very soon you will find that 20 is easy to obtain!  List these down on a piece of paper or in a journal.
Next, write out the 20 statements that look at the consequences of you not doing the exercise.  Write these out in the format of:
I must…………….Or Else………………………………
Again, if you’re struggling to find 20, go to the 7 Al’s and work out some more.  List these in your journal too.
By doing this exercise, you begin to get to the core of why you really want to do this willpower goal, your true deep WHY
This step is not an easy step to do, but it will certainly focus you on your reasons WHY you are taking this step of setting a willpower goal.
It’s the WHY that will keep you on track when you feel yourself waivering, it’s the WHY that will motivate you to do the exercise when you’d rather hit the snooze button!

5. Repeat Step 4 FOUR More Times

Repeat step 4, writing out 20 positive and 20 negative outcomes FOUR more times.  This will result in a list of 100 positive and 100 negative outcomes.  Reinforcement of your WHY is the motivating factor to ensure you stay with your one willpower goal. Once you have a WHY that outshines the excuses, you will easily obtain your goal of exercising more.  This goal will change other areas of your life also.  When you begin to exercise more, you see the value of having food that supports your increased energy requirements, you take on board more water, you start to see a change in your body (muscle develops and fat is replaced) and your ‘feel happy hormones’ are released (endorphins).  What an amazing outcome from just one willpower goal being achieved!!
My willpower goal was set 6 months ago, to lose 18kg (40lb) of excess weight, I achieved that, and more within 6 months, my only goal was to lose weight, I make exercise or my eating patterns another willpower goal.  In the past I’ve overwhelmed my mind with too many of these, and it was just the one I needed to focus on, the rest fell into place once my focus was on the one thing – diet, exercise and health all changed as my progress continued!
I want to thank a couple of mentors of mine that helped me develop what I’ve done into a system, these include Paul O’Mahoney and David TS Wood
Let me know how you go with your willpower goal, what it is, and how you feel when you’ve achieved it!

Aroma Blend – Turnaround Your Thinking

A continuation in my Aroma Blends series.

This blend is about assisting you in turning around your thoughts, taking them from the negative to the positive.


Turnaround the thoughts you are having, from I should to I will, from I wish to I do, in the process turning around the direction of your life. When you are making changes on your Life Journey, there are many times when you sit and think, I should or I wish. Take control of your life, leave the old thought patterns behind and move ahead by turning around these internal sayings to create positive energy that will support your journey ahead without the heavy energy of others pulling you back and down.  This blend is focusing on speaking up in a manner that will allow you to move forward in your truth, to speak that truth to yourself.


This blend contains three essential oils: Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), Spearmint (Mentha spicata) and German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)




Middle note, throat chakra


Cypress is used physically as an astringent and styptic, calming, antispasmodic, and a neurotonic. These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:


  • drying up the flow of negative thoughts
  • calming the mind
  • balancing the nervous system


When direction is needed, when the ability to stand up for yourself is lacking, the will-power is weak, Cypress plays an important role.  When an idea takes hold, Cypress is to firm up that idea, to take it and hold true to that idea.  It also allows you to transition to these new ideas, and to hold true to them once that has occurred, while allowing the past to be let go and left in the past. It can assure the ideas are given confidently, with an inner peace and wisdom that the path is true. Cypress assists in counteracting the weak willed, which comes with the indecisive words such as I should or I wish. It gives balance to the true path of I will and I do.


Cypress will allow the journey to move ahead, with confidence, strength and balance, ensuring the doing of the life journey occurs, without being blocked by indecision.  Interestingly, while writing about Cypress, the negative attributes of being blocked came into being, until the positive attributes were brought forth, then the flow occurred with strength and determination.




Top note, throat chakra


Spearmint is used physically as an anti-catarrhal, cicatrizant and digestive. These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:


  • releasing internal anger that focuses on your guilt at what you should have done
  • healing the scars of the old, and allowing the new thoughts to move ahead
  • breaking down the fear that is associated with moving ahead, with turning the thoughts around to a new direction


Spearmint allows you to release any guilt that has been holding you back, and empowering the weakening words of I should or I wish. It releases any anger from the past that is driving the indecision that is holding you back.


Spearmint will bring communication of the stronger words of I will and I do, with clarity, energy and invigoration, ensuring that the words have been digested and are communicated with an uplifted and carefree spirit, away from any guilt and internal anger.


The use of spearmint will allow the choice of the words to flow strongly, with consistency and reliability. The words will remain true to the purpose of I will and I do.



German Chamomile

Middle note, throat chakra

German Chamomile is used physically as an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and decongestant.  These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:

  • soothing the frustration of the negative thoughts
  • releasing the negative thoughts that are cramping the movement forward
  • stimulating the apathy that these thoughts will create

German Chamomile will allow for the organization of the thoughts to occur, to sift out the negative thoughts holding you back, and allow the clear communication of the positive thoughts that are required in your current life journey.

