Agility Training: A-Hop Drill

Looking to add to your Agility? Check this simple exercise out, it looks fun and one that I will be trying in my next workout routine – yep, read here, tomorrow morning!! Will be interesting to see how agile I really am, losing weight, gaining fitness is one thing, agility is another. Thank you Joy for this simple technique to build up our agility

Joy, Fitness, & Style

Agility is the ability change direction without losing speed. This type of training will make you agile for any physical activity that you do and at every age. Whether you are into sports or something everyday, like gardening, agility training will help you reduce your risk of injuries. The key is to stay light on your feet with your abs in and knees soft.

A-Hop Drill

*Try this A-Hop Agility Drill:

  • Set up a piece of tape on the floor or use a resistance band.
  • Stand on your left foot, below the left side of the tape (first photo above).
  • Hop on your right foot, in the middle above the tape (second photo above).
  • Switch to your left foot, still positioned above the tape (third photo above).
  • Hop behind the tape on the right side, landing on your right foot.

Start slow and build on your speed.  Perform 15 -30 seconds at a time and you can repeat this exercise…

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2 thoughts on “Agility Training: A-Hop Drill

    • Actually forgot to do it his morning after all! Had a very early start and ended up going walking instead of my free weights Joy. However, when I do my weights, might be Monday now, I’ll try it! Or, I could challenge the kids who are visiting tomorrow to do it too!!

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