What type are you?

Ever wondered why certain foods affect your body?

According to Ayurvedic medicine, it’s related to your body type and your Dosha.

Recently I was reading a short email about the Ayurvedic medicine ideas about our body types (thank you to Natural Therapy Pages for sending through the information).  Generally we are a mix of three different types, though one type will be dominate for you.

These are:





Depending on the type of dosha that predominates for you can depend on how you react to food and how it makes your body feel.  If you feel weighed down, or even very light, after eating certain foods, it can all be related to your Dosha.  Getting the body in balance so that one Dosha does not predominate in an unbalanced manner will alleviate these feelings.

Check out the different types and establish which Dosha dominates for you:

Kapha: Kapha types have a large, strong frame, strong teeth & thick hair. Steady & reliable, kapha types are loyal friends but may take some time to make a decision. Slow digestion & metabolism often results in weight gain for Kaphas so daily exercise is recommended to balance this dosha

Vata: People with a Vata as their dominant dosha often have light, flexible bodies, irregular thirst / appetite and detest the cold. They prefer constant action rather than sitting idle and may experience digestive and malabsorption complaints. Warm mushy foods are a preference to Vata types.

Pitta: Pitta types often have a medium frame & weight with a strong thirst and appetite. Pitta types often display excellent abilities for learning & understanding but are easily aggravated in the summer due to the heat. Pittas love cooling foods like salads and should avoid hot spices and chillies.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, you can make lifestyle changes that fit in with the particular dosha you are, and your reactions to foods (and consequently weight gain) will change as you are more in balance.


I love the concept of the body functioning in balance.  One of my main mottos is ‘what the body makes, it can unmake’ and in the area of weight gain, if the body is not having to protect it’s cells, the body can release the fat that it creates to protect you.  When your body is in balance, it works harmoniously and can easily react to the situations you find yourself in, whether it’s emotional or physical.  Worth keeping your body in balance!


Find yourself an Ayurvedic practitioner if you are looking to balance your doshas. If you wish to balance your body see me now, or check out my website



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