The ability to clearly break the pattern of the negative thoughts is the benefit of German Chamomile in this blend.  It will allow you to stop criticizing yourself and let the negative, weak words go from your vocabulary and allow the positive, strong words to come forward without the apathy that has been holding you back.

Crystals to use with the Turnaround blend

Sodalite: recognize and articulate the true doing words from within you, to move forward in your life journey with clarity and truth

Aqua aura: to release the blockages in communication

Aquamarine: assimilate knowledge about yourself, allowing for clear communication, relieving the stress that is put upon you by yourself

Lepidolite: the niggling negative thoughts that allow you to fail, no longer exist, clearing blockages

Kyanite: allows will and intent to become one

Pyrite: increases positivity when you are feeling inadequate


Daily tasks to use with the Turnaround blend

Write in your journal the positive doing words you will use today

Speak from your heart with clear intention

When you find yourself using less empowering words, stop, consider what is empowering, or doing, and change the internal language

Stand in front of a mirror and speak out loud your empowering daily words five times in the morning, and repeat them in the evening.


Turnaround your thinking

Turnaround your thinking


WHY? A good question to ask

Yesterday, when I was at the gym, there was a news story that was discussing Michael Schumacher’s recent accident.  The story was about confirming that it wasn’t speed, faulty signage or even excessive speed that caused the accident.

This got me thinking.  WHY, as a society, do we need to find a reason for an accident. WHY could it not just be that it was an accident, why do we need to blame something or someone for the outcome??

From here, my thinking lead me to the interview I was going to be undertaking today.  In my preparation for being interviewed, I was asked what I thought was so good about natural therapies.

My thoughts on the answer to this question is that those people who use natural therapies are generally taking responsibility for themselves, for their health and wellbeing, for what is happening for them in their life.  That is, they’re not blaming someone else for their health, or their wellbeing.  They realise that it is their own actions that results in their own outcomes.

I am always amazed at how often in the news society is looking for someone to blame, rather than saying “yep, I make an error in judgement and this is the outcome, now I need to change!”

By taking a chance, and making a change, we change our outcomes.  I’m a great believer in the old saying that if you continue to do the same things, you will continue to achieve the same outcomes – if those outcomes are painful, then why do you want to keep doing the same thing?



If you’re wanting to make changes in your life, then contact me so we can begin the journey of you taking responsibility for your health, wealth and wellbeing!!

New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again. Are you ready to set your New Years Resolutions?


How did you go with the ones you set 12 months ago? Are you like most people, and they fell away by about mid-January, or maybe you held on a little longer until mid-Feburary? Are you also like most people (and I was one of them last year) and state that THIS year, you WILL lose that weight?


Well, last year, I did do that resolution thing – and it failed for me until the middle of the year. By June 2013, I was the same weight, if not one or two kg heavier than I was on January 1 2013.  Can you imagine how I was feeling? It was a case of, oh well, maybe next year. I’d already given up and it wasn’t even December!! The photo below is how frumpy I was feeling at the beginning of August, the beginning of my journey which you have been following here.

1 August 2013

1 August 2013

BUT that’s when I made a decision that has changed my life, my outlook on life, and my ability to stick to my resolution!

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Well, for me it has been, and it was so very simple, I took a chance and tried out some nutritional products, with a 30 day money back guarantee – and WOW!!

Look at me now –

December 10 2013

December 10 2013

I’m so close to my goal weight, as I’m writing this I have 3.5 kg to lose until I achieve my goal weight I set for myself on  January 1 2013. Unbelieveable!! I’d been setting this New Years Resolution every year since 2000, it’s taken me 13 years to achieve it.  Yes, I was offered the same opportunity a couple of years ago, and I turned it down, why? Because I wasn’t that convinced about the concept behind the products, been there done it, tried it, didn’t like it.  Sound familiar? It was merely me giving an excuse.


In January, a Global Group Cleanse is taking place, this is what I’ve been doing for the last 4 months – and I love it!.

To date we have over 300 people from around the world all signed up to take part in this program. It’s an exciting happening event, and there is much support to be given from nutritionists, naturopaths and personal trainers for the entire 30 days, all within a closed Facebook group. And this is all with a 30 day money back guarantee – so very, very exciting!!

In order to take part in this, you must be signed up by 6 January 2014, ready to begin the cleanse on 13 January (it takes time for your order for the products to be delivered). So, the ball is in your court – do you really want to achieve your New Years Resolution this year? Or are you making excuses?  What choice do you have, with a 30 day money back guarantee, there truly is nothing to lose (apart from some weight and the cost of the packaging and postage!!).

