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More small steps in my wellbeing journey

Had a mini meltdown today, but it was more about my confidence than anything.  One meeting with my hubby and another with my mentor, and I’m back on top of the world.  Realising that I am a giver, part of being a healer I think, means that sometimes I leave little in the tank for me.  I’m beginning to understand that already, remembering to allocate some for me too.  The sun is shining also, I’m sure that always helps!

I’m still following my regime, and trying out the different snacks available to me, they are tasty (just like chocolate, oh yes, that’s right it is chocolate!!!) and do reduce any cravings I’ve been having this afternoon.  I love the green-tea infused dark chocolate – it’s stunning and actually has nutritional components in it.

Yesterday I made the mistake of not quite screwing the lid onto my blender – oops, but that’s okay, it’s drying out now 🙂

Some minor aches in my head today as well, drinking more water has reduced this significantly (been treating them as my reminder to drink water), and they’re not a full on headache. I’m also drinking Lemon and Ginger tea and Peppermint tea – thankfully I love my herbal teas.  The thing about undertaking any form of change to your dietary habits, your body needs some time to adjust, especially when you are inputting such great nutritional stuff, the body needs to eliminate the not so great stuff!

On my facebook page, natures healing mt tamborine, there’s a link to an article about using exercise when your diet is right to help you lower your weight, it basically states that no amount of exercise will help if the input into your body is not great in the first place!  Exercise is on my list for next week – can’t rush into these things all at once or you get overwhelmed too easily.

If you want to know more about what I’m doing, do contact me