My amazing loss!

Friday night was the time when I was to find out exactly how well I’d progressed in my 10 week challenge at the gym. It was such an exciting day, I’d taken most of the day off work to ensure I gradually spent some time relaxing, as I didn’t think I’d be able to concentrate much! Plus I wanted to have some celebration time, as I knew I’d lost 9kg in weight!

In the lead up to the ceremony in the evening I had lunch out at a nearby village, a quiet pub lunch (remembering of course to choose a meal that would be gentle on my calorie count for the day!!), followed by a coffee at our favourite coffee plantation. What a beautiful part of the world we live in, and so happy that we can get the time to enjoy it!

The evening came around quickly enough, and I surprised myself by being nervous about the outcome! That did surprise me as I hadn’t realised just how much I wanted to see how well I’d done in my challenge. I suppose the push towards the deadline should’ve given me a heads up, but it didn’t.

Loved that my husband told me afterwards, “I knew you would do well” silent type that one!

The measurements were given out one by one, eventually it came down to those that had placed. I was getting sweaty palms, my name had yet to be called out. Finally it was, I couldn’t stop smiling, I’d won, with an incredible 35cm overall loss – WOW!! That really blew me away, I know my clothes were all becoming quite loose, but I had not realised by how much šŸ™‚

It was so great to be part of the joy of all the participants in their losses and the progress they had all made. And to top it off, I got to meet a whole group of people I’d not met before as it seems I go to the gym at a different time to a lot that were on the challenge. What a great supportive community. I’ll have to now check out the classes timetables and see what I like the sound of, and what I can get to as well. Hopefully I’ll get to meet these wonderful people there.


Let me know what you think of the difference in the photos here. For me, the biggest change has been across the top of my back, I seem to have lost quite a bit there, yes and other places too.


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