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Gratitudes Daily

My Daily Gratitude Journal is growing – every day, 10 more, every day, more joy!

Sandra Venables

As many of you know, I write out at least 10 things every day that I am grateful for having in my life, or having seen, or experienced during my day.

Initially, when I start,  the pen can sit poised for several moments as it can take time to put into place those things that I  have been grateful for experiencing during the day.  Interestingly, by the end of the 10, there comes a waterfall of many different things that I am extremely grateful for experiencing and I want to continue writing and writing!

It’s the beginning that seems to be the momental part for most people in any Life Journey, whether it’s beginning to write down what you are grateful for in your life, or whether it’s something more life changing such as losing weight or beginning a health journey.  The first step is usually the hardest – such a well quoted sentence, by so many too!  Try googling this phrase and everyone and their father is quoted as saying this within a sentence!  There are lots of photos of steps too, so I wanted to share my Life Journey series instead.

Where are your routines taking you?

Taking the steps

What lead me to speak more about gratitudes today though, was a link sent through to me on email, truly an inspiring video that helps you see what there is to be grateful for on a daily basis. It doesn’t need to be big, earth shattering things, it can be something as simple as turning on the tap this morning and drinkable water flowed – how grateful would you be for that experience if you had never had a tap, let alone a tap that flowed clean, drinkable water – there are millions in the world today that do not have this luxury!

Watch this video with an open heart and an open mind, and your ability to begin your gratitudes at the end of any given day will be so easy that you will be writing out many more every night!

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on or blame. The gift of life is yours; it is an amazing journey; and you alone are responsible for the quality of it” Dan Zadra

The Wonders of My World

Today I was out walking when I decided to utilise the powers of the Universe again and see if they were still working (as if they wouldn’t be, but hey, you’ve just got to check them out every so often!)


My walk today was to a rainforest area that I really love, it’s main attraction is a waterfall (which you have all seen many times!).  I always hear a lot of birds but don’t often see Pademelons here, they appear to be few in this area and they are usually very flighty.  Well, today I asked if I could see one in this area again.


To my joy we walked around a corner and BAM, there was a beautiful one sitting in the middle of the path.  It just looked up at us and didn’t move.  I very slowly retrieved my phone for a photo, and it still just wandered, well, okay, hopped, a few feet, but close enough for this wonderful photo – so much better than the one I posted on my Facebook page the other week.


Life Journey

Pademelon in Rainforest


As we continued our walk in the rainforest, and our conversation about the bats that moved, the pademelons, the beautiful creek and mini waterfall into a pool, it was mentioned about my conversation with the Universe on the appearance of a pademelon.  The conversation then changed to, “oh, is that why we’ve not seen any noisy Pitta’s today?”


So, as you can imagine, the conversation in my head to the Universe then changed to wanting to see a noisy pitta.


On our walk back out of the rainforest, BAM, we saw a beautiful, and almost still noisy Pitta – how amazing, it wasn’t hopping all over the place, not flying off, but just sitting there, waiting for me to again retrieve my phone slowly, and get a photo of this beautifully coloured bird.


Life Journey

Noisy Pitta in the Rainforest


Wow, what a wonderful morning to be out walking, thinking that I was so grateful for all that the Universe had delivered to me for today, it was now time to continue on my walk and go back home to my fun filled day ahead.



Here was a pademelon in front of me, and how awesome, with it’s little joey!!!! I’ve never, ever seen a joey of this beautiful little creature before (in the 5 years we’ve been walking here) and here was the cutest little one!! I stopped and watched it hop over to it’s mum and climb into it’s pouch – sorry, no photos here.  Boy, was I ever grateful to the Universe for that ‘extra’.


The walk home was undertaken with a beautiful smile on my face, and a skip in my step – you know, even when things are looking a bit on the gloomy side, when we stop and ask to see the joy and beauty around us, the Universe will provide it for us, and with extra too.


Here’s is the final extra – it’s now Jasmine flowering time here on the Mountain – when I walked outside first thing I noticed was the aroma – how wonderful!!!!



Jasmine flowering in my Life Journey

Jasmine flowering on the Mountain


Wanting to know more about the ways of the Universe and how to harness that way via mentoring, contact me now!

Having a Pity Party?

“Borders and obstacles can only do one of two things,

                    Stop us in our tracks, or

                      Unleash our imagination”

                                                                                     – Amy Purdy

What obstacles are you having to overcome?

What obstacles are you having to overcome?

A Pity Party is a place where you bring your woes, where you lament “oh, poor me…..” “life is hard….” “why does this happen to me….”  It is not my favourite type of party.  We are in the place we are because we have made some choices in our life.

Recently I was listening to Amy Purdy’s tale about living beyond your limits in a TED talk, it set me thinking about what is limiting in my own life and the lives of others I have encountered.

