Mud and Chocolate Trail Run? Yes, Please!

What an interesting idea! All we need is healthy chocolate and somewhere to do a trail run that isn’t “rooty” Anyone know of anywhere around the Gold Coast where we could organise something like this? I know of a healthy chocolate supplier who may be interested ūüôā

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Mud and Chocolate

Chocolate?¬† I know that got your attention!¬† I got home a day early from¬†Banff and went on¬†Running in the USA‚Äôs website¬†to see¬†this 3 mile trail run¬†for last Saturday morning.¬† I was all over it!¬† It was perfect weather for a run ‚Äď cloudy and just a couple sprinkles.

Mud and Chocolate 1

It was held at Robinswood Park in Bellevue.  That was my first time at that park.

Mud and Chocolate 2

See?¬† Really pretty location and perfect for those just starting out with trail running.¬† The trails are¬†relatively flat¬†not real ‚Äúrooty‚ÄĚ.

They had a kids dash first that went around the pond twice.  I was really impressed with Nina from NRG Running (who put on the event).   She explained to the kids where they would be running and to save some energy by starting at a slower pace.  Here she is below cheering them on!

Mud and Chocolate 3

At the end of the race they all received a chocolate…

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