Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide Review

A fun review

Enjoy the review of this cookbook – I’m going to check it out on Amazon for my kindle, even though it might have a few glitches in the use of it. Always love new recipes, especially when the nutrition is laid out for you.


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cooking light dinnertime
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Dinnertime Survival Guide is the latest cookbook by Cooking Light.  Sally Kuzemchak is a registered dietician, mom, and realist.  She tells it like it is and gives simple (common sense) tips to feeding your family along with about 150 recipes with photos and nutritional breakdown for each recipe.

The cookbook is broken up to these chapters:

  1. I Have Zero Time!
  2. I Can Barely Boil Water!
  3. I Can’t Afford Healthy Food
  4. Who Ate My Cheese?  Bread? Salad?
  5. I’m Not A Short-Order Cook!
  6. Nobody’s Around To Eat It Anyway
  7. I’m On A Diet, They’re Not
  8. My Kids Take All My Attention!
  9. Meat Loaf, Again?
  10. Frankly, I Just Don’t Feel Like It

There are some great ideas at the beginning of each chapter, followed by the recipes.  I personally bought this cookbook for Chapter 5.  One tip I am contemplating for my little picky eater is called the Division of Responsibility.  The parent decides what, where, and…

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