More Pretty Flowers

Beauty is definitely everywhere!

Don Charisma

Remember the “Inspiringly Pretty Flowers” a couple of posts back … well I photographed these ones about 15 minutes later.

It always surprises me when people say they don’t have anything beautiful to photograph where they are. These flowers are by the side of the road, and there’s a building site behind. If you look closely the leaves are dusty from all the work that’s going on, it’s condo building central in this area.

My point ? There is beauty almost everywhere. It’s the photographers job is to develop an eye for seeing it. And the skill to capture it from a good angle with good lighting on reasonably decent equipment. Add to this the photographers skill in his dark room (these days Photoshop), and you’re looking at the full package. All this so that he may show it to others, so they may enjoy the beauty too.

Taken in…

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