Remedies for Gout

It feels a while since I’ve written about any homeopathic remedies. I always try to take my inspiration for writing from everyday life. So here is a remedy that I have found a little more about, due to a client presenting with typical Gout symptoms!



Guaiacum officinale

Gum guaiacum


The common name for this plant is Lignum vitae, or Tree of Life.  It has an interesting use as a herbal in the past, as it was used to cure syphilis.  The history of this is from the 1500’s in both Germany and the Carribean.  The treatment regime involved fasting, sweating and drinking decoctions of the tree.  It eventually fell into disuse as the claim for curing syphilis appeared to be a hoax.


However, homeopathically, and herbally, it is seen as a very useful remedy in the treatment of gout.  This is because it’s herbal use is as an anti-inflammatory, thus reducing joint pain and swelling.  Very useful in gout!


It is mainly known as a remedy to treat arthritic and rheumatic diathesis, that is, an inclination to those types of symptoms.  These being swelling, pain in the small joints.


An interesting symptom I noted was the profuse sweating that would also be occurring for the client, and that this sweat would be particularly strong odoured (called foul in the books!), usually much worse at night in bed.  The body can smell unclean, even after bathing.  Add to this picture a mental forgetfulness and a desire to blame and critcise others and everything.


Overall you see a picture of a foul smelling, grizzly, sour person, suffering with a gout ridden toe!





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