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Cedarwood and Lycopodium

Which Homeopathic Remedy Relates to Cedarwood?

Homeopathically several remedies came to my mind when studying the personality and emotional states of Cedarwood. After analysis of the main personality symptoms of Cedarwood, the remedies that I differentiated are:

Lycopodium, Veratrum, Thuja, Sabina

Of this list two were solely based on the personality type (Lycopodium, Veratrum), and two were from the same botanical family as Cedarwood (Thuja, Sabina) – Cupressaceae

It has been stated that Lycopodium was once a great tree in the forest, over millennia, it has diminished to it’s current moss state, as you can see from the photo (Haynold, 2007), it does have the appearance of a conifer

Lycopodium_clavatum Haynold Bernd

And Veratrum is a lily, from the Liliaceae family (Tigerente, 2004).


According to Sankaran (2002), the group containing Cupressaceae, is that of conifers.  This group also covers the firs and yews. I wanted to just look at the cypresses for this exercise, though will keep the information in my mind.

Although, in understanding that the Junipers are also of the Cupressaceae family, it has made me look at the essential oil Juniper, though more on that another day!

Interestingly, the compensation Sankaran (2002) discusses for the conifers is: “strength: you become strong and protective of others who are brittle and fragile”. I can see how this relates to the Cedarwood, as they are strong and protective of their immediate family. I’m sure we all look at our family as fragile in many differing circumstances.  The active reaction is “hard:rigid” this too, we can see in Cedarwood, where their behaviour can be dogmatic. The passive reaction is “indolence:fearful:weak” this too, can be seen in Cedarwood, where there are fears for facing the next obstacle.


So, my first thoughts went to Lycopodium.  Mainly because of the courage and strength issue.

The Lycopodium type is often described as a coward, of having a lack of confidence or an inferiority that they are constantly trying to overcome.  They are also considered a bully and domineering, again due to their inferiority.

They wish to recover the power, strength and dignity that they have lost, however their lack of confidence in their own self stops this happening.  Usually they are intelligent, however with an element of stubbornness!

In order to grow, one must believe, have confidence

Now I can really see how Lycopodium and Cedarwood are shaping up to create the same outcome, one of a person that grows in their own self belief to have the strength and courage to face the next obstacles that come their way.  I would definitely consider using Cedarwood in support when I am treating someone with Lycopodium

As we can see, the mental symptoms appear to be correlating well, especially in the area of:

Problems with self-esteem and low confidence

Bullying, domineering, arrogant behaviour to family and those with less authority

Now, what about the physical symptoms of Lycopodium, and how do they relate to Cedarwood?

With Lycopodium, nearly always there is a urinary or digestive disturbance. Often there are catarrhal tendencies too. On the surface this appears to compare favourably with the indications for Cedarwood, which include antiseptic for urinary tract infections, mucolytic for catarrh in bronchitis, and a lymph tonic acting as a diuretic.  The Lycopodium cough can appear to be rattling with much mucous.

However, the digestive symptoms relevant to Lycopodium do not appear to be relevant to Cedarwood.  Cedarwood is not indicated for digestive disorders, more for circulatory disorders.  This may be an area that needs to be investigated further for Cedarwood?  Do we know if the ketones in Cedarwood are digestive, as some ketones can be.

Overall, Lycopodium and Cedarwood do appear to be working in the same direction for the client, predominately on the mental/emotional level, but also at some aspects on the physical level, so I would be happy to utilise Cedarwood in conjunction with Lycopodium.

Next time, I will look at ……. Veratrum album