Fit, Strong, Healthy 2014


You have so much to gain, worth the trial and the fun of doing a group event with so much support.

Contact me now and I can get you on the path to achieving that New Years Resolution NOW!!!


Life Journey Continues

I can hardly believe it’s now been 13 weeks since I began my new life journey. It’s been so exciting and I’ve got so much to be grateful for within this journey.

During this journey I’ve discovered many different things – here’s a selection of them for you to enjoy

1. Life begins today

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life, often spoken, never truly understood.

Recently I was at a seminar where we did a simple exercise, it’s as follows:

Take a blank piece of paper

Draw 9 vertical columns

Now draw 10 horizontal lines across those columns – this gives you 100 squares (if you count the columns to the left of the first vertical line, and to the right of the last vertical line – I’m a perfectionist!!)

Go to the bottom right hand square. If you are a female, going from right to left, and then up a line, cross off 17 squares – women have a life expectancy of approximately 83 yr.  If you’re a male, then cross off 22 squares, a life expectancy of approximately 78yr.

Now, go to the top left hand square, and cross off one square for every year you have lived already.

WOW – how many squares do you have left, to live the rest of your life how you wish?? For me, it was 36 squares.

OKAY, Today is the beginning of my life!!

2. Gratitude

Within every single day, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Even if it’s just the fact that you hear a bird sing – be grateful that you have your hearing and can hear that bird.

It can be something bigger, such as being able to spend an extra half hour in bed before you begin your day, being grateful that my lifestyle allows this wonderful pleasure as I work for myself.

It can be something financial, such as being able to buy a flight home to visit family, because they asked, being grateful there is sufficient funds in the bank account to cover the airfare.

It can be something of beauty, such as seeing the colours of the flowers surrounding you while out walking, being grateful that I live in such a beautiful spot, where there always seems to be some plants flowering, that I have the sight to see this beauty before me.

A Gratitude Diary Has Begun

3. Giving is Caring

When we give freely, without expectation of a return, it is returned freely

How often do we walk past a homeless person in the street, without thinking of how they may have arrived at this stage in their life, without judegement.  Often the judgement is there, though we do not truly know the circumstances that led this person to lose so much in their life, to arrive at the only possible place of survival, on the streets.  I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the homeless, as I feel we do not look after them well enough in our current society.  I have participated in events such as Homeless Connect, bought food for someone who asks, or even just a cup of coffee.  The Facebook page for Suspended Coffee has been inspiring to see that society does in fact care, without question, it’s really given me a faith in our society again.

Giving Without Expectations

4. Loving My Life

Be in a position to see your life for the lovely place it actually is

Reflection occurs in our lives.  Sometimes this is missed.  When we begin to reflect on the beauty within our lives, we begin to appreciate the amazing aspects of it that can be exciting, fun, loving, caring and sharing.  Without this reflection, often we see the sad, the dull, the boring and humdrum and this leads to many negative thoughts.  By taking the time to reflect, whether it’s through meditation, walking in nature, or just sitting quietly over a gratitude diary, we can see the positive in any situation.  Then, the positive energy will envigorate the cells of our body and eminate out to encompass those around us, giving without expectations.  I love true circles in life, and I love my life!

Loving Without Conditions

That about sums up my feelings of my life journey to date.  I’m seeing life differently, I’m asking less of others and of life in general, and I’m feeling more love and support as a result.

My weight loss journey is also moving forward – I have now lost 9kg over this time. While never feeling hungry, always having energy (okay, except for some Monday mornings!!) and increased motivation and an amazing amount of support from family and friends.

Enjoy your path on your life journey – let me know if there are any revelations you’ve had on your journey – I’d love to hear them!

I’d like to leave you with a photo of a beautiful rose, Joyfulness, given to me by a wonderful friend, to remind me of joy in times of sadness – and it’s definitely done this for me!


Let joy fill your heart

Proof of progress

I’ve had some people asking for photos to show that I am definitely still on track and also to add a touch of authenticity to my accountability logs!

So, now that it’s been asked for, here are the photos.

This photo was taken when I first started my nutritional cleansing program, it was before I started at the gym but it was when my motivation was beginning to increase. It was taken after one week. I was very nervous about getting my photo taken, as I’ve not done that type of thing before, I’ve always just got on with it so to speak.

1 August 2013

1 August 2013


This morning, I decided it was time to take another photo.  There  is an inbetween photo, but it’s still at the gym, from when I signed up with them, it will no doubt appear later on, once I’ve finished my official 10 week blitz with them!!

I’ve used similar clothes, though I believe the trousers are the same! The photo was taken from a slightly different place, but I’ll get better at remembering where the photographer is to stand as the progress moves forward!

Sat 7 Sep 2013

Sat 7 Sep 2013


Well, that’s me all accounted for now!  Will keep you posted on the remainder of the journey.



