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I’ve been living under a rock

Had to smile this morning, according to the Huffington Post I have been living under a rock this last week.


Well, I do agree that I was offline for most of the week last week, but in this day of internet information, that may well have been ‘forever’!


There is a new craze running around the internet where people are dumping a bucket of ice water over their heads for charity and to raise awareness for a disease called ALS, (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), or otherwise known as MND (Motor Neurone Disease).


My mentor has just done this very challenge, and she looked like she was having fun, check out Jen’s effort on her FB page!!




Change – and the Fertile Body

The Health & Happiness Collective

Fertile Body

My wonderful colleague Peter has described some changes that need to be addressed when infertility is an issue for a couple.



Peter’s Blog highlights some great changes the infertile couple can instigate as first steps to change when looking to have a MASSIVE change in their lives!  If you are looking at this type of change in your life, consider these steps!

Exciting Day Out


Grail_with_flowers_website pic

                                       MOUNT TAMBORINE – Sunday 16th March
Come join us for sharing, feasting, music and fun at Grail Haven to celebrate the Autumn Equinox
11 am  –  Healing Circle and Garden Blessing
11:30 – 11:45:  Meeting to establish another year of sharing knowledge with like minded people in our seventh year of the Fellowship of Grail Haven
12 Noon – Lunch to share – please bring a dish to share with others
1 – 2pm – Enjoy music, and the beauty of nature – (if it rains, we have shelter)
2 – 3pm:  Gerry and Richard will give a talk with stunning photos of France.  Topic includes Cathars, Knight’s Templar, Black Madonnas and Mary              Magdalene in Provence.  An introduction to the second Grail Haven and the need for volunteers and teachers.
3 – 4 pm:  OM Healing Meditation Circle.  If you have not experienced this before, join us for an amazing experience of group meditation and healing for ourselves and planet earth.
4pm:   Closing Meditation.
Add to this music – raffles – natural and organic items for sale – plants – cakes – Ayurvedic chocolate – astrology readings and more.
And if you have a talent or something to offer we would be delighted to hear from you.
Place:  303 Long Road, North Tamborine 4272      Contacts: 0755450414    gerrytaylorwood@powerup.com.au
Time:  11 – 4 pm
Date:  Sunday 16th March

Walking in Nature

Recently I wrote about finding other ways to exercise, rather than working out in a hot sweaty gym, in the blog on exercise

I wanted to share with you a walk that I get to do reasonably regularly, so you can see the beauty in nature that is around us, stopping and smelling the roses so to speak, while getting some gentle exercise into the bargain.

I usually get to go for a walk on a Sunday morning, it’s when I normally don’t have to rush off and ‘do stuff’, so if it takes me 5 or 10 minutes longer, because I’ve stopped and spotted something interesting, unique or stunning, then it has no knock on effects on my day.

This last Sunday was relatively sunny, so the choice to go walking was obvious (well, I suppose I should admit here that the gym is actually closed on a Sunday, so it’s very difficult to get to it!!!).

I made the decision to walk to a place called Curtis Falls. It’s a gentle walk in that it takes about 25 minutes to get there, no big hills, though there is the incline outside the house to begin with!!

Walking in the rainforest to a waterfall is amazing, you see some wonderful things.

Like nature, and the strenght of it – check out the size of this tree that was blown over a few months ago

Uprooted tree, including large rock!

Uprooted tree, including large rock!


Further along the track, you come to a waterfall, it’s one of my favourite spots here on the mountain, and so peaceful, I did take a recording of the water splashing, but it’s not come out for here – another time. Though, take a look at the waterfall itself – love it!

Curtis Falls, serenity

Curtis Falls, serenity


There was much noise occurring from the birds as we wandered (okay, so it wasn’t a gentle stroll, more a strong walking pace), occassionally stopping to spot the particular birds making the noises. I didn’t get the photos of them, as they do flit around quite quickly, but one bird I did get a photo of was a kookaburra perched on a powerline, just before hitting home.


Kookaburra waiting patiently

Kookaburra waiting patiently


A bit difficult to see the bird in this photo, but he was lovely to watch.  The other birds we heard included rosellas, king parrots and sulphur crested cockatoos – all noisy and busy birds!


Then, after about an hour of walking, I was virtually at home, when I realised that even on the side of the road, there was beauty, you certainly don’t need to be in a rainforest, check out this old trunk and the plants and flowers around it


Lush growth

Lush growth


Take the time to enjoy being outside, while supporting and nourishing your body, remember a minimum of 20 minutes increased heart rate exercise a day is a great place to start – and sometimes you can do it in places of utter beauty so you don’t realise it’s difficult. It will become a part of your lifestyle, one that can be maintained and is never a chore.  Enjoy working out in the outdoors.  Tell me where you go for your outdoors exercise too – would love to hear about it/see it.


The journey has a flat day

I am wanting to keep the energy high and play life as if it’s a game today. How am I to do this? So far I’ve been feeling flat, the reason? That, I’m still working through.

Normally when I’m making changes to my lifestyle it’s the first week that gets to me, feelings of flatness, not achieving my plans, hungry and all round snappy. This time, this hasn’t occurred, even when plans did not eventuate, or obstacles were thrown up, haven’t been hungry at all and have been enjoying the journey to an alkaline body without toxins. So why today? Was it because  I was on such a high yesterday?

Yesterday was amazing, driving into the city with such joy in my heart and a sense of anything is possible. The drive in was fantastic as it was a public holiday and the traffic was minimal, the day was busy and the energy at work was great, fantastic results for the students in their clinics and I always love seeing that, positive outcomes for the students & the clients!

Today is another hot day, and maybe it’s just that I’d love to be at home in my own clinic and/or my own garden?

Well, my first port of call is to speak to my life partner, this always makes me realise that we have purpose and reason for moving forward. This reason is happiness, in health, wealth and general wellbeing! That did give me a move in the right direction.

I’ve also done some shopping and found a lovely lady in a Bollywood Fashion store who was so amazing, helping me out with all sorts of practical suggestions about how to finish off my outfit for the Bollywood night I’m off to this weekend. Always so nice to be treated with respect.

Another fabulous thing to improve my mood has been an email from a lady that I assisted a little bit last week, she was so thankful for my kind heartedness, that it brought a smile to my dial 🙂 it was only something that I’d think most people would do, so it was lovely to get the thank you for doing something I consider to be natural for all to do.

I’ve also had a sneaky chocolate that is infused with green tea, and overall, with all of these things, and sharing, the mood is definitely moving upwards and towards light. Let the class this afternoon be full of joy to complete the day!

After a night of reflection, I’ve decided it was the fact that I didn’t eat enough yesterday. I took my water for making my shake at lunch time and it was warm by the time I got to it – so tasted yuk!!! Didn’t finish it all and consequently had no back up plan – note to self, take a snack that can be used as a replacement for when you don’t like what you’re having!!