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Do you clean your teeth daily?

If so, why don’t you clean your body daily?  That is such an important question, especially in this day of increased toxins in our environment.

I recently read a very interesting blog by Dr Michael Colgan, I’m reproducing parts of it below.  When you read this blog, think about how you cleanse your external body on a regular basis – we clean our teeth, we shower, we wash our hair, we use cleansers to remove the ‘grime’ from our skin (including makeup),we even are happy to soak our poor aching/filthy feet


do we ever clean our internal cells????


generally, no!!

Why should we I hear you ask??

Well, a lot of the environmental toxins are what we call lipophilic, this means that they mix with fat easily.

The impact for us? This means that products such as: pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals from building products, household products, furniture, carpets, and industrial waste, are all being held lovingly in our fat cells (Jandacek, 2001).

A great example of toxins building up in fat cells, is the level of particular toxins present in human breast milk (remember, babies thrive on human breast milk as it has a high level of good fats in it for their satiety and growth).

This can be shown in flame retardants, polybrominated biphenyls (PBDs) (remember, these are put into materials that cover our furniture in our homes) where the levels have been measured in breast milk, and found to be higher in the breast milk of women in the USA than the legal limit in any other type of milk!!! (Marchitti 2013, Giordano 2012)

I find this very worrying. The reason this is of concern, is that the effect of these building up in our fat cells is measurable.  It has been demonstrated that high blood PBD levels in mothers at the 35th week of pregnancy correlated with defective motor function, defective cognition, and disordered behavior of the child measured up until age six (Roze 2009). This is only one of a variety of studies, on one particular toxin that is lipophilic.

How many other lipohilic toxins are we regularly ingesting, and not supporting our body to cleanse these out?

If you want to know more about cleansing the lipophilic toxins, contact me to discuss further.

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