Life Journey Continues

I can hardly believe it’s now been 13 weeks since I began my new life journey. It’s been so exciting and I’ve got so much to be grateful for within this journey.

During this journey I’ve discovered many different things – here’s a selection of them for you to enjoy

1. Life begins today

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life, often spoken, never truly understood.

Recently I was at a seminar where we did a simple exercise, it’s as follows:

Take a blank piece of paper

Draw 9 vertical columns

Now draw 10 horizontal lines across those columns – this gives you 100 squares (if you count the columns to the left of the first vertical line, and to the right of the last vertical line – I’m a perfectionist!!)

Go to the bottom right hand square. If you are a female, going from right to left, and then up a line, cross off 17 squares – women have a life expectancy of approximately 83 yr.  If you’re a male, then cross off 22 squares, a life expectancy of approximately 78yr.

Now, go to the top left hand square, and cross off one square for every year you have lived already.

WOW – how many squares do you have left, to live the rest of your life how you wish?? For me, it was 36 squares.

OKAY, Today is the beginning of my life!!

2. Gratitude

Within every single day, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Even if it’s just the fact that you hear a bird sing – be grateful that you have your hearing and can hear that bird.

It can be something bigger, such as being able to spend an extra half hour in bed before you begin your day, being grateful that my lifestyle allows this wonderful pleasure as I work for myself.

It can be something financial, such as being able to buy a flight home to visit family, because they asked, being grateful there is sufficient funds in the bank account to cover the airfare.

It can be something of beauty, such as seeing the colours of the flowers surrounding you while out walking, being grateful that I live in such a beautiful spot, where there always seems to be some plants flowering, that I have the sight to see this beauty before me.

A Gratitude Diary Has Begun

3. Giving is Caring

When we give freely, without expectation of a return, it is returned freely

How often do we walk past a homeless person in the street, without thinking of how they may have arrived at this stage in their life, without judegement.  Often the judgement is there, though we do not truly know the circumstances that led this person to lose so much in their life, to arrive at the only possible place of survival, on the streets.  I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the homeless, as I feel we do not look after them well enough in our current society.  I have participated in events such as Homeless Connect, bought food for someone who asks, or even just a cup of coffee.  The Facebook page for Suspended Coffee has been inspiring to see that society does in fact care, without question, it’s really given me a faith in our society again.

Giving Without Expectations

4. Loving My Life

Be in a position to see your life for the lovely place it actually is

Reflection occurs in our lives.  Sometimes this is missed.  When we begin to reflect on the beauty within our lives, we begin to appreciate the amazing aspects of it that can be exciting, fun, loving, caring and sharing.  Without this reflection, often we see the sad, the dull, the boring and humdrum and this leads to many negative thoughts.  By taking the time to reflect, whether it’s through meditation, walking in nature, or just sitting quietly over a gratitude diary, we can see the positive in any situation.  Then, the positive energy will envigorate the cells of our body and eminate out to encompass those around us, giving without expectations.  I love true circles in life, and I love my life!

Loving Without Conditions

That about sums up my feelings of my life journey to date.  I’m seeing life differently, I’m asking less of others and of life in general, and I’m feeling more love and support as a result.

My weight loss journey is also moving forward – I have now lost 9kg over this time. While never feeling hungry, always having energy (okay, except for some Monday mornings!!) and increased motivation and an amazing amount of support from family and friends.

Enjoy your path on your life journey – let me know if there are any revelations you’ve had on your journey – I’d love to hear them!

I’d like to leave you with a photo of a beautiful rose, Joyfulness, given to me by a wonderful friend, to remind me of joy in times of sadness – and it’s definitely done this for me!


Let joy fill your heart


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