Upcoming Workshop

Aromatherapy Workshops

The excitement levels in the clinic this week are growing! It’s all in anticipation of the upcoming workshop this weekend.

For 2  hours you can immerse yourself into the world of aromatherapy and how you can add it to your home in order to reduce the chemical load you currently may have around your home.

We will be looking at how to freshen up your rooms, your linen, your carpets, your pets and more………….

Using essential oils is using nature as it’s intended, small amounts used with thought and blending to create a world of beautiful, and yet also therapeutic aromas.  What bliss, what joy, what fun!

As a little bit of a look at Saturday, here is a recipe I recently developed for the use against the flying bugs around us.  I found it so devine, that I’ve been using it as a linen spray this week – what a joy to slip into freshly laundered sheets that smell of this wonderful fragrance, also knowing it’s protecting my body against any wandering night time bugs!





Come and play, RSVP is required (phone me on 5545 0939, or 0402 423 127), or simply by joining on Facebook

The cost is $30 and you get to take home a product you have made. There will also be light refreshments post workshop, so we can all sit and discuss what we’ve been making.

These workshops are going to be a regular feature here on the Mountain, so do find the 2 hours to come and play and freshen up your world!! Each workshop will contain different products and different ideas too – there is so much we can do!

Aromatherapy workshop

Bottles for workshop

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