The best way to motivate?

Deepak Chopra recently wrote on the topic of motivating people.  The ideas I liked from the article include:


Seven Major Motivators

1. Having your work be noticed and appreciated.

2. Setting long-term goals that lead to satisfying results.

3. Doing work that you are passionate about.

4. Feeling that your bosses are loyal to you.

5. Open communications between workers and managers.

6. Feeling that you have job security.

7. Mastering a skill.

These are for those working within a job and are used to prevent burnout in your working role (well, at least the role of your employees!).

Deepak discussed that you need to have at least five of these motivators in yourrole as an employee – if you don’t


Imagine having low expectations – do you think this would de-motivate you?



The best way to be motivated in today’s world is



With the highest levels of inspiration, you will be able to tolerate more as you can see what is ahead of you, remember what it is that inspires you – you remember your WHYin life – why you are doing what you are doing.

Remember your WHY in any way that suits you – e.g., a photo of your family, a vision board showing where you are aiming to be, a card with the bank balance you are working towards, the home you are working for – whatever your WHY is, have a reminder with you.


Deepak Chopra says, when you are motivated by inspiration you are incoporating the following:

1. Have a role model or hero.Have a mentor you believe in, one that you don’t know but you admire enormously, e.g., Richard Branson, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Ernest Shackleton; someone with values you relate well too and has achieved what you would like to achieve.

2. Believe in higher values like courage and altruism. Always remember to give back

3. Identify with a religion or spiritual movement. Belief in a higher power

4. Find an inspiring mentor. A mentor that will be in contact with you regularly to ensure you are accountable, e.g., a workout partner, a business partner, a business coach, an investment coach

5. Shift your allegiance to a higher power that represents your vision of human destiny. Remember, we are here for but a small amount of time, leaving a legacy that reflects your values and those of the energy you believe in will ensure the future of the human race.


Always aspire to be the best you can, beginning today

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