Modified Yoga: Tips for Beginners

Want to do Yoga, but don’t know how?
This blog very easily shows you how to begin, how to start doing some yoga that will assist you in centring yourself for you – not for those around you, but just for you – that’s what yoga means to me!
Enjoy your first steps into this amazing world

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Modified Yoga for Beginners

The key to a successful yoga practice is to not force yourself into any poses and to be able to just be in your body. Don’t compare yourself to others, and focus on your breath. The use of yoga blocks, blankets, and a strap can do wonders for your practice.  *Here’s some tips on how to modify common yoga poses to feel balanced, light, and centered:

  1. Kneeling Pose:  If flexibility doesn’t allow you to sit on your ankles, place a blanket or two in between the back of the knees to create more space.
  2. Seated Forward Bend:  Start seated on a blanket with your knees bent to ease any tension in your lower back.  Place your hands on yoga blocks if needed.  You can also face a chair and rest your head on the seat of the chair for forward fold relaxation poses.
  3. Wide Legged Seated Forward Bend:  Same rules as…

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