I’m so excited!!

I can hardly contain my excitement this morning – what a day it has been, and it’s not even midday yet!

Woke extremely early, so managed to stay and rest in bed for a while – no, that’s not why I’m excited!!

Today was weighin and measure day for the end of the 10 week challenge I’ve been on with the gym, and my change of daily nutrition – it was the moment of truth!

Firstly it was a gentle walk to the gym, to mimic the first day of the challenge when I was measured.  I went via my favourite waterfall, it is always so peaceful and serene there, so I stopped for a moment and focused on what it meant to me to lose this weight I’ve been dragging around for the last 10 years or so.  It was great to feel that life is so limitless and so full of hope and joy – what I can give back to my community and people around me with the greater energy I’ve rediscovered!

Serene Curtis Falls

Serene Curtis Falls

On my way back from the falls, and heading towards the gym, I felt that I now could see the wood in amongst the trees – and there it was!

The wood is seen clearly now

The wood is seen clearly now

Anyway, just to amuse myself, I also took my first ever ‘selfie’ – just to show I wasn’t nervous and I was really walking amongst the rain forest this morning – an amazing way to start any day.

My first ever 'selfie' in the rainforest

My first ever ‘selfie’ in the rainforest

I know, you think I’m putting off the news, and this is exactly how I felt when I was walking over, not really wanting to see what the outcome was.  Anyway, just on time, I arrived at the gym (thought I’d be late with all my wanderings around the rainforest!)

This was to be the moment of truth about how I’ve been going over the last 10 weeks with the gym and my life journey.

Having the gym manager say he was excited too was a great boost – especially when he was half way through the measurements!

Well, moment of truth time, have a look at the changes to the measurements and the weight – this is why I’m sooooo excited and can’t wait to share with all my followers who have been on this journey with me – today is truly a joyous day!!

Start and finish measurements 5 Nov 2013

Start and finish measurements 5 Nov 2013

For those of you who don’t wish to turn your head to read – a loss of 9.5kg, a loss of 4cm around the upper arm, a loss of 6cm around the chest, a loss of 9cm around the waist, a loss of 9cm around the hips – NOW THAT’S WHY I’M EXCITED!!!!!!

The journey is to continue, as I’m not at my goal yet, but I thought this was worth sharing – to say what a beautiful day it is today, how happy I am to be on this wonderful, exciting and joyful journey. I am certainly seeing life differently, I’m seeing more joy than I have in years.  Come on the journey with me, it’s exciting!!

Thank you for sharing my journey

Sandra xx

PS – I’m taking some time off work today (as I’m the owner!!) and am celebrating with a trip to our favourite coffee shop (I know, a toxin, but one I can deal with today as a treat – life is short – have fun!)


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