Life Coaching

Dear Friend,

Can you believe it’s November already? What has happened to 2013?

Life moves very quickly sometimes and it just seems to creep up on you doesn’t it?

I’m wondering if you were you like me at the beginning of 2013?  This is where you promised yourself a healthier, happier and wealthier you?  Did it happen for you?


It is happening for me and I’m so very excited about how it’s happening and the fact that it is happening, right here, right now!!

Are you now wondering how you can make 2014 YOUR year?


Have you promised this to yourself every year at the beginning of the year, but YOU’RE JUST NOT SURE HOW?


I’ve discovered some wonderful secrets along the way with my life journey this year, and I want to share them with you to help you get onto your path, to follow your dream, to persue what makes you feel passionate about the world!


There’s some tips I’ve picked up over the last year that I’m wanting to share.  They highlight how important it is

  • to set your goals (and to achieve them),
  • to have good nutrition to support your mind, body and soul,
  • to live life from a place of joy and passion from your heart
  • to have mentors to ensure those goals are achieved.

I’ve seen these tips benefit more lives than my own over the last 6 months – it’s an amazing life to be involved in!!


I’m offering the chance to be life coached on how to set your goals, how to make your 2014 become the year you want it to be, and all for FREE


I am looking forward to helping you make the end of 2013 the most memorable end of year yet! To help you look back on the end of this year and be able to declare – THIS IS WHEN I CHANGED MY LIFE!!!


I only have spaces to mentor 10 people, so email me asap to secure your spot on this amazing life journey and we can get started now – DON’T WAIT FOR 2014!!!


Life Coaching Offer November 2013


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