Malaria Studies, With Homeopathy

Malaria, homeopathic treatment

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Australia has been certified free from endemic malaria by WHO since 1981. However, the incidence of malaria is considered to be on the rise within Australia, according to the Victorian Govt Health site

Worldwide there are over 311 million new infections of malaria and over 900,000 deaths every year. These are large numbers to be considered.  How is malaria to be treated with so many affected?  Yes, there certainly are medications available, these need to be chosen based on the specific infection and the health of the person with malaria. However, it has been noted that these medications are becoming less and less effective.

Imagine a new approach!  There has been a paper released recently that highlights the benefits of utilising homeopathy in the role of treatment. This paper discusses a prospective study that has been undertaken in Kenya, across 3 clinics, where 86 patients were assessed and 69 completed their followups. Of those that were followed up, only one presented with the malaria parasite (all but one tested negative for the parasite on followup). Not all followed up, but it appears, understandably, that logistics were the issue with not returning for followup.

This year, a comparative study is also being undertaken between the effectiveness of homeopathy compared to the standard medication (Coartem). To date, 50 cases, from both groups, have tested negative. Truly an exciting development. Later this year, the paper is due to be published in peer reviewed journals.  I’m very excited about seeing what an inexpensive, non-patented treatment can do for the poor who suffer from malaria worldwide.  Imagine being able to reduce significantly, the impact of Malaria in today’s world!


Heat Rash and Homeopathy

As I’ve been watching the temperatures rise in the UK over the last couple of days a few of my friends have been commenting about their burns and their heat rashes.

Homeopathy can give relief where none can be felt in these situations.  Taking homeopathy is a gentle way of taking responsibility for your health and watching a gentle healing occur.

I’ve found a wonderful article on using homeopathy with heat rash, looking at using remedies such as Arsencium album, Apis mellifica, Belladonna and Urtica urens.

These remedies differ in their presentation, but this article shows the use of Belladonna, a remedy that has the keynotes of:

  • dry, red, hot, burning skin
  • sudden onset
  • pale skin on areas not affected

allowed the recovery of this child within a 24 hour time frame.  I would also assume an increase in liquids to avoid dehydration along with some cooling measures, such as limit clothing, cool bathing aided this child.  Whenever there are concerns about the temperature of a child, don’t hestitate to obtain a medical opinion.

One of the other concerns that occurs when there is a heat wave, is that of sunburn and burns in general.  What to do when you have received a little too much of the sun’s love?

I would suggest looking at the following homeopathic remedies initially:

Aconite – where there is great pain and shock

Belladonna – where skin is hot, red, shiny and throbbing, worse for touch; face is flushed and the head is pounding

Cantharis – simple scalds, burns and sunburn; rawness and smarting; better for cold applications; large painful blisters with clear or bloody fluid

Glonoine – accompanied by violent, pulsating pains; can’t stand the heat; severe heat headaches, comes in waves, bursting; pale face with fixed eyes

Hypericum – sunburn with shooting pains.

Sunburn, homeopathy treatment

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International Yoga Day

This year a new recognition day was established and it was for Yoga.

There are many differing types of yoga as I have recently discovered when I started doing Kum Nye Tibetian Yoga.

In a recent email from Huffington Post, I found some of these less conventional types of yoga raised a smile in me, and wanted to share them with you too.  I loved the idea of eating and yoga, and taking along your pet dog with you, amongst the more quirky types of yoga.

There is also another good post that shows you 7 simple yoga poses, includes great videos of the technique too, to undertake throughout your day. So no need to go to a yoga class at all!  Go enjoy your yoga and set your body up for the day

Meditation, yoga

Immunity Blend

Immunity Booster For Your Rooms

Immune system, essential oils, aromatherapy

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As we head into the depths of winter, yes the winter solstice is this weekend, it’s worth reminding us all that it’s the time of coughs, colds and ‘flus and it’s time to give your immune system a boost and keep your rooms clean and fresh.

One of the nicest ways I find to do this is to make up a blend of essential oils in a 100ml spray bottle and freshen up the air of my clinic and my home using it.