Aromatherapy Blend to Breakthrough Barriers

What do you want to break through in life? Is it in your studies, your business, your personal life, or something as simple as wanting to try a different hobby?

Whatever it is that you wish to break through, I’ve been looking at an aromatherapy blend that will assist you in doing this on the mental and emotional level.

The emotional barriers that will be addressed include:

1. Combat mental fatigue

This will ensure that you can keep going and focused on the task ahead, without giving up due to mental fatigue

2. Combat disappointment

Remember the old saying, if at first you do not succed, try, try and try again? We don’t always succed initially, so we face disappointment, when this happens we need something that is going to allow us to push through that disappointment.

3. Breaking down rigidity

When we’re trying to push through a barrier, it’s usually because we are outside our comfort zone. In these instances, we need to break our old comfort patterns that we rigidly hold onto. We need something that is going to allow us to break down that rigid pattern and allow a new one to grow

4. Breaking the conformist pattern

Often we are perceived to be certain people and to react or behave in a defined manner. In order to break through barriers, we need to change those patterns, to look within to see who we truly are, to stand in our own truth and believe in ourselves. Ultimately we know what needs to be done to break the pattern, we just need to do it


Citrus aurantium var. amara

Trust the Knowing

5. Getting on with it

Breaking through barriers and we need to just get on with it, perserverance is required, an ability to move on regardless. To do this we need to ensure we’re not operating in extremes, we need to be steady and balanced

6. Boost self-esteem

Our self-esteem is to be strong when we are breaking through barriers and forging ahead outside of our typical comfort zone. In order to change patterns, to break through barriers, we need an inherent self-belief that we’re doing what’s right for us, only a strong self-esteem can support this type of break through

7.  Enjoyment

Breaking through barriers can be hard work, can take many different hours in your work day and can ensure that  you become focused solely on your purpose, forgoing all other fun! We must ensure we have balance to break these patterns, make sure we do so and come out the other side in a healthy and happy state of mind!


Pelargonium graveolens


8. Self-Doubt

How quickly does self-doubt undermine us when we are trying to break through barriers, it’s very easy to return to the old comfortable position, to second guess that what we are doing is right. We need to ensure that doubt is replaced by self-confidence

9. Stress

Stress builds up to create tension when we are working very hard at achieving a goal and breaking through a barrier. We need to ensure that calmness and peace reign strong

10. Emotional guilt

How often do you work all hours and feel so guilty about neglecting those you love, merely because you’re trying to achieve an outcome that suits your purpose? We need to put the guilt aside and wrap it up in love, allowing love for those around us to be sublime and encompassing, remove the guilt and replace it with love for all, this will allow you to push forward with confidence and support.

Ylang ylang

Cananga odorata


What are you going to breakthrough?

What are you going to breakthrough?

Enjoy the Breakthrough blend of Petitgrain, Geranium and Ylang ylang

The first visit to the gym

The first visit to the gym is now over, my personal trainer for the morning, Rob, from Main Fitness was very good at ensuring I was getting exercises that fitted with what my goals were. He ensured that I was getting a fitness plan that would suit me too.

So, what did I ask for?

1. some cardio fitness

This is for my heart health, no point having strong muscles if my heart muscle is weak!

2. strength exercises, resistance

This is for my overall replacement of fat for lean muscle. It also builds my bone strength. As you know, ageing usually results in weaker bones, so I’m looking to ensure that I keep reminding the bones that they have to remain strong.

My program is going to start in a building up type of manner – not going to go hard and fast and then collapse and give up!! This is something that I’m wanting to have as part of my lifestyle. The gym is giving me an added kick up the behind. My nutritional cleansing was the first kick up the behind, and now I’ve got the motivation going strong and the energy to complete!  Amazing concept. Normally I’m off track early on, this time I’ve been on track for over 4 weeks, with no sign of going off track.

In the first two weeks, you will see me attending the gym regularly and I’ll also be keeping you updated with the exciting changes in my body, fitness and overall wellbing.

After that time, the program will change a little, as I’ll be getting stronger so will be looking at changing my weights and repetitions.

I’m going to be interested in how I am feeling 24 hours after this first gym visit. This time I’ve had a drink that contains vitamins and nutrients specifically to restore those lost in my workout and also to restore energy.  I’m really interested in how my body recovers as the weights did make my arms and legs tremble as I got into them, and I also felt that burning sensation – that told me I was working my muscles!!

When I returned from the gym, I spent time in the clinic, and I was greatly pleased to have a visitor outside the door that sung to me, just to remind me he was there!  Enjoy his photo, taken from the clinic chair 🙂

The Kookaburra wants to make an appointment

The Kookaburra wants to make an appointment

Have a great weekend!