This CEO donates 100 percent of his profits to projects that address poverty

What an amazingly awesome tale of someone who really does walk the talk about helping others while not taking more for himself. Living a simple life, quite simply, makes for a joyful and prosperous life. May more of us find this type of joy in our lives. I know I’ll be checking out Untours for my future travel plans as that is how we like to travel!

Pam Grout

“I went broke and got fired before I found my calling.”
–Hal Taussig

Enjoy! One of my favorite posts from the past:

Hal Taussig will never make the Forbes list of highest paid CEO’s. It’s not that his Pennsylvania travel company isn’t profitable. Untours, the company he started in 1971 with a $5000 loan, pulls down annual profits of a million dollars, sending thousands of customers a year on shoestring cultural immersions to 24 destinations around the world.

It’s just that Hal donates every penny (yes, 100 percent) of the company’s profits to innovative projects that address poverty. He lives in a tiny two-room house with his wife Norma (she owns the century-old wood frame house that was built for mill workers), rides a bike to work (he gave his car away to a hitchhiker nearly 40 years ago), shops at thrift stores (his one suit cost $12 —…

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