My favourite immune system booster and cleanser for the home is:




Into 100ml, I would add 6 drops of each of these essential oils.  Shake the bottle and spray this wonderful oil blend around your rooms. You could even give your sheets and pillowcase a light spray to keep your sleeping area clear too.


Citrus limon






Pinus sylvestris



Antiseptic (in the air)




Lavandula angustifolia




Other essential oils can be used for similar reasons, if you’re unsure of which oil to use, or one of these oils invokes an unpleasant memory for you, then I can always change the combination and yet still receive the same antiseptic and fresh aroma you are seeking.  Contact me for your own room spray today!

Anxiety Sucks – Too True

Anxiety Sucks!

There is a video of a young man, Casey Throwaway (possibly not his real name!), doing the rounds on YouTube. Casey posted his first video more than a week ago now, and it’s had over 600,000 views when I saw it, here it is below:

Casey talks about wanting the world to know that anxiety and panic attacks are a real thing, and that just saying “man up” doesn’t work.

There are many associated videos that come up when you watch it in YouTube too. Anxiety is real, and it affects so many different people. Your best friend may very well experience it, but you wouldn’t know, as they can often hide it well from so many people.  Take Casey here, he’s in what looks like his bathroom. But, he’s taken the first step to getting some help and more support. He’s decided to document what he’s experiencing to reduce the stigmatism that is associated with anxiety.  Great work Casey!

Casey is on a mission to spread the word on anxiety and mental health issues. Take the time to spread the word too.  It takes incredible courage to show your weaknesses in our society.

Enjoy his thank you and subscribe to watch his videos.

One of the things I do love about homeopathy, is that it was used a lot in the early years in regards to those patients deemed ‘unhelpable’ in the field of mental health. In the time of homeopathy’s early years, people such as Casey would have been put into an institution and left there, or treated poorly by those around them, as there was no  understanding of mental health and that people could be helped.

Within Homeopathy, we use symptoms to evaluate the overall person, and we take those symptoms and place them into ‘rubrics’. The rubric for anxiety is:

Mind, anxiety

It contains at least 690 different remedies. That implies to me there are at least 690 different ways to exhibit anxiety.

Some of those ways include:

Anxiety attacks at a certain time of the day:

  • on waking
  • in the morning
  • in the afternoon
  • in the evening
  • in the night

Or they can be about health, their family or even about other people

  • when alone
  • family, about his
  • future, about
  • health, about
  • others, for
  • salvation, about

Or they can be about events or situations or emotions

  • anticipation, from
  • business, about
  • conscience, anxiety of
  • fear, with
  • trifles, about

Or they can be accompanied by physical distress, or from physical discomfort

  • beside oneself from anxiety, being
  • pains, from
  • respiration, with impeded

And these situations, circumstances, emotions, or physcial symptoms are just a part of the anxiety that is felt.  There are so many different ways a person can exhibit anxiety, and as we are all individuals, no one drug will suit all people, all of the time.  So this is where homeopathy can play a role, supporting the individual for their individual presentation of anxiety, and hopefully allowing the person to move forward with a stronger outlook and less attacks, if not, no attacks of anxiety.

That, to me, is the joy of homeopathy. Being able to support a person into a fuller, more beautiful life, without the stress of wondering when the next anxiety attack will  occur.  To find out more about anxiety and how homeopathy can be beneficial to you, contact me today.

Vitamin C – Positive Studies

Vitamin C

Getting Your Vitamin C

As we head into winter, some of the advice usually given by therapists, is to increase your Vitamin C intake.  I agree with this advice at this time of the year, also to ensure you have a course of Echinacea and homeopathically, taking a course of Anas barb (prophylatic for influenza).

I have come to notice some other information about Vitamin C also.  Over the years I have been told by other natural therapists of the benefits of intravenous Vitamin C on the body, especially when the immune system is being ravaged.

There is a study that was undertaken last year, at the University of Kansas Medical Center.  This study looked at the effect of Vitamin C on cells in the laboratory, in animals and in human research subjects. What’s of interest to me is the effect of the Vitamin C on ovarian cancer cells.

The researchers found that a combination of infused vitamin C and the conventional chemotherapy drugs carboplatin and paclitaxel stopped ovarian cancer in the laboratory, and reduced chemotherapy-associated toxicity in patients with ovarian cancer. The results of their study have been published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.

