Update on obstacles

As a follow on from my post yesterday, I just had to add a few thoughts.

They came to me while I was running my first ever half marathon.

Yesterday I was talking about obstacles and diversions on your Life Journey, this morning the following came to me

Obstacles occur for me even when running, as in life

It’s easier to keep moving forward when the road in front is clear, but it doesn’t have to be clear for the entire route

A quick look to ensure you’re not stepping into someone else’s path makes getting around the obstacle so much easier, fluid and with pace

I hope you enjoy these. I did complete my goal, 2.30 or sooner (ran in  2.16.01), with an amazing clarity and focus, obstacles can be of benefit in focusing on where you are heading

Have a great Sunday


My Story to the Young Creatives

The heartfelt sentiments spoken here are so true, in order to make a change in your life, take one step in the direction of the change, then another. And continue every day, this will result in change. Doing the same thing without stepping towards change, will result in the same outcome, where you currently are.

Embrace change and enjoy the read

The Wingfield Blog

My name is Brandon Wingfield & I’m in your position right now. I’m young, I have ideas, a vision, and a particular path I want to follow. You’re probably trying to figure out what’s the best way to release your creativity out into the world, getting the resources to make your vision a reality, or how to get over the people who are trying to persuade you otherwise. You want to place yourself within an environment that consistently bring out your imagination, makes you want to focus on your goals, and supports you in your endeavors. I want the same thing. I can’t tell you how the successful side is, because I haven’t fully achieved that yet. But I can tell you what I learned about the process of starting out, relieving the weights off your shoulders, and how grateful I feel by moving one step closer at a time.

I’m going to…

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The Line between Reality & Dreams – My Namibian Safari (Day 2)

Sometimes it’s best to stop and be in the moment!

When you talk to the universe, it is often said to set an intention, then not concentrate on it, but allow it to be. This story really highlights the benefit of that process, by wanting to see a lion cub and continuously focusing on it, the cub didn’t appear. However, the thoughts, “I’d like to see….” then move on allowing the universe to deliver, all the animals arrived!

Enjoy the read

Mama: Dispatches from the Frontline of Love

I always enjoy reading about the wonderful experiences of motherhood, as well as helping all the Mums in my clinic too. Enjoy this special offer from Sarah on what sounds like an amazing read.

Sarah George Acupuncture and Natural Health

My brilliant friend, Antonella Gambotto-Burke, has just launched her latest collection of interviews and articles titled, Mama: Dispatches from the Frontline of Love.

As many of you know, I have a special interest in using Chinese medicine to optimise male and female reproductive health, and assisting women with pregnancy care, and pre- and post-natal support. So I love to read and learn about everything from personal experiences to birthing traditions to the latest evidence based theories in this area.

Inspired by her own experiences of pregnancy, birth and motherhood, Antonella sought out a wide range of experts in the field to bring us this beautiful collection of interviews, articles and even some pages of motherhood tips.

The book is beautiful to look at. But it’s the information shared within that celebrates motherhood (in its glory and challenges) that is the real treasure here. Inside are interviews with Sheila Kitzinger, Laura Markham, Steve Biddulph and…

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Traffic Jam in Etosha National Park, Namibia

No one likes traffic jams, however this blog gives you an insight into one of my favourite types of traffic jams

Enjoy the read and learn more about the joys of seeing animals in the wild.

Personally I’ve not been to Namibia, but I have been to neighbouring Botswana and have also visited the beauty of the Serengeti. Seeing animals that are on their way to extinction in their natural habitat is amazing and worth the journey.

What journey are you taking that is heart warming, special and on your must do list?

How to live well this winter

Some great tips to winter living

I especially appreciate the ideas on keeping your furnace going, there are many different tips to try out – click on the links for seasonal foods, moisturising and eating well

Sarah George Acupuncture and Natural Health

Winter arrived right on cue this year in Brisbane. As I left the college I lecture at this afternoon the chilly air went straight through me. Note to self: I need to refresh my winter wardrobe.Winter leunig

But what about winter and your health? Winter has a bad reputation for ‘catching a cold’ and cops the flack for setting the scene for ‘flu season’.

Let’s think about winter. And here’s a classic to put you in the mood:

If you have time to notice that we have seasons you will have discovered recently that the days are getting shorter and the temperature is cooler. And if you don’t have time, make some.

In keeping with my other seasonal living guides (summer and autumn), here is your guide to living well in winter.

Winter is all about the Water element (in which we find the Kidneys and Bladder). It is when the Yang…

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“Nature is the art of God.”—Sir Thomas Browne

Do you listen to nature?

Enjoy this blog on how nature knows more than we understand, unless we’re prepared to listen.

Have fun listening with an open mind & heart

Pam Grout

“Deep inside, we still have a longing to be reconnected with the nature that shaped our imagination, our language, our song and dance, our sense of the divine.” — Janine M. Benyus Carousel of Happiness

In my new book, E-Cubed, there’s an experiment I call “Nature vs. News.” The idea is that the natural world has important messages to share.

So needless to say, I’m getting lots of “messages” about this very topic.

Spirit, Southwest Airline’s inflight magazine, just ran a story about Scott Harrison, a woodcarver in Nederland, Colorado who built a Carousel of Happiness.

But he wasn’t always so happy.

After a tour in Vietnam ended abruptly after seven months (his knee was shredded by a grenade), he was airlifted out of the battlefield and returned to an America that as he says, “wouldn’t look a soldier in the eye.”

To cope, he drank, took drugs and…

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The Heart That Never Breaks by Jeffrey Vionito Spiritual Poems

Sounds like an interesting collection of poems

Book Hub, Inc.

“The Heart That Never Breaks” is a collection of poetry in the various themes of peace, love, unity, oneness, and universal spiritual devotion. The book contains 108 poems that offer a glimpse into the author’s ongoing journey to cultivate awareness of our intuitive nature. May the following pages be an offering of inspiration, increased awareness and a source of deeper reflection into the spiritual heart.


Author: Jeffrey Vionito

ISBN: 978-0-9911981-2-2

Category: Poetry, Fiction, Spiritual literature, literature

Price: $2.99

Author Biography:
Jeffrey Vionito is an emerging writer with a current passion for spiritual poetry. He is broadly influenced and inspired by poets such as Rumi, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Henry David Thoreau, and Bob Dylan. His poems have been published online and can be seen in, The Elephant Journal, as well as the website entitled, Freedom of the Heart.

Available at:

Amazon              Nook           GooglePlay


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