Having a Pity Party?

“Borders and obstacles can only do one of two things,

                    Stop us in our tracks, or

                      Unleash our imagination”

                                                                                     – Amy Purdy

What obstacles are you having to overcome?

What obstacles are you having to overcome?

A Pity Party is a place where you bring your woes, where you lament “oh, poor me…..” “life is hard….” “why does this happen to me….”  It is not my favourite type of party.  We are in the place we are because we have made some choices in our life.

Recently I was listening to Amy Purdy’s tale about living beyond your limits in a TED talk, it set me thinking about what is limiting in my own life and the lives of others I have encountered.

I believe everyone I meet is on a Life Journey, it is personal, intimate and their very own.  Our Life Journey is one that will continue to help us grow, to help us allow our light to shine, to allow us to become the person we know and believe lives inside of us.  It is something to be celebrated and reflected upon with awe.

In our Life Journey, borders and obstacles are events that make us stop in our tracks, we believed we were on track, then a diversion is set up.  Our choice is to decide how to tackle the diversion and how to overcome the diversion.

For myself in my Life Journey, this has meant being able to forgive and let go of people that I am ‘meant’ to care about.  This diversion has been placing limits on how I progress within my own Life Journey and how I have been seeing my role and myself during this time.  It has had the effect of making me listen to Self-doubt, to wonder if I was ‘good enough’.

I’m happy to say, that now that I have made the choice and actioned that choice, that life is now continuing on in the direction that I had originally planned it to go.  This direction now has me with regained Self-belief, so great to feel the joy of knowing I am still on my Life Journey, and heading in the direction that will allow my light to shine.

Obviously my diversion was not as catastrophic as Amy Purdy’s diversion, but it is ultimately about the choice you make when a diversion is put up in front of you.  The choice is:

Do I allow this diversion to change my focus and put me off course?


Do I keep my focus on my path and develop a way over/under/around this diversion?

For me, it’s an obvious choice when you take 100% responsibility for all that is in your life, all that is good and all that you don’t necessarily like so much, it is all due to your choices.

100% Responsibility for ALL in your Life

100% Responsibility for ALL in your Life


Have an awesome day, filled with choices that allow those barriers and obstacles to melt away.


So how is your Pity Party going?

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