The consequences of this study, in the research world, would be to undertake more studies. This would be because there were only 27 humans in the study, far too many to come to a conclusion.  However, it is of interest, and something that we should be looking towards in treatments.

Interestingly, it’s reported that in the 1970s, ascorbate, or vitamin C, was an unorthodox therapy for cancer. It was considered safe, and there were anecdotal reports of its clinical effectiveness when given intravenously. But after oral doses proved ineffective in two cancer clinical trials, conventional oncologists abandoned the idea.

What this study set out to do, was to look at the difference between intravenous and oral applications. It appears that the body is better able to utilise the Vitamin C when it is taken intravenously, as opposed to quickly excreting it when taken orally.

There have been several reports of this study over the internet over the last year, and some of these do highlight the sad reality that because Vitamin C is not patentable, there will be little chance of further studies in this field.  That is indeed very sad.

Our Natural State

Our Naturally Healthy State

In our current society, it can be difficult to realise that our natural state is one of health.

Why is it difficult to realise this? Because we are constantly being told through the media that there is something wrong with us, and we need a variety of medications to get better.  Rather than looking to the world of nature.

I recently discovered this amazing video on the inner workings of a cell, bear in mind when you watch it that there are trillions of these working just like this in your body, every day!

Can you imagine what foreign substances that are not of benefit to your body will do to this fine balance of workings that occur in your body every day?

Recently the following came to my attention:

Once – measles, mumps and chickenpox

were considered ‘normal’

Now – we have a new normal

autism, type-1 diabetes, cancer, allergies

asthma, eczema, ADD, ADHD

learning difficulties…………

Does it have to be this way?  I don’t believe so.

By removing the impurities within our own body, we are allowing the body to function in the way it’s developed to do, build immunity, extract energy from our foods, allow development of healthy bones, organs and the brain.

More and more, aspects of our environment are impacting on the health of ourselves, our family and our friends.

A study that was published in 2008 shows that there is potentially a higher risk of Parkinson’s Disease, when the LDL cholesterol levels are lowered.  The LDL cholesterol is the ‘good’ cholesterol we need to maintain many of our bodily functions, including protecting the brain.  There is more ongoing work into this aspect, but it is an indicator that the widespread use of statins to lower cholesterol may have an ongoing long term effect that is yet to be determined.

All food for thought I would suggest.  How are you treating your body? Take action now and learn about how you can reduce your impurities in your body! Call me today, 5545 0939, or email me for more information!

Clarity – Living Life With Intention


Letting go of the struggles in life allows you to move forward without the past baggage, without the old habits and limitations, moving forward you see clearly your true path of happiness, through understanding of yourself and others, with true joy in your heart.

This blend contains three essential oils, Mandarin (Citrus reticulata), Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) and German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita)


Top note, Heart Chakra

Mandarin is utilised physically as an antispasmodic, antifungal, antiviral, digestive, sedative and relaxing essential oil.  These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:

  • relaxing the mind
  • relieving the emotional cramping within, that occurs due to holding onto past baggage
  • allowing for relaxation and joy, resulting in an uplifted feeling
  • alleviating the internal attack of emotions on your better self

Mandarin is an overall message of happiness and speaks especially to the inner child you have within you, and allows you to welcome the inner child into your existence.  Mandarin has a sense of joy that allows you to embrace and enjoy life in the here and now, allowing the emotional baggage of times past to be released and let go.

When you require Mandarin in your life, you are usually experiencing a compulsiveness, especially about small things, examples of which are housework, dwelling on past experiences, tasks that take you away from stepping back and looking at the overall picture, what it is that you are striving for.

The clarity that Mandarin brings into your life is to allow you to let go of the small things in life, the past baggage, and to see the future clearly, with the inspiration and joy of your inner child that accompanies the clarity of your journey.

Mandarin allows you to have the clarity of your heartfelt journey, without allowing issues to detract you from that journey. It allows you to stop being self-pitying, and to move forward with joy in your heart, to experience the fun of your inner child, to enjoy self acceptance while relating to others compassionately and unconditionally with love and joy.

Mandarin removes the fear of betrayal and allows you to take a lighter approach to the clear heartfelt journey you see before you.


