Houston, we have a winner or “Why it’s time to play with a lion’s testicles.”

You have to love a title of a blog that talks about playing with lion’s testicles! Pam Grout has released a book about the Field of Potentiality – everything we ever desire is out there, we just need to take our blinkers off and see it properly and for what it is. This aligns so much with my previous posts on being grateful, taking the time to say your gratitudes, what makes your life the beautiful fulfilled life it is meant to be! Enjoy the results of this experiment and try it out for yourself too.

Pam Grout

“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.
“ — Emory Austin

E-Cubed launched 14 days ago. And already, it has gone into a second printing and, even more miraculously, the Red Pill experiment has already produced a winner of the Hay House prize pack.

Not five days after it’s release, Melissa Haynes, who describes herself as an adventure junkie, conservationist and ink slinger, found all eight signs and tweeted me whilst I was on my way to Rotterdam.

She wrote a wonderful blog post about her experience with E-Cubed which I am including here.

But first, I have to tell you about her amazing book that both Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres have raved about. Well, Jimmy actually put it on his list of books “not to read,” but he was just riffing on the unusual title: Learning to Play with a Lion’s Testicles

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