I believe everyone I meet is on a Life Journey, it is personal, intimate and their very own.  Our Life Journey is one that will continue to help us grow, to help us allow our light to shine, to allow us to become the person we know and believe lives inside of us.  It is something to be celebrated and reflected upon with awe.

In our Life Journey, borders and obstacles are events that make us stop in our tracks, we believed we were on track, then a diversion is set up.  Our choice is to decide how to tackle the diversion and how to overcome the diversion.

For myself in my Life Journey, this has meant being able to forgive and let go of people that I am ‘meant’ to care about.  This diversion has been placing limits on how I progress within my own Life Journey and how I have been seeing my role and myself during this time.  It has had the effect of making me listen to Self-doubt, to wonder if I was ‘good enough’.

I’m happy to say, that now that I have made the choice and actioned that choice, that life is now continuing on in the direction that I had originally planned it to go.  This direction now has me with regained Self-belief, so great to feel the joy of knowing I am still on my Life Journey, and heading in the direction that will allow my light to shine.

Obviously my diversion was not as catastrophic as Amy Purdy’s diversion, but it is ultimately about the choice you make when a diversion is put up in front of you.  The choice is:

Do I allow this diversion to change my focus and put me off course?


Do I keep my focus on my path and develop a way over/under/around this diversion?

For me, it’s an obvious choice when you take 100% responsibility for all that is in your life, all that is good and all that you don’t necessarily like so much, it is all due to your choices.

100% Responsibility for ALL in your Life

100% Responsibility for ALL in your Life


Have an awesome day, filled with choices that allow those barriers and obstacles to melt away.


So how is your Pity Party going?

Have you ever struggled?

“Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished:

If You’re Alive – It Isn’t”

                                                         – Richard Bach

Recently I was reading a lovely email that was titled “make meaning from your struggle”.

It reasonated well with me on a number of levels:

  • everything really does happen for a reason
  • there are no good or bad experiences, just experiences
  • experiences where you feel the world has abandoned you, are learning experiences in hind sight
  • experiences you have allow you to be the best person you can be today
  • without these experiences you wouldn’t be where you are now, experiencing the joys of those around you, of the universe surrounding you today
  • experiences allow you to grow into a stronger person on a daily basis


The email ended with this lovely statement

There is a plan for your life and, so long as you continue to learn

things will get better


Take heart, all our experiences are learning experiences for us to grow stronger and enable us to continue on our path that is meant for us while we are here. Have a great experience today!


If you're alive, you are on your mission

If you’re alive, you are on your mission


The Coral Tree, as a flower essence, is subtitled “The Wounded Warrior” – we are all carrying our wounds of experience, the Coral Tree allows us to heal these deep wounds that are blocking our Path and give you a sense of renewal, strength, courage, endurance and wisdom.

Contact me for some Coral Tree essence to carry you forward on your learning experience without the wounds of the past blocking your progress on your intended Path


Secrets to Success

Your life journey takes you down many differing paths, each one has positive and negative success associated with them.  The choices we make along our path results in different outcomes.  How do we know we are travelling well?


One of the secrets to success I have discovered is




I have been listening to various podcasts lately, and they are stating some ideas of similarity – the posture you hold while undertaking a task, whether it’s a new one, or one you’ve repeated many times, will determine a number of different things:


  1. Your sense of ability to accomplish the task
  2. Your energy that surrounds the outcome of the task
  3. Your motivation to complete the task


I first discovered this when I was out running.  It’s amazing how a simple thing like running with your chin pointing straight ahead can change

  • your pace,
  • your sense of lightness in your step and
  • your motivation on whether you can make it to the next point in your run

I’ve been trying out this technique when I’m feeling tired on my runs, and to date, every time, it has changed how I’m feeling about the completion of the run.


Next, I discovered that this very same aspect of posture can change how you see the outcome of a task you’re undertaking when working.  Whenever I am feeling like I’m hitting a block in my thoughts, whether it’s for writing, researching or speaking to new people, I change my posture.  The difference in my ENERGY, CONFIDENCE & INSPIRATION for the task at hand is amazing.


Try this out at home. 


When you’re feeling low about an issue (no matter what it may be) that has troubled you during the day,

  1. stand up and,
  2. with a smile on your face, and
  3. your head held high,
  4. talk about what that issue is

Do you notice the change in energy associated with that issue?

Imagine if you do this when you’re in the middle of a task that is draining your energy, your motivation or inspiration?

Try practising this in the mirror too – you will definitely notice a change in your posture – the smile helps with that too.

How you hold yourself during the day makes a difference to whether your tasks have successful or non-successful outcomes – mainly because your energy around the task changes, which invariably changes the whole situation and the potential outcome too.


Take the path and journey to success, change your posture, lift your chin, hold your head up high and remember to smile, the energy will definitely change for the better.