Top note, third eye chakra

Teatree is utilised physically as an immunostimulant, anticatarrhal, analgesic, antifungal and antiviral essential oil.  These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:

  • release of the struggle within
  • get the emotions off the chest
  • release the emotional pain directed towards self
  • release the attack on the better self

Teatree provides an overall message of understanding, releasing old ways, old events and old emotions.  This understanding of the role of these old ways, events and/or emotions in your life allows you to move forward with an intuitive knowing of the path ahead, with clarity.

Teatree will allow you to see intuitively what you have always known and understood to be true, but have never acted upon.  Teatree gives you the permission to follow your intuition.  It gives you the light to see clearly the knowledge you have always had within you, so you can answer your questions yourself.

Teatree gives you the knowledge of success in your future, with clarity and a knowing that it is there for you. It gives you the ability to see the truth within and the ability to act upon it with clear knowledge and trust that it is true.  The answers have always been within you, now you can access them with clarity.

German Chamomile

Middle note, throat chakra

German Chamomile is utilised physically as a digestive, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, cicatrizant, decongestant and hormone-like essential oil.  These properties bring with them the emotional aspects of:

  • balancing to the emotions
  • healing the emotional scars within
  • clearing the foggy mind
  • calming to anger
  • reducing the cramping of the internal emotions

German Chamomile provides an overall message of calmness, peace, healing and soothing delivered with understanding and empathy.  It is especially useful for removing the irritation, resentment, bitterness or deep emotional baggage that is associated with old habits, self criticism and criticism of others.

German Chamomile is a great communicator, allowing for personal expression with active listening, giving great understanding to those around you in a soothing and calming manner. It allows you to clearly see and hear what is happening to those around you, so that criticism of either yourself or them does not occur.  The support German Chamomile gives is empathetic, relaxed and patient in nature.

erman Chamomile allows you to clearly see your journey, and to communicate this to others with clarity and purpose. The truth of you walking your talk shines through in your ability to communicate clearly.

German Chamomile allows you to clearly see your journey, and to communicate this to others with clarity and purpose. The truth of you walking your talk shines through in your ability to communicate clearly.

Aromatherapy, essential oils


Upcoming Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshops

The excitement levels in the clinic this week are growing! It’s all in anticipation of the upcoming workshop this weekend.

For 2  hours you can immerse yourself into the world of aromatherapy and how you can add it to your home in order to reduce the chemical load you currently may have around your home.

We will be looking at how to freshen up your rooms, your linen, your carpets, your pets and more………….

Using essential oils is using nature as it’s intended, small amounts used with thought and blending to create a world of beautiful, and yet also therapeutic aromas.  What bliss, what joy, what fun!

As a little bit of a look at Saturday, here is a recipe I recently developed for the use against the flying bugs around us.  I found it so devine, that I’ve been using it as a linen spray this week – what a joy to slip into freshly laundered sheets that smell of this wonderful fragrance, also knowing it’s protecting my body against any wandering night time bugs!





Come and play, RSVP is required (phone me on 5545 0939, or 0402 423 127), or simply by joining on Facebook

The cost is $30 and you get to take home a product you have made. There will also be light refreshments post workshop, so we can all sit and discuss what we’ve been making.

These workshops are going to be a regular feature here on the Mountain, so do find the 2 hours to come and play and freshen up your world!! Each workshop will contain different products and different ideas too – there is so much we can do!

Aromatherapy workshop

Bottles for workshop

Friday’s Blend – Finish Your Week Productively

Today the clinic aromatherapy blend that is being vaporised includes the following essential oils




The overall energy that will fill the clinic with these oils will encompass a sense of peace and stillness, allowing the work and any changes that are put in front of you to be handled with ease, without the stress of an emotional explosion!  At the same time, you will have an inner sense of strength that the work you are doing is coming from your heart, that it is the best of you, that you will achieve what you set out to achieve.

You will also find the strength to operate positively in the face of any negativity, by going within yourself to see that the truth and your strenght lies within you.

Have a great Friday, go through it with tranquility, progress and strength, achieving all that you set out to achieve today.

Happy Friday - Homeopathy Gold Coast

Happy Friday