Feeling poorly on weigh in day

Today was a day to undertake my first of the month weigh in (always on the first Wednesday of the month).  I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to undertake this at all.  I’m now into Day 9 of the worst cold I’ve ever, ever had!!  Cannot believe that I’ve tried so many different techniques to make it happen quicker and be over, and nothing seems to have worked so far!

I’ve tried homeopathics, rest, essential oils and more rest (well, apart from having a weekend seminar I had to attend), increased Vitamin C, lemon and honey drinks and more recently flower essences too.  Phew, quite  a lot really.  One good thing is that the cold has not gone to my chest, even though it was threatening to late last week.  There’s just been a lot of discharge and coughing and amazingly violent sneezing – don’t come near me!!  Thankfully, I’ve not had to be in contact with many people over this time.

Now that my hubby has also succumbed I’m now looking further afield, what else can I possibly do?  I’ve been looking through the various blogs I follow and I discovered a recipe for oxymel, so that’s now made, and we’re both taking it, one teaspoon at a time.  If we weren’t getting close to people before, we certainly won’t be now!! 12 cloves of garlic in 100 ml of apple cider vinegar – well, it does taste nice, I’ll give it that!!


Well, back to the weigh in day – I know you’d love to know what is happening.  The scales read 68.5kg this morning – I’m very pleased with that. Overall now, it’s been a loss of 13.5kg and when I checked out my waist measurements this morning, a waist that has gone from 95cm to 81.5 cm – not too shabby I thought!


Looks like my goal of 65 kg for Christmas is on target.  I’m still amazed at how I have been constantly losing weight, with some plateaus, but no gaining of weight. Even though I have been having nights out with friends, eating dinner out, having a wine or two as well. All seems to be rebalanced very quickly and without a great deal of stress worrying about it either – got to love what I’m doing!

2012-10-19 15.20.18

To be feeling light and joyous as I look ahead today

My worse problem now, finding the old clothes that I used to wear and resurrecting them, hoping they’re still in fashion!!



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