Morning Person or Morning Exerciser?


I recently read an article asking this very question:


Morning Person




Morning Exerciser




I’ll admit, I was puzzled initially. Was there a difference? Well, on reading, yes there was a difference, and there were some compelling arguments for exercising in the mornings!


Firstly, I AM NOT a morning person.  I usually wake, hit the snooze button several times, and that’s when I’m feeling energetic!!  I love a lie in, I love lying and reading for a while, I love lying and having a pot of tea brought into me! Yes, spoilt I know, but it’s part of who I am.




I am a morning exerciser!!


If I don’t go to the gym, go for my walk, do my weights, do my stretches first thing after getting up out of bed, then usually these exercises (whatever they are) are not done at all.  By the time the afternoon comes around, the excuses are beginning to load up!  These can be something as simple as – it’s my turn to cook the dinner and we need to eat by 7pm, so there’s no time left!! Or, something more complex such as – I’ve had an awful drive home, can I skip it tonight and just spend some time relaxing?  Or – oh no, there’s no time to do my exercise, I HAVE to call my mother/friend/work colleague/new team member/etc – the list just grows!!  Or – I can’t miss the get together of all the people from the office, it’s on tonight!


The benefits for exercising in the morning include:


1. It’s cooler, especially in the summer when it’s hot, humid and the sun rises earlier


2. I get to hear the beautiful birdsong, as the traffic is much less before 7am


3. I only have to shower once in the day – all the washing is done before work, and the clothes don’t get messed up before heading out for the day


4. Having done the workout before work, I can feel pious all day long, especially when others pull out of doing their workout later in the day


5. The feeling of not looking forward to a workout, is far outweighed by the feeling of having already done the job, the uplifting feeling of a morning with increase happy hormones is great!




So, the jury is in, I am a morning exerciser, but not a morning person




What are you?



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