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Heat Rash and Homeopathy

As I’ve been watching the temperatures rise in the UK over the last couple of days a few of my friends have been commenting about their burns and their heat rashes.

Homeopathy can give relief where none can be felt in these situations.  Taking homeopathy is a gentle way of taking responsibility for your health and watching a gentle healing occur.

I’ve found a wonderful article on using homeopathy with heat rash, looking at using remedies such as Arsencium album, Apis mellifica, Belladonna and Urtica urens.

These remedies differ in their presentation, but this article shows the use of Belladonna, a remedy that has the keynotes of:

  • dry, red, hot, burning skin
  • sudden onset
  • pale skin on areas not affected

allowed the recovery of this child within a 24 hour time frame.  I would also assume an increase in liquids to avoid dehydration along with some cooling measures, such as limit clothing, cool bathing aided this child.  Whenever there are concerns about the temperature of a child, don’t hestitate to obtain a medical opinion.

One of the other concerns that occurs when there is a heat wave, is that of sunburn and burns in general.  What to do when you have received a little too much of the sun’s love?

I would suggest looking at the following homeopathic remedies initially:

Aconite – where there is great pain and shock

Belladonna – where skin is hot, red, shiny and throbbing, worse for touch; face is flushed and the head is pounding

Cantharis – simple scalds, burns and sunburn; rawness and smarting; better for cold applications; large painful blisters with clear or bloody fluid

Glonoine – accompanied by violent, pulsating pains; can’t stand the heat; severe heat headaches, comes in waves, bursting; pale face with fixed eyes

Hypericum – sunburn with shooting pains.

Sunburn, homeopathy treatment

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