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How to manage Christmas when you’re worried about your weight

At this time of the year there are a lot of posts about what we should and shouldn’t be doing about our meals when you are losing weight.

All the advice I’ve seen to date has been valuable and includes things such as:

  • eat before you go to a party
  • drink water between each alcoholic drink
  • don’t skip meals in anticipation of what is to come later in the day
  • take a healthy dish to a party so you know there is something you can snack on
  • take your time eating, remember to chew slowly – the feeling of fulness takes time to register
  • use a smaller plate if they’re available, the full plate tells the brain there’s plenty of food
  • remember to fill your plate with vegetables and fibre foods (legumes), they release energy over a longer period of time, so you feel fuller longer
  • use good fats, e.g., avocados – this makes guacamole and vegetables a great nibble!!
  • take at least 20 minutes to consider seconds – it will take the brain that long to realise you’re full
  • when you’re the host, and the amount of leftover food in your fridge is tempting – freeze it! No longer tempting
  • have a little of what you crave, denying yourself all treats will lead to a meltdown in the brain
  • take it easy on the alcoholic drinks, they usually lead to bad food choices, as well as being full of unwanted calories
  • and FINALLY – destress, it is a time of celebration, take things in moderation, don’t go overboard for weeks before hand or after, and you can easily have fun and maintain your weight, with the knowledge you know how to quickly and easily get back on board again the next day.


These tips will all help to keep you feeling in control of what goes into your mouth, what steps you take to avoid sticky sweets and what steps you take between meals to give yourself some well deserved exercise – a walk between meals as a family/friends event makes it fun for all and not a chore.

You always have choices, and I advocate that you stick to a plan.

  • Sleep well (getting enough sleep helps our wellbeing and food choices) and
  • wake up to a 15 minute meditation,
  • resolve your sense of self into strength,
  • and take the knowledge to your day of WHY you are losing weight, create a small reminder to carry with you, e.g., a small crystal in your pocket, rub it when you’re being offered something that is full of sugar or alcohol, to gently remind you of your WHY


After all, Christmas is just one day 🙂 have some fun, enjoy your day and remember tomorrow is another day, where you can continue your goals.  Each day comes together well when there’s a plan, a vision and a reason behind your plan.


Focus on your WHY

Focus on your WHY