How to Get Fit for Summer!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer you’re toning up for or whether it’s a new beginning on your life journey, these tips will help you begin that journey!


I have definitely used the measurements ideaMeasurements and it certainly helps maintain a sense of joy when the scales are not showing a downward curve!! The mind is a powerful thing, and if we see any negativity it is easier to give up than it is to persevere, so do take the measurements, they are so crucial in the life journey to a better, healthier you!

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Fit for Summer Challenge

It’s Time for the “Get Fit for Summer” Challenge!

We all want killer abs, a tight tush, and to look great in that swimsuit this summer.  Well, make it happen!  Make March your month to stay active and get serious about your eating habits. There really is no secret to weight loss (or weight gain), it’s the energy balance equation.  The energy (food) you put in your body vs. the energy you burn (physical activity and your body’s metabolism).  Yes, there are some health issues that may effect your energy input or output, but overall it’s calories (energy) in and calories out.  Now is the time to get in shape!

Here’s what you do…

1.  Weigh yourself and take measurements. 


You need a starting reference (and re-measure every 4-6 weeks). Stand with your feet shoulder width (closer than shown above) and weight even on both legs, then measure:

  • Center of bicep (widest…

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