Inside Flower Essences

“By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower”

This quote by Rabindranath Tagore highlights exactly the thoughts behind flower essences!

The beauty of the flower is far deeper than merely the visual sight of the petals, it runs into the wholistic view of the flower,

  • the spiritual energy,
  • the roots under the ground,
  • the leaves that surround the stem,
  • the strength of the stem,
  • the flower is part of the crowing glory,
  • and the fragance is another part of the crowning glory

The flower is not the sum total of the whole, merely a part to be viewed.

Flower essences take into account the wholistic view of the  flower and have been used for many years in the field of natural therapies.

This week I have had a Blue Ginger plant flowering outside my clinic – it’s been a joy to view, so I’ve done some investigating into the wholistic view of this beautiful flower.

My Blue Ginger

My Blue Ginger


According to Grail Haven, who make the Blue Ginger Flower Essence, this flower is the “gateway to higher consciousness”.

The Devic message from the plant itself is:

“I am the Burning Ring of Fire. I am for those who cannot find a way out of their inherent patterning. I burn into the third eye and create revelations of Truth”


This conjures up a lot of ideas for me.  It’s about supporting the following changes in our lives:

  1. change in how we interpret our world
  2. seeing our true path, our internal WHY
  3. beginning to listen to our own truths
  4. start believing in your intuition
  5. moving ahead in your true path, KNOWING you are on the right path for you
  6. building trust in your inner knowledge, your intution

By not listening to our intuition and what we inherently know to be the right path for us, we see often that obstacles come into our paths, struggle occurs and anger builds at the injustice of nothing happening in the right way for us.

This beautiful flower essence will certainly allow you to change what you hear, to begin to develop your intuition further, to trust that what you are feeling, hearing, seeing and believing is meant to be for you and your journey.

The Blue Ginger is ruled by the element of FIRE, so you will see passion coming through this too, passion in your truth!

This weekend, take some time to visit the Grail Haven site, and have a shuffle of the Oracle Cards, see which flower is right for you (they cards to shuffle are at the bottom of the page, so scroll down to have a play)

Let me know what card you came up with – are you seeing that flower around you often?


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