Keep your posture looking upwards and your energy will follow

Keep your posture looking upwards and your energy will follow



Mindfulness and Ageing Well

As I have mentioned, the concept of Mindfulness is everywhere lately.


I listened to a podcast discussing mindful meditation and the research that has been done on this topic.  What caught my attention was a discussion on the effect of mindful meditation on the length of telomeres.


I know, the first thing you’re asking right now is: What is a telomere??


Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of our chromosomes.  They break down over the years as we age and our chromosomes replicate as part of our natural body function.  They appear to have a connection to how we age.

Summary: telomeres are considered to be linked to how quickly we age – improve the length, slow down your ageing!


There is research going on that looks at the telomeres and the role they (and the corresponding enzymes, telomerase) play in the role of health and ageing.  It appears that the telomeres reduce in length when the body is stressed, so mindful meditation can reduce the stress, see this review/study. Though, as with much research, more research is required.


There is a great TEDx talk on mindful meditation by Diana Winston, if you wish to learn more about this type of meditation


And, of course, there are free guided meditations available here.


So, why did that catch my attention?


Well, mainly because I use a product that is to aid the telomerase and consequently reduce the shortening of my telomeres.  Since I’ve been using this proprietary herb blend, it has been commented upon that I am looking younger.


Am I really? I’m not sure myself, but then it’s not my opinion that counts, but that of those having to look at me regularly! I’m certainly feeling a lot less stressed, my health is great (in my humble opinion) and I’m looking amazing (again, my humble opinion!) – check out the selfie from last month!!


April 2014

April 2014


Another way to address the stress your body is put under and to assist in reducing this oxidative stress and the resultant ageing process, is to address your nutritonal status.


Did you know that putting your body through a high stress load on a continual basis increases the oxidative stress on your body’s cells?  This increased stress can result in a faster ageing process.


Looking at keeping your nutrition, meditation and stress within a healthy Life Journey plan is the way to go!





More mindfulness

A couple of days ago I mentioned that Mindfulness Meditation was talked about a lot.  Well, it’s been upfront and personal again today.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the Universe was stalking me about meditation!!


I was listening to a wonderful podcast by The Wellness Guys this morning and the discussion was about mindful mediation, their guest was Dr Elise Bialylew.  Dr Elise runs a campaign in May every year (this year I heard about it too late to join), called Mindful in May.  Essentially people register to do mindful meditation every day for a month (and are given a course to follow, instructions on ‘how to’ and a journal to record your meditations), in doing so, they also undertake to fundraise for Charity Water.


Did you know it only takes $30 to provide clean water for one person?  Did you know that 1 in 9 people in the world do not  have access to clean water?


If you’re interested in joining, it appears that the registration date has been extended. It costs you $25 to register, and for that you receive an online course in mindful meditation.



Meditation Moon

Easy steps to breaking habits

I know that it is difficult to get into good habits, but how easy is it to break those habits?  I remember reading somewhere, once, long ago, that it takes 3 weeks to create a ‘good’ habit, and 2 days to break it!


Well, for the last month, my routines have gone out the window.  However, in my mind I have been

  • blogging daily,
  • writing out my gratitudes daily,
  • writing up my daily intentions,
  • exercising daily,
  • maintaining my healthy eating routines,
  • working on my business
  • and generally doing all my routines!


Does this work for you? Did it work for me?  Well, the answer to this is yes, and no.


I did keep up with running every second or third day.

I did mentally, and electronically, ‘write out’ my gratitudes, intentions and blogging ideas.

All this occurred while I was on holiday in New Zealand.


The ‘trouble’ was when I came home!!  How crazy is that? I immediately stopped my writing, I did keep up some exercise and generally healthy living options.

Though, to put it into perspective, when I came home, it was a short work week, I took the Thursday off as it was my birthday (perks of ‘knowing’ the boss!!), then it was Easter and now we’re coming up to Anzac Day weekend.  All up, many more days off my routine than my mindset had prepared for.


So, at home, the routines had gone out of the window, as I had prepared for the change of scenery while I was away (even when my plans changed dramatically), but not for the change of daily routine when I was back.


This made me start to think this week about how important my organised routines were in my daily maintainence of my healthy living journey and my mindset around them also.


I’ve now implemented my routines again, so I’m back on track!  The daily writing is occurring again, the healthy living routines are all occurring again and being more organised is definitely returning.  Life journey back on track!


How important are your routines to you? What happens when they are disrupted?


Where are your routines taking you?

Where are your routines taking you?

Change Your Life In 90 Days

I’m undertaking a heartfelt project where I am transforming 10 people from tired, overworked battlers into funloving, vibrant, healthy and financially free people living the life they desire within 90 days. Who do you know that would be interested in this project?

Enjoy this video from Eric Worre, he’s an amazing motivator and I use him in my business daily!