Aromatherapy and babies

I recently came across this blog from Aromahead. It talks about a very simple way to ‘apply’ oils to a baby.

I loved the concept and idea as I am an advocat of not applying oils directly to very young babies as they are a strong healing substance.

Some other ideas that I suggest parent’s try out too are:

  • a drop on a tissue and the tissue placed under the sheet or within a pillowcase
  • a drop onto the collar of the sleep suit/pjamas

Try these out too as they’re all great ways to allow your baby to become familiar with the scents and for the healing to occur.

Another reason I love promoting the use of oils with babies is that they can become familiar with the scent of the oil, so when there is a separation planned, they still feel the comfort of familiar odours, even when the parents are not around.


Let us know how you go with these ideas.

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