Fit Style: Heading to Pilates & The Falls

Awesome! Waterfalls always get my attention! Love them heaps!!!!

Joy, Fitness, & Style

What do you wear when you are doing a pilates class then heading out to see Snoqualmie Falls (which is 3x bigger than normal right now)?

Check out Snoqualmie Falls from yesterday…

Snoqualmie Falls 162015

Here’s a shot below from February of 2014 so you can see the difference…

Snoqualmie Falls Hike 8

The Boardwalk was closed, but you can also check out the nice family hike down to this view (from photo above) here.

Hope you are doing great with your New Year’s Resolutions so far!  On Friday I will post a new workout for you – all you will need is a soft kettlebell (or you can use a sandbag, dumbbell, or weight plate). Stay active and have